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    Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler has teamed up with Sia one last time to lose her mind in the new music video for "Big Girls Cry."

    Ziegler has been featured in two previous Sia videos. First, she made her mark in the iconic wig and leotard during "Chandelier." She followed that up starring opposite Shia LaBeouf in "Elastic Heart." 

    Now the trilogy of videos featuring Ziegler is complete with "Big Girls Cry." In the previous videos Ziegler worked within confined spaces—but alone and with a partner—to portray madness. Now, in the finale, the camera keeps tight mainly on Ziegler's face as she descends into madness. It's stunning, but going to be much more difficult for Ziegler to take on the road and perform with Sia like she has previously for Saturday Night Live and at the Grammys with Kristen Wiig.

    H/T Vulture | Screengrab via SiaVEVO/YouTube

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    New shit has come to light, and no, it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day gag: U.S. Netflix users can once again stream The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ 1998 slacker-noir cult comedy.

    This is bigger than a new season of House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black could ever hope to be. Fans have watched this movie hundreds of times, and most of them probably own a copy. But is there anything finer than rolling a fat joint, kicking back with your buds, and reliving the eternal saga of the Dude through a premium content platform?

    Before you hit play, you may want to check out this video and bone up on some hardcore Lebowski trivia. You wouldn’t want to find yourself out of your element, would you?

    Photo via InvernoDreaming/Flickr (CC BY ND 2.0)

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    Netflix is continuing its tradition of resurrecting cult-comedy favorites on your streaming screen. Now joining the ranks of Wet Hot American Summer and Arrested Development is a sketch series from Mr. Show creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.

    In addition to four half-hour episodes, Netflix will also release a one-hour "behind-the-scenes" special. All excellent news for die-hard fans of the comedy duo, many of whom have been speculating what might be in the works since Paul F. Tompkins tweeted a photo of himself with the Mr. Show team on Dec. 31.

    Now that the mystery has been solved one question remains: Which friends of the show will make appearances? Past guests have included comedy favorites such as Sarah Silverman, Scott Aukerman, and Jack Black, to name a few. So Show fans, keep your fingers crossed for more good news.

    H/T Deadline | Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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    Full House fans rejoice! The beloved ABC sitcom that has been off the air for over two decades might be making its triumphant return.  

    On Thursday, reported that Jeff Franklin, the show's original creator, is in talks with Netflix to produce a spinoff of the Tanner-centric comedy entitled Fuller House. The site's exclusive reports that the streaming giant is incredibly close to finalizing an order for 13 seasons of the multi-camera comedy. 

    Though there's little known about the project, TVLine claims that show will center a grown D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler, with both Candance Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber in talks to reprise their beloved characters. Fans of Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner, have no fear. "Fellow Full House vets John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are being eyed to make guest appearances," TVLine writes. 

    A representative for Netflix told Variety that the report circulating today was "just a rumor." Even so, it's a pretty exciting one. If this all part of some elaborate late April Fools' Day prank we're gonna be really pissed.

    H/T Variety | Photo via tinney/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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    Do you have a stuffy nose and watery eyes this time of year? Blame allergies. But how much do you know about why and how allergies happen? Probably not much. To that end, PBS has produced a YouTube video tackles the science behind spring's least pleasant feature.

    PBS Digital's "It's Okay To Be Smart" host Joe Hanson explores the whys of allergy season in an engaging new video, complete with adorable "Mr. T Cells" that send out messages to antibody factories, producing IgE proteins that activate histamine when the allergen appears again, causing all the symptoms of an allergy attack.

    Flowers may be the popular scapegoat of our allergic reactions, but Hanson points out that trees and grass are actually the culprits. Allergies are simply your immune system "going haywire" and reacting to harmless stuff in the air.

    The PBS video also explores the genetics of allergies and the idea that developed nations may have more allergies because of our obsession with hygiene. 

    If you want to avoid a sneezy spring, perhaps rolling around in the mud when you're younger could be the solution. The More You Know!

    Screengrab via It's Okay To Be Smart/YouTube

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    The First Lady has learned some new moves since the last time she put on her mom-dancing shoes.

