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Dotted Lines: Facebook Law for Idiots


Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day's must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

Above: Apropos of a certain recently-debunked Facebook status message, College Humor presents a crash course in “Facebook Law for Idiots.”

The Morning GIF: Extreme Sherlock theories


Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

High-profile deaths draw conspiracy theorists like corpses draw flies, and in the world of fandom, there is no death with a higher profile than that of Sherlock Holmes. There is also seemingly no fandom with a greater predisposition to the belief that logic, however convoluted, can explain everything.

Which brings us to this GIF.

Was it indeed almost a year ago that Sherlock Holmes, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch, (SPOILERS!) lept to his death to save his friends from a terrible murder plot by the dastardly yet somehow compelling villain James Moriarty? It was indeed. And before the close of that day, the writer at rizplease had created this stunning masterpiece of explicatory art.

How could Sherlock have jumped from the top of that building and yet later been lurking behind a tree, looking at his own grave? We turn to convoluted conspiracy theories...

Yep, seems logical.

Daily Fluff: Puppy takes a spa day to unwind


The holidays are always hard on Camilla the puppy.  All that running around, all the stress of dealing with family, the overeating, the shopping, the office parties, the non-stop Christmas music — it’s enough to drive even the most mentally balanced pooch off the deep end.  That’s why this year, Camilla has pledged to take it easy and make sure to schedule more “me time” into the season.

After a long and hectic Thanksgiving weekend, Camilla is taking it easy this week before plunging once again into the holiday melee and getting ready for the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years gauntlet. Today, for example, Camilla treated herself to a relaxing day at the spa.  

We hope that this year things are a little easier on her.


Via camilajinahn.

How a Reddit horror story hit Hollywood


It started when he was six years old, a series of unexplainable footsteps—“muffled, rhythmic beats” gently thumping on the carpeted floor. They woke him up every night, jolting his childish imagination and bringing him “back to consciousness, terrified.”

That’s the scene that Dathan Auerbach set on on r/nosleep, a section of social news site Reddit dedicated to original scary stories, both fictitious and real. The subreddit, which was started in March 2010, is the digital equivalent of a campfire ghost stories, with roughly 100,000 users posting and commenting on stories.

Auerbach posted his original short story “Footsteps” in Sept. 2011. It was well-received by the community, receiving nearly 3,000 upvotes—Reddit’s way metric for approving of submitted content—and it’s taken on a life of its own, well beyond the realm of Reddit.

“I just watched the comments roll in,” Auerbach, a 27-year-old philosophy teacher from Florida, told the Daily Dot.

While Auerbach intended “Footsteps” to be a standalone piece, he conjured up a second part upon seeing the response. A few days later, “Balloons” was posted. Not only did the story earn him another 2,000-plus upvotes, it also won the subreddit’s coveted monthly writing contest in October 2011.

“The reception that I got from ‘Balloons’ was so tremendous that I knew I had to continue,” said Auerbach, who cited Goosebumps author R.L. Stine and Lord of the Flies as two of his early inspirations. “I think the fact that I didn’t have the whole story waiting in the wings helped me, since it was the feedback of the readers that not only made me continue, but also made me want to improve.

“Reddit as a website gave me the opportunity to get my stories in front thousands and thousands of people, but more importantly (and more meaningfully) the people on Reddit (specifically r/nosleep) are who encouraged me to keep going while also showing my stories to their friends.”

Reddit has long been a career springboard for aspiring artists. Bands often utilize Radio Reddit to develop their early audience, and one user managed to turn a single post into a motion picture deal. Reddit even helped one film extra boost his IMDB rating to that of A-list level talent.  

Successful for Auerbach came in smaller increments. First, he found a way to parlay that feedback into fundraising dollars. Through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, he turned his work into the novel Penpal.

And before Penpal even went on sale, the book attracted the attention of film producer Rich Middlemas, who won an Oscar for his documentary Undefeated.

“The Internet has opened up doors that were seemingly hermetically sealed for a lot of people,” Auerbach said. “This means there’s a lot more content out there, for better or worse, but the fact of the matter is that for the first time in a long time the public has tremendous control over what gets seen and what rises to the top, and there’s no way that’s a bad thing. There are a lot of talented people out there without an agent or publisher, and now they have the ability to get their work in front of people whether a publisher thinks it’s economically viable or not.”

Auerbach has since entered into a development deal with Middlemas.