    Michelle Obama may be shielded from some modern music by her daughters, but that doesn't stop her from shaking it with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move. Plus, we've seen what she can do with a turnip. If it’s not the kind of dance move a mom would do at a wedding, then it’s at least something you've seen your parents pull off at home.

    It doesn't make it any less enjoyable, but you’d think Fallon would be able to keep up. Alas, he may be destined to always be one step behind at zumba class—unless he's dancing as himself, of course.

    Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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    Gender queer, androgyny, gender fluid, demi girl/guy, intersex, gender variant, agender, gender neutral, two spirit, gender identity vs. biological sex, cisgender, transgender: It’s a mouthful of a vocabulary, but these are only a handful of the terms Ashley Mardell and many of her famous YouTube friends explain in under 20 minutes in her series The ABC’s of LGBT.

    Four months ago, Mardell released the first episode of the series with the purpose of exploring misunderstood and overlooked gender identities such as omnisexual, polysexual, and pansexual. Due to the video’s popularity and the numerous gender identities that weren’t included, Mardell went on to produce two more videos that called upon the expertise of gender diversity experts, educators, activists, and fellow YouTubers such as transgender creators Skylar Keleven and Uppercase Chase. In turn, this series has become one of the largest collaborative projects among the LGBT community alongside YouTube’s #ProudtoPlay and #ProudtoLove campaigns.

    The series has already made a difference to members of the LGBTQ and ally communities alike. As one commenter put it:

    “As a straight, cis male, I can't really personally relate to anything non-binary, but I sure as hell love learning about it all. It's all so interesting, and I'm glad that so many people are proud enough to be different from what's considered ‘normal’ by society that they're putting themselves out there to teach people like me, who know really nothing about all the different gender and sexuality identifications, about them. So thanks for that. ”

    The series is perfect because it simultaneously provides education for the cisgender ally community and resources for individuals in the process of discovering their own gender identities.

    Mardell herself first joined YouTube in 2009 and has since devoted her channel to being a central hub for LGBT advocacy and education. Mardell is a definite cheerleader for the underdog, as she consistently collaborates with and praises the smaller, creative, passionate creators that make the platform so great. Through this series and her numerous other passion projects, Mardell is making YouTube a better place—and making all of us a whole lot smarter.

    Screengrab via Ashley Mardell/YouTube

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    Everyone makes mistakes on the job, but that usually doesn’t involve accidentally giving away a $22,000 car.

    But that’s what happened on Thursday’s episode of The Price Is Right. Drew Carey had a contestant named Andrea on stage to play for a chance to win a brand-new auto by trying to guess the cost from a selection of five price tags. After getting one answer wrong, Manuela Arbelaez, one of the show’s models, revealed another price tag before Andrea had chance to guess again.

    Arbelaez was mortified by her mistake on the show, but fortunately for the contestant, The Price Is Right ended up giving Andrea the new car anyway. The show’s shooting schedule takes place months in advance, so she had plenty of time to recover before the episode aired. 

    By the time the clip started going viral, she was in good spirits about the whole thing and even made jokes.

    After that, however, she’s probably a lot more cautious about making the price reveal onstage.

    H/T CNBC | Screengrab via The Price Is Right/YouTube

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    “The entire planet, they want to know: What’s your first song going to be?” a leather-clad LL Cool J asks Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    Standing inches taller than LL, Johnson loosens up his shoulders and speaks into the mic, “The world wants to know, first song… [dramatic pause] ‘Tay Tay.’” The audience cheers. Johnson’s opponent, Jimmy Fallon, interjects that nobody knows who “Tay Tay” is. Johnson’s voice becomes gruff, gravelly—the timbre with which we came to know just what it was that the Rock was cookin’. “We got a guy like [Fallon], he’s been running his mouth all week, telling the world he’s gonna beat me. [But] like we all do when we hear trash talk, we just,” he brushes imaginary dust off his shoulders, “shake it off.” The music starts, and Johnson—athlete, professional wrestler, action star—breaks out in lip sync, Taylor Swift’s voice blasting out of the speakers.

    Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, which premiered Thursday, is a spin-off of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  The popular segment proved a viral success with the stars like Emma Stone—whose performance of Blues Traveler’s “Hook” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” is still a top-viewed segment with over 47 million views on YouTube.  Spike is gunning for that viral success of Fallon’s popular segment, and the network is pulling out the big guns (pun intended) in its first episode with Dwayne Johnson.

    Johnson performs “Shake It Off” with confidence and gusto, as if he sings along to Taylor Swift tunes in his Humvee (he can only fit in a Humvee, right?) on the way to the set. In fact, Fallon rightly accuses him of that. Johnson’s no stranger to Taylor Swift’s pop magic, just as he’s no stranger to subverting the expectations placed on an actor of his ilk. The musclebound action hero relishes each off-the-clock opportunity he gets to play against type, the hyper-masculine tough guy.

    Dwayne Johnson is America’s modern action hero. In 2013, Hollywood experienced a boom in films starring Johnson, including Pain & Gain, Snitch, Fast & Furious 6, and GI Joe: Retaliation, shortly followed by his titular role in Hercules (2014), where audiences everywhere could finally see him wearing a lion for a hat. This weekend’s Furious 7 premiere further solidifies Johnson’s role as a mainstay in American action film.

    He’s no stranger to subverting the expectations placed on an actor of his ilk.

    When Johnson wields a Gatling gun in Furious 7 and the similarly phallic .50 caliber machine gun in GI Joe: Retaliation, he hearkens back to the heroes of the ’80s—Stallone and Schwarzenegger—when big guns and big muscles were symbolic prerequisite for action-hero masculinity. But unlike the heroes of the 1980s, Johnson distances himself from the man on the screen and the Rock in the ring.

    During his most recent Saturday Night Live appearance, Johnson parodied the very genre that pays his bills in a gritty remake of Disney’s Bambi. The revenge-flick finds Bambi, played by a cigar-smoking Johnson, teamed up with Thumper (Vin Diesel), Flower (Tyrese Gibson), and Faline “the girl Bambi” (Michelle Rodriguez). The actors—all performing with hyperbolic accuracy—look more like people you’d find at a furry convention, including Johnson, who gets big cheers for his appearance with a painted face and oversized ears. The clip is full of oversaturated shots like you’d find in one of the Fast & Furious movies, horrible one-liners, and excessive killing. On SNL, Johnson isn’t afraid to poke fun at his genre, wear a dress, or sing about himself as “franchise Viagra,” a reference to the box-office draw he’s added to existing film series.

    It’s that sense of humor and fearlessness that sets Dwayne Johnson apart from other action stars. He pokes fun at the idea of traditional Hollywood masculinity—something he very much plays into in his films—in his television appearances. When he dresses up as a deer or plays an ’80s workout guru on The Tonight Show, on the surface the joke seems to be that he’s this super intense athlete in drag. I mean, isn’t it hilarious that he’s a muscular deer or in a neon tank top squeezing a ThighCruncher? (It is, don’t get me wrong.) But I think it’s the other way around. Johnson’s wink at the camera and deadpan seriousness in parodying his genre suggests that the idea of a monolithic action hero is, well, silly.

    The contemporary action star can play against type, can be a man, a woman, or be without gender. They can, and should, make fun of the action genre and its tropes—the muscles, the violence, the phallic weapons. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows it’s all over the top, but he’s enjoying the ride.

    Johnson comes back from his “Shake It Off” performance with a rendition of the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive,” this time dressed in a full white leisure suit, channeling his inner ’70s Travolta.

    After the performance LL Cool J officiates. “Is the winner Jimmy Fallon?” the audience erupts in cheers, casting their vote for Fallon. LL continues, “Or is the winner Dwayne Johnson?” The cheers are louder and longer. Dwayne Johnson beat Jimmy Fallon at his own game, earning himself a gold belt, much like he’d win in a WWE match.

    As he graciously accepts the belt, it becomes clear that this will be yet another great year for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, America’s action hero.

    Screengrab via Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

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    Hold on to you honey pots! Another beloved animated Disney property is about to get the live-action treatment. According to Deadline, Winnie the Pooh is next on Disney’s list to be remade into a live-action movie.