“He asked if I would mind sending him a copy, and I had some extra copies for reviewers laying around, so I sent one out to him,” explained Auerbach, who suggested Pierce Gagnon (Cid from Looper) and Jon Bernthal (Shane from The Walking Dead) as ideal casting. “We chatted back and forth for a couple weeks and I realized that he’d be a really great person to work with in trying to get a film made.”

Penpal isn’t the only work you can expect to see from Auerbach. Regardless of what may or may not happen with it, Auerbach hopes to continue writing stories that people want to read—and testing the waters on Reddit.  

“I didn’t post the stories [to r/nosleep] to begin this process, but had I not posted there this process wouldn’t have had a beginning,” he said. “There have been a lot of people who have said that I’ve inspired them to pick the pen back up and write, and I really hope they do. Moving from the first story to where I am right now was a long process (even if it didn’t take a long time), and comments like those are what pushed me to keep going. I very well may not have finished if it weren’t for messages like those.”

Photo via Joshua Mayer/Flickr

Rainn Wilson spoofs Angus Jones in new "Office" promo


Don’t click yet, but this might be the funniest thing to come from the Office stars in years.

Seated on a couch, actors Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson mocked the recent outburst from Two and a Half Men’s half-man Angus Jones, who trashed his CBS show as “filth.” The 19-year-old actor took to a Seventh Day Adventist show on YouTube on Monday claiming he doesn’t want to be on Men anymore.

Wilson released his masterfully spoofed video (right down to the weird, brosky handshakes) on his Facebook page late Tuesday.

The Office is nothing,” insists Wilson, who plays the dopey Dwight Schrute. “If you watch The Office, please don’t watch The Office...it’s filth. And it’s filth that will rot your brain.”

Robinson, who plays Darryl on the comedy, sits-in as the interviewer by nodding, looking on, and dishing out the occasional hand shake. Wilson plugs the show’s time and network (Thursdays at 9pm on NBC) as an act of reverse psychology to get you to watch his “filth.”

“Do not watch this final season or that filth will rot your brain,” said Wilson. “Seriously.”

If you insist.

Photo via Rainn Wilson/Facebook

Angus T. Jones backtracks on "Two and a Half Men" comments


It took about two and a half days for Angus T. Jones to backtrack from his comments.

On Nov. 25, the Two and a Half Men actor appeared in a two-part YouTube testimonial video for The Forerunner Chronicles—a Seventh-Day Adventist ministry founded by Christopher Hudson— and lambasted the sitcom he stars in.

“I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it,” Jones confesses. “Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth.”

“People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

The two videos have collectively been viewed more than a million times since they first appeared

The 19-year-old actor’s condemnation of his television show didn’t last long. On Wednesday night, Angus T. Jones, who is reported to earn $350,000 per episode, released a statement taking back what he had said.

"I have been the subject of much discussion, speculation and commentary over the past 24 hours. While I cannot address everything that has been said or right every misstatement or misunderstanding, there is one thing I want to make clear. Without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on Two and a Half Men with whom I have worked and over the past ten years who have become an extension of my family.

"Chuck Lorre, Peter Roth and many others at Warner Bros. and CBS are responsible for what has been one of the most significant experiences in my life to date. I thank them for the opportunity they have given and continue to give me and the help and guidance I have and expect to continue to receive from them. I also want all of the crew and cast on our show to know how much I personally care for them and appreciate their support, guidance and love over the years. I grew up around them and know that the time they spent with me was in many instances more than with their own families. I learned life lessons from so many of them and will never forget how much positive impact they have had on my life."

The incident has been Internet fodder since Monday, when the YouTube videos first started to circulate.  On late Tuesday, actors Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson from the NBC sitcom The Office released a spoof video on Facebook where Wilson, playing Jones, denounces his show as filth.

Photo via TheForerunner777/YouTube

1,905 Instagram photos make 1 incredible music video


You may soon be viewing videos through a different filter.

Mexico City-based band the Plastics Revolution claims to have the world’s first music video made entirely of still photographs processed with Instagram, a catchy single called “Invasión,” PetaPixel reported.

“This is the very first music video done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations,” the band wrote on the video’s description. “Every single frame of this music video is an actual picture that we ran through Instagram. We never shot any video. We only shot still photography.”

Filmmaker Arturo Perez, Jr., who directed the video, shot 1,905 photographs around San Francisco and processed every one through Instagram on his iPhone, although it isn’t clear whether the photographs were all taken with an iPhone.

The music video, which flows together as though it were shot on film, shows a young couple following a map found in an abandoned bottle and the adventures they encounter along the way.