    The remake will follow Christopher Robin as he returns to the Hundred Acre Wood as an adult. Indie filmmaker Alex Ross Perry has been hired to write the film with Brigham Taylor producing. Exactly how we’ll see Pooh, Piglet, and the others in the film has yet to be revealed, though Perry took to Twitter to address some questions about their portrayal.

    The news comes right on the heels of Disney announcing Monday that Mulan would receive a live-action remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Mulan script was written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek.

    These two films are just the latest in Disney’s new line of upcoming live-action movies which include Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Pete's Dragon, and Dumbo. They follow the success Disney has had in the past with such films like Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and the recently released Cinderella

    H/T IGN | Photo via crabchick/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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    In 2015, Amber Rose has used her Instagram account to break the Internet and troll the Kardashians. Now she’s using the platform to pine for her ex, Wiz Khalifa

    The two were married for a little over a year before divorcing in 2014, and they have a son together, Sebastian. In February, Khalifa posted photos of his son’s birthday party, but there was only one problem: Rose apparently never brought him to the party. This led Khalifa to tweet about how fatherhood isn't easy. He also claimed that he never cheated on Rose.  

    Khalifa has not yet responded on his Instagram. Is this is how celebrity reconciliations happen in 2015? We’re just waiting for Rose’s appearance on season 3 of Inside Amy Schumer

    H/T E! | Photo via Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr (CC BY ND 2.0)

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    The backlash over Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act continued this week with boycotts and bad Yelp reviews and front-page protests. But what will become of home shopping in Indiana? Funny or Die found out. 

    James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp star as the hosts of Indiana Home Shopping, and subtly mock the backwards thinking of this new law. The hosts spend more time interrogating callers about their sexual identity than attempting to sell the products, which seems to be a sound business model! Those "retro Bible reading glasses" are a steal, though. 

    Photo via Funny or Die | Esra Kummer/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

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    Breaking news: Some nerds are going to spend some time hanging out on Twitch. In this case, the nerds in question are the cast members of Silicon Valley, who will take to Amazon’s live streaming platform to host a Q&A, play games, and share an episode of the show ahead of its season 2 premiere.

    Silicon Valley, which follows a group of programmers as they build a file compression algorithm, will return to HBO on April 12, directly proceeding the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones. Four days earlier, it will come to the Twitch’s official channel, where, among other festivities, the first episode of the first season will stream in its entirety.

    The four cast members who will participate in the Twitch event are Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, and Zach Woods. Variety notes that Middleditch, who portrays Silicon Valley’s protagonist, is also a Twitch streamer himself.

    “There is an authentic connection between Silicon Valley and the Twitch audience, and this unique event is a great way to build upon that,” said Sabrina Caluori, HBO’s VP of digital and social media. “Twitch offers a unique opportunity to provide exclusive content and a highly social experience to this influential community.”

    HBO’s decision share a full episode with online viewers is nothing new. When Silicon Valley first arrived in 2014, HBO put the first episode on YouTube (it has since been removed.)

    The Silicon Valley Twitch event will begin at 3pm EST on April 8. In addition, more clips from the show can be found on HBO’s YouTube channel.

    Screengrab via HBO's channel/YouTube

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    The Muppet brand has remained strong since The Muppet Show went off the air in the early ’80s. They’ve transitioned nicely into the Internet age, which makes now the perfect time to revive the show. 

    According to TVLine, ABC is planning to reboot the show with Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady and Anger Management's Bob Kushell. A pilot is scheduled to be shot later this month. Hopefully this reboot will stick; Muppets Tonight debuted on ABC in 1996 but only lasted one season. 

    While there aren't any hard and fest details beyond the working title Muppets 2015 and the possibility that the show would take place behind the scenes at a late-night show, TVLine stumbled across this logline: “The Muppets excitedly gather at ABC for a meeting about the new Muppet Show. However, the show will not move forward unless Miss Piggy signs on."

    Well, duh. 

    H/T TVLine | Photo via JeffChristiansen/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) 

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    The password was “desert.”

    But the clue reader on both teams read it as “dessert.”

    When they realized their mistake, things only got worse, with guesses ranging from “cake” to a female body part. This is one of the most epic game show bloopers you’ll ever see, and the whole thing took place on YouTube.

    YouTube’s version of Password launched this year on Buzzr, a new channel dedicated to combining a stable of memorable game shows with the world of digital celebrities. FremantleMedia’s digital offshoot Tiny Riot! developed the channel as a way to connect the 150 classic game show formats they own with a new generation of digital consumer. They’ve already racked up hundreds of thousands of views on various clips with guests like Jc Caylen and the Merrell Twins. There’s even an app in the works, and eventually television integration is coming as well.

    For now, though, it’s all about YouTube, and overall things on the first seasons of PasswordFamily Feud, and Body Language have been wacky—but nothing at the level of the desert/dessert meltdown. Even the crew couldn’t keep it together as the contestants dug themselves deeper and deeper into a blooper hole.

    “It was insane,” explained host Steve Zaragoza. “As soon as the first team messed it up, it was over. It was like the domino effect. There was no way we were going to come back from that ever. How could they mess it up so badly?”

    Zaragoza is a staple of the YouTube landscape as a Sourcefed host and a star in webseries like Frankenstein, MD. As a game show host, he’s got the chops, effortlessly guiding the players through banter and keeping the excitement levels high. For Zaragoza, it’s the stuff of bucket lists.

    “I grew up watching game shows, so now that I am the host of one, it’s definitely ‘dream come true’ stuff going on here,” he said. “I get to be as wacky as I want to be, and somehow I still keep getting jobs.”

    Before you judge the above teams too harshly for their slip-up, sitting under the lights and dazzled by Zaragoza’s charm, remember it’s harder to play the game than you think. The Buzzr team let a few journalists take a turn at the show, and as a guesser during one round, my brain was definitely not as sharp as it is with the power of Google behind it.

    My score? Three of five. For the record, I would like to note that I got very close on one, guessing “orgasm” for “climax.”

    Buzzr posts new episodes of its series weekly and has already begun filming a second season to the show at the YouTube Space LA.

    Screengrab via Buzzr/YouTube

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    This article contains mature content. 

    Guardians of the Galaxy may have grossed over three quarters of a billion dollars at the box office, but in this century no film franchise can count itself as successful till its been given the porn parody treatment. Thankfully, has come in to save the day. 

    On Friday, the site known for producing some of the funniest porn parodies on the pleasure market premiered the first part of the long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy. Inspired by the wildly successful Marvel movie, this film finds Star Load, Gamwhora, Crax, Rocket Raccooch, and Groin trying to protect the universe from "evil-doer, Bonin, and her lust for the power of the Infinity Bone."

    Sadly  James Gunn, the GOTG director known for creating a few porn parodies in his day, was absent from the project. In his stead, Game of Bonesdirector Lee Roy Myers stepped in to produce a wild and shockingly witty parody "filled with action, adventure, green vaginas, and some of the strangest super sexual space creatures."

    With a description like that, who wouldn't be intrigued? Here at the Daily Dot our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to screen all 45 minutes of the spoof. We've excerpted the wildest moments for your viewing pleasure. 

    1) This bizarre version of the Elaine dance 

    Only moments after stealing the highly prized Infinity Bone, Star Load runs into one of Bonin's minions and has a comical exchange as she attempts to figure out his name. Following an inexplicable mention of Julia Louis-Dryfus she gives her best rendition of the Elaine dance from Seinfeld.

    2) This Bill Cosby joke 

    As Gamwhora is being booked into prison the guards are inspecting her priors. "She's wanted on over two dozen counts of sexual rampage," one guard utters. "Sounds like Bill Cos..." the other replies before being abruptly interrupted. 

    3) Rocket's incessant leg humping

    Say goodbye to Rocket Raccoon. In this porn parody she's been replaced with the rather feisty Rocket Raccooch, who spends majority of the film humping the legs of other characters.  

    4) Star Load pulling out a prosthetic penis 

    In the film, Rocket asked Peter Quill to retrieve a prosthetic leg to help the group escape from behind bars. But in the porn parody, Rocket gets Pecker Quill to grab a prosthetic penis before they make their big break. 