The band used many of the filters that Instagram offered but “mostly stuck with Amaro, Rise, X-pro II, Brannan, Nashville, and 1977,” the band wrote in response to one comment.

The Plastics Revolution may be the first band to make a music video solely from Instagram, but the group isn’t the only one to incorporate filtered photographs. Ellie Goulding made a lyric video with fan-submitted photos and the Vaccines included Instagram photos throughout its video for “Wetsuit,” according to Buzzfeed.

Photo via The Plastics Revolution/Vimeo

YouTube Guide: "The Old Girl"


With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Above Average Network, “Old Girl”

Muriel Rosenberg is certainly no Jess Day in this New Girl parody. Living with Nick, Schmidt and Weston, Muriel has her own quirks: She’s late on her rent, uses Schmidt’s water glasses for her dentures and may have mowed down an entire farmer’s market with her Buick.

2) LaughPong, “Cool Things to Find”

Seattle-based Cinesaurus are big fans of NASA and Melbourne Metro’s “Dumb Ways to Die” video, so they combined the two in a parody where, instead of hiding in a dryer and standing too close to the train tracks, you can find out what happened to Amelia Earhart, meet a new friend, and find life beyond Earth.

3) PBS Idea Channel, “Should ‘Happy Birthday’ be Protected by Copyright?”

PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta explains the history of “Happy Birthday”—which holds the record for the most performed song—and its copyright, which is why most chain restaurants perform a strange twist to the birthday tune.

4) Lance Ford, “The Hobbit and Goonies Movie Trailer Mashup!”

Hobbits never say die. Lance Ford places the audio of the original trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey over clips from The Goonies, and the children’s journey to find pirate treasure travels to Middle-earth with a tasty replacement for Bilbo’s magic ring.


One advertising company is tired of making the same-old, boring commercials for their products, so a mystery man with an eye patch steps in to show how adding dubstep to their commercials will make them more exciting.

Photo via Above Average Network/YouTube

Dotted Lines: The best Christmas song ever



Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day's must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

  • Tubalr: It’s YouTube, with just the music videos.
  • Bitcoin production gets cut in half to protect the online currency from inflation.
  • New York University students discover they can “reply all” to an email list of 40,000 people. Everything goes as expected.
  • “Shootering”: China’s first aircraft carrier gets its own meme
  • Microsoft calls out problems with Google’s advertising in a new campaign that urges people not to get “Scroogled,” and switch to Bing instead.

Above: Jon Lajoie, the singer/comedian who jumped from YouTube to FX’s The League, has written the best Christmas song ever—at least, he says he has. We’re not so sure.


Morning GIF: Aladdin Sane


Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

We often feature works of art in the Morning GIF. Sketches, kinescopes, stereoscopes, even living beings … although not many of the last qualify as works of art. There is, however, one eternal exception: Bowie.

David Bowie virtually invented the persona-as-art in popular music. Where the Thin White Duke left off and he began was and always will be anyone’s guess, moreso because his personae are not simply musical but also physical. 

So it is with Aladdin Sane. Another Bowie persona, from his 1973 album of the same name, he is best remembered for his visuals, music critics agreeing he constituted not much more than another Thin White Duke with a layer of Americana. Still, as a visual he is striking, and he can still call up the ’70s, even to people who weren’t alive then. 

Let the lightning strike you.

Image via mabellonghettiTumblr

Everything Bill O'Reilly got wrong about "Gangnam Style"


After months of Psy taking the Internet, and then the world, by storm, you might think we’ve heard from all the pundits, music critics, pop-cultural commentators, and Korean-culture bloggers out there about the cultural, musical, and social significance of “Gangnam Style.”

But you’d be wrong. Because we hadn’t yet heard from Bill O’Reilly.

Now that “Gangnam Style” has broken all records for the most number of YouTube views, with 800 million watches and counting, the Fox pundit has deemed it worthy of his attention. But despite all the readily available resources to help him understand the song’s critique of modern South Korean culture, O’Reilly claims to be deeply confused.

In their five-minute assessment of the video, he and psychiatrist Keith Ablow come to the conclusion that the viral hit is just a lot of jumping up and down over a catchy beat. Both O’Reilly and Ablow roundly denounce the song as having no depth or emotion. Claiming that the song is devoid of “reality, feeling, and meaning,” they imply that “Gangnam Style” represents a need for “pure escapism.” Psy is “just doing the Pony ... jumping up and down,” O’Reilly says. 

O’Reilly states that the song is “without intelligible words,” and that it “doesn’t try to convince you of anything”—ignoring both the obvious fact that the words are unintelligible to him because they are in Korean, and the easily obtained fact that the music video is an intentional critique of South Korean materialism epitomized in the wealthy urban district of Gangnam. 

The masses of listeners, Ablow claims, simply want to be “pushed towards a good beat that buries them in music.” 

The climax of this litany of misunderstandings comes when O'Reilly contrasts Psy with a handful of British and American singers:

Elvis Presley could sing. His songs had words. He put on a show. This is a little fat guy from Yongyang [sic], and he’s jumping up and down. ... You could understand Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, even Justin Bieber. ... There’s no comparison.

Psy, who studied at the renowned Berklee Conservatory of Music in Boston before returning to Seoul (that’s in South Korea; Pyongyang is North Korea) to pursue his career, might disagree.

Having denigrated the musician and the music, O’Reilly and Ablow tack on a conclusion directed at the fans. “This fellow is tapping into the fact ... that people don’t want any meaning,” says Ablow. O'Reilly and Ablow accurately link Internet culture to Psy’s success, but O'Reilly then concludes that the Internet—all of it—is a place where people go to feel “numb.” 

Ablow adds that watching “Gangnam Style” repeatedly is “the same as getting high.” 

While Mediaite called the segment “hilarious,” many others, Korean and non-Korean, were none too pleased. All K-pop disdainfully remarked, “Mr. O’Reilly likes to say that his show is the “No Spin Zone” but he seems to have spun a bit of racism into his commentary. ... This was a perfect example of the disconnect between old grumpy men and the new YouTube generation.” 

On Tumblr, reaction was bitter. “This is why America can't have nice things,” said wowfantasticnv.

Amid all the outrage, we can only hope that a layer of exaggerated performance stands between O’Reilly’s playing a racist xenophobe and his actually being one. It’s a layer of nuance that’s ripe for a comparison with true parodists …

Like, oh, Psy, perhaps?

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misattributed Keith Ablow's statement that "people don't want any meaning" to Bill O'Reilly, and O'Reilly's description of the Internet as a place people go to feel "numb" to Ablow. 

Photo via Mediaite/YouTube

Daily Fluff: Famous dog takes part-time job stocking shelves


In a move that has shocked Internet star-watchers the world over, Tumblr sensationMaddie the Coonhound appears to have fallen on hard times. She was spotted by paparazzi stocking the shelves of a local Price Chopper supermarket. The pics ended up on TMZ Wednesday morning.

“I know the economy is still recovering, but if Maddie can only score a minimum wage job, what hope is there for the rest of us?” says Ruth Kilcher, a long-time fan of the well-balanced dog.

Via Maddie the Coonhound

The U.K. can't stop tweeting while the telly's on


Unless you’re hypersensitive about spoilers, live-tweeting political debates and Lindsay Lohan TV movies is one of the best things about Twitter—and the U.K. is catching on.

Around 60 percent of Twitter users in the country are active while watching television, and approximately 40 percent of Twitter traffic during primetime viewing hours relates to the box.

Twitter’s U.K. sales director, Bruce Daisley, suggested that Twitter can help boost a show’s ratings and halt audience attrition. Speaking at a Twitter event in London Thursday, he pointed out that Dynamo saw its audience go up by 50 percent over the season.

"Twitter and TV have become extraordinary partners over the past 12 months—Twitter loves TV and TV loves Twitter," Daisley said, according to MediaWeek.

Andy Littledale, managing director of SecondSync, the company that provided Daisley’s stats, said that while people are talking about TV across a number of social networks, it’s far easier to track what’s being said on Twitter than on Facebook.

Daisley was keen to point out that Twitter is a “layer” that runs parallel to TV, with which it has a "phenomenal" relationship, and that Twitter is pushing TV viewing and discovery in a "virtuous circle." In other words, tweeters might see a chatter about a show among people they follow and decide to tune in, on learn about a show through Twitter’s ad products and tweet about it later.

Twitter’s certainly helpful in creating buzz around shows, but it’s impossible to know for sure exactly how those tweets turn into ratings.

Photo via @twittertv/Twitter

Win a date with Betty White


Are you looking for a dinner date? Betty White is available.

On Dec. 3, the 90-year-old actress will auction herself off on eBay to raise money for the SPCA of Los Angeles, which is marking its 135th anniversary. Bidding starts at $1,000. White, a longtime animal rights activist, is dubbed by the organization as “spcaLA’s Friend for life.”

Obviously there are a huge number of Betty White fans out there, and hopefully, people will be willing to bid significantly to be able to bring themselves and three of their guests to dinner with her,” SPCA Los Angeles President Madeline Bernstein told CBS News. Bernstein herself will also be present at the dinner.

The dinner will take place in the Los Angeles area at one of White’s favorite fine-dining restaurants. The exact location hasn’t been revealed, but given the parties involved, don’t bank on a steakhouse or burger joint.

According to the SPCA of Los Angeles website, the winner’s dinner date “will be scheduled on a day mutually agreed upon by all parties.”

Interest in the offer is already starting to spread online.

a dinner date with Betty White..? yeah, i'd hit that,” RyanStivers tweeted.

“I'd bid a good amount of $$$ for a date with Betty White :)” tweeted J’Fizzle.

The bidding closes Dec. 10.

Photo via David Shankbone/Flickr


YouTube Guide: “Super Mario Beads 3”


With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Marcus and Hannes Knutsson, “Super Mario Beads 3”

Mario is off on an epic adventure through a suburban town, a supermarket, and a car chase as classic levels from Super Mario World and the original Mario Kart are recreated with beads and and stop-motion animation.

2) Lindsey Stirling, “Song of the Caged Bird”

Hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling is locked in a room with no way out and surrounded by boxes full of light bulbs and candles. But once she discovers her trusty violin, she truly lights up the room—a feat that might come in handy for her during a blackout.

3) Glove and Boots, “A World Without Twinkies”

While the rest of us may have been able to digest the loss of Hostess products, Mario is still a little Twinkie-crazy, and Fafa offers his guide (echoing the Five Stages of Grief) in order to get through the crisis.

4) AsapSCIENCE, “The Evolution of Life on Earth”

Educational duo AsapSCIENCE condenses the evolution of the earth into a 24-hour day through claymation. While humans have been around for millions of years, our entire human history only makes up a few seconds of the 3.8 billion year history.

5) Pure New Zealand, “Middle-earth Weather Forecast”

New Zealand officially has Hobbit Fever. One meteorologist dresses up as an elf and does the summer forecast entirely in Sindarin, an Elvish language created by Hobbit and Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Photo via lefvandebilder/YouTube

The CAPS OFF PLEASE podcast: On Ken Jennings, zits, and kids on energy drinks


In this latest episode of the CAPSOFFPLEASE Podcast the fellas discuss Ken Jennings for President, being friends with politicians on Facebook, Navy Seals, popping zits on reddit, Waffle house, the state of racism in america, and children abusing energy drinks. Plus find out which 90's sitcom star we choose for president.

The running time is approximately 46 minutes 12 parsecs and the content is rated extremely NSFW unless you work for yourself which then means you make your own rules and you are the boss.

The standard disclaimer applies: Views presented here are not the views of the Daily Dot. 

Right click the following hyperlink to download the segment, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!


Dotted Lines: "Light-emitting dudes"


Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day's must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

Above: Freerunners Jason Paul, Shaun Wood, and Anan Anwar roam across Bangkok at night in LED suits, making them “Light-emitting Dudes.”

The Morning GIF: Kinect the docs


Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

A video game system is an unexpected crucible in which to create groundbreaking filmmaking techniques, but then, Xbox Kinect is a long way from Atari’s Pong. Now it’s forming not only the subject of, but the substance of, a radical new documentary about digital art.

Kinect’s interactivity and visual finesse allow artists to do new and radically different things in the space where the offline meets the online, and it has inspired a growing group of envelope-pushing digital artists.

Clouds is a Kickstarter project based on interviews with 30 different digital artists, all using Kinect to create visual effects and filming in a new Kinect-generated 3-D format called RGBD. Once complete, viewers will enter the documentary and choose their individual paths between recorded conversations, making each experience unique, more like playing a game than passively watching a film.

This GIF is a minute moment of visual and cognitive delight, just one example of the dozens of different types of creativity on display in the proposed documentary. Posted to the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr, it’s collected 247 notes so far, and the Kickstarter has gathered $6,130 of the $25,000 necessary to finish the project.

Photo via Prosthetic Knowledge/Tumblr

The 5 best pranks in Facebook history


Pranking someone on Facebook is easy. All it takes is for a careless friend to leave his or her computer unattended and logged on.

That’s bush-league.

A good Facebook prank, like a good bank heist, requires more than opportunity. Elaborate planning and perfect execution are needed to pull off the maximum lulz. Below are five examples of people whose trolling went above and beyond the call of duty. 

1) Ryan Roy: There can only be one

If your name is Ryan Roy and you’re on Facebook, chances are Reddit user CasinoRoy had some fun at your expense. The redditor, whose name is also Ryan Roy, searched for people who shared his name, replicated their profile picture, and then friend-requested them.

The results are hilarious: 

Photos via Ryan Roy/Reddit

How did your average Ryan Roy react? Not so well.

“Mostly ‘who the fuck are you’ or ‘what the hell man,’” he wrote. "None of them really got it, they just got really creeped out and changed their profile pic immediately.”

Some people can’t take a joke.

2) Photos of James

Oli Beale is no stranger to Internet fame. The London-based creative is responsible for various viral sensations. Amongst his hits are a letter sent to Virgin Airlines complaining about the food, a letter/critique of his neighbor’s karaoke performances, and a Darth Vader parody video.

Beale’s Facebook prank on his friend James Bennett is also one for the ages. Beale decided to mess with his friend by taking Bennett’s Facebook photos, slightly modifying them, and then reposting them on the social network. 

Photo via Oli Beale/ Oli + Alex

Like any good online prank, Beale’s stunt made it to the front page of Reddit a year ago, receiving over 3,500 karma points.

3) Emma From Aberdeen

Liverpool fans are terrible people.

Just ask Stuart Slann, a Manchester United supporter and victim of a pretty elaborate prank.

In November 2008, Slann vacationed in Cancun, Mexico, where he met his soon-to-be tormentors. Slann and the two unnamed Reds supporters had a series of lively exchanges over which soccer club was better. One such discussion ended with the Liverpool fans throwing Slann into a pool.

That was just the beginning. 

Back in England, Slann friended a Scottish woman named Emma on Facebook. The two flirted and talked over the social network for about a month, until Emma suggested that Slann pay her a visit. Slann agreed and drove nine hours to Aberdeen, Scotland.

There was only one problem, though. Emma wasn’t a real person. Her Facebook account was a fabrication of the two Liverpudlians. After making Slann wait in his car for three hours, one of the two pranksters called the poor sap and told him that he was just pranked. The entire conversation was recorded, which you can hear above.

The kicker? Slann’s wife Louise found out what was going on and promptly divorced him.

“It was a cruel thing to do. I’ve been taken for a ride,” Slann toldThe Telegraph. “They wound me up good and proper.”

4) Arash Derambarsh, Facebook’s first president-elect

Photo via arash-derambarsh.blogspot.com

In early 2008, Arash Derambarsh, a first-generation Franco-Iranian politician, became the first president-elect of Facebook. The then-28-year-old ran on a platform that pushed for religious tolerance, declared war on illiteracy, and made a promise to promote France’s rich culture across the globe. 

Sounds great, right?

Turns out it was nothing but a hoax. 

Derambarsh was elected to be the first “Facebook Worldwide President.” Except that it wasn’t the social network behind the vote. The election was held through Facebook President, a third-party application that ran the equivalent of an online popularity vote.

That didn’t stop the French media from taking the news of Derambarsh’s election at face value. The 28-year-old became an immediate celebrity in his native France, being featured in various publications like L’Express.

It’s unclear whether Derambarsh was in on the hoax. We’re choosing to believe that he was and that he was just trolling.

5. We are all Ash Jolliffe

This particular prank is a little bit complicated. It’s somewhat similar to the first entry on this list, but much more elaborate. Thankfully, the “victim” behind it has made our job easier and created a long image explaining what transpired.

Photo via Ash Jolliffe/Reddit

Jolliffe, who goes by invisible39 on Reddit, submitted the above image to the r/funny subreddit. The post immediately took off on the social news site, garnering 1,138 karma points. The prank jumped from Facebook and into the comment section of his specific post. Various novelty Reddit accounts were created claiming that they were the real Ash Jolliffe. The joke became so meta, that it spawned its own subreddit, r/AshJolliffe. Given its extensive nature, one could argue—and we will—that this is the best Facebook prank to date.

Oh, and for the record, Ash Jolliffe looks nothing like Paul Rudd.

Main photo via Ryan Roy/Reddit

18 naughty and nice holiday characters on Twitter


Everyone has a favorite holiday character. Some people are traditional and love the joy exhibited by Santa Claus