    5) Groin spouting a protective cum shell

    When it looks like it's the end for the motley crew of space outlaws, Groin selflessly gives his own life to protect the others. Instead of sprouting a protective branch encasing, the universe's largest living dildo spurts a cum shell. Classy!

    6) Baby Groin 

    When Groot dies in the film, he's lovingly reborn as an adorable sapling that the Internet couldn't get enough of. In this porn parody, Groin gets a slightly smuttier second life, not as a tiny tree, but as a rather girthy wooden vibrator. 

    7) Genital grabbing 

    How do you destroy the savage Bonin and keep the Infinity Bone out of her reach? It's simple really, just have the group grab the crotch of Gamwhora and voila! Bonin destroyed and the galaxy safe once again. 

    Screengrab via WoodRocket/YouTube

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    To say that Madonna's had a tumultuous relationship with Instagram would be an understatement. First, it was the use of a racial slur in one of her captions that drew ire. Then, it was the singer's fuzzy underarm that ruffled feathers. Now, the pop icon is at it again, this time using her naked body to take a stand. 

    Late Thursday, Madge took to her account to post a snap of herself in the buff with only a black bar covering her naked breasts. "Why is it ok to show ass but not breasts?" the singer captioned the image. "Drowning in the hypocrisy of social media." 

    It appears that the Rebel Heart singer's black bar was enough to appease Instagram's community guidelines, as the post has yet to be removed. So does this mean that the queen of pop is the latest lady to join the crusade to #freethenipple

    Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time the bold 56-year-old has taken a stand for nudity on Instagram. In November the singer posted a photo of herself from the '90s with a black bar over her breasts. "Its confusing. Nipples are considered forbidden and provocative but exposing your ass is not," she captioned the image. 

    One thing is for certain, nothing will stop Madonna from being an "#unapologeticbitch." 

    H/T Telegraph | Photo via Madonna/Instagram

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    It might be the world’s oldest profession, but what do we actually know about its practitioners? Aside from cheap jokes and cliche stereotypes, it’s fair to say that much of the world remains oblivious to the realities sex workers face each day.

    Thankfully, these nine documentaries are here to destigmatize the profession through an honest and compassionate examination of the industry around the globe. From stripping to webcamming and prostitution to porn, these films explore a breadth of careers by examining the lives of the individuals who choose to practice them. Check your prejudices at the door and broaden your horizons by learning more about the men and women who count themselves as sex workers.

    1) Whores’ Glory (2011)

    When it comes to examining an industry as global as the sex trade, where does one even think to begin? That’s the question that daunted filmmaker Michael Glawogger when he began work on this 2011 film. In Whores’ Glory, this documentarian chose to examine sex work through the lenses of three separate countries, each with a distinct form of prostitution. Glawogger ventured to Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico to create intimate portraits of these women and their lives through film. Though the brightly lit Plexiglass boxes of Thailand might be a far cry from the brothel ghettos of Bangladesh, this poetic film reveals a universal truth shared by all these women.

    2) American Courtesans (2013)

    If you want a sex-positive look at the world of high-end escorts, look no further than American Courtesans. Thanks to the compassionate perspective of executive producer and escort Kristen DiAngelo, this film manages to give these 11 women the decency society had previously denied them. Though their backgrounds may be diverse, this group of women is united by the shared experience of their vocation. Director James Johnson’s exemplary film contextualizes these women outside of the industry as their friends, family, and loved ones sit down to discuss the feelings about their profession.

    3) Buying Sex (2013)

    Being a sex worker not only means navigating a complex society where you’re often demonized, but also trying to traverse an equally convoluted legal system. Buying Sex takes us inside Canada’s debate over prostitution laws and gives proponents on both side of the issue equal time to make their argument. To give the viewer a global perspective on legalized sex work, filmmakers Teresa MacInnes and Kent Maso ventured to Sweden and New Zealand to examine each country’s laws and hear from the women affected by them.

    4) After Porn Ends (2012)

    While porn stars might have the undying devotion of fans and the lust of thousands of admirers, it’s not always what they crave most. Most only desire to find a sense of normalcy once the cameras stop rolling, but for many performers, life outside of the industry can be a tough road to traverse. Director Bryce Wagoner invited some of the industry’s most famous faces to sit down and talk candidly about the triumphs and challenges they’ve had since leaving the business.

    5) La Bare (2014)

    In 2012 Magic Mike dazzled audiences with its flashy portrayal of hard-bodied boys who earn a living by thrusting their hips in the faces of adoring women, but that’s not all the film did. In preparation for his role in the movie, actor Joe Manganiello began exploring the world of exotic dancing. After the actor stumbled across Dallas strip club La Bare, he became instantly fascinated and set out to tell the stories of the men who are worshipped onstage. Manganiello manages to capture sex, sensitivity, and everything in between as these performers bare more than just their bodies.

    6) The Truth About Webcam Girls (2014)

    Gone are the days of traveling to the red-light district: Thanks to the Internet, getting off is as easy as logging on. Enter the world of webcam girls. This BBC documentary follows the lives of three British women who earn a living performing erotic shows online for high-paying viewers. Though this burgeoning industry might seem like an easy gig for performers, it’s not without its difficulties. Watch as these ladies try to temper a virtual life with a real one.

    7) Sex for Sale: American Escort (2012)

    In 2012, National Geographic sent reporter Mariana van Zeller on a journey that would take her to the darkest corners of the sex-work industry and expose her to the harsh realities escorts face. From going undercover to find out how escorts get their start to riding along with the Las Vegas vice unit to bust some of the most violent pimps, this journalist saw parts of city most tourists can’t even imagine.

    8) Sex: My British Job (2013)

    When journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai decided to go undercover to learn about what life is like in one of London’s brothels, she didn’t know what to expect. After only a few days posing as a housekeeper, Pai found herself witnessing sights she never expected. Mary, a tyrant of a madame, violently lashes out at underworked and overpaid Pai, who ventures still deeper into the world of the sex trade. This gripping piece brings to light the harsh lives many illegal immigrants are subjected to once they find themselves in a new country.

    9) Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry (2009)

    In 2006, famed photographer Michael Grecco set out on a journey to Las Vegas’ AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with his camera and a singular ambition: He wanted to capture the stars of the porn industry in all their glory and humanity, unretouched and entirely real. A crew of cameras followed along to capture the portraitist’s artistic process, but soon the project morphed into something more as performers began talking candidly to the camera about their time in the industry. Experience the expo, the awards, and the fans of the convention through the eyes of these performers.

    Screengrab via LorberFilms’s channel/YouTube

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    SXSW is over, but there’s an Austin-based startup that doesn’t think that should mean the end of your festivities. To give people access to festivals— from the biggest to the most niche—the startup Everfest has launched a site, backed by $1.5 million in an angel funding round led by Benchmark Capital founder Bob Kagle. Other investors included tech and non-tech angels from Austin through ATX Seed Ventures.

    In addition to being a social community for dedicated festival-goers, Everfest will serve as a festival-centric video hub. “The vast majority of content featured is video, both before, during, and after the festival happens,” says Paul Cross, founder of Everfest. Videos on the site will be either user-created or official content shot and released by the festivals. Which means you can expect everything from concert streams (of varying sizes and quality) to videos of panels and speeches.

    “Each page will be a living video of this movement from both the festival and the festival attendee,” says Cross, who adds that this is a top category worldwide in terms of video content.

    Looking ahead, Everfest is focused on building out its product nationwide, and will begin “international localization” in the third quarter—in essence, wherever there’s a fest, it wants to be there in case you are not.

    Everfest, the site, lets you search for festivals by area, date, and category (from “music” to “unique”). You can check it out here.

    Photo via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Comedian Ricky Gervais is used to telling jokes, but how does he feel turning his face into the joke?

    Gervais put his imitation game to the test on Friday night when he joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Fallon had asked his viewers to send in photos and videos of their kids making funny faces. It was then up to the host and his guest to do their best impressions of the wacky, silly, or otherwise ridiculous faces.

    Some of these facial expressions are more contorted and hard to mimic than others. How did they do? You be the judge.

    Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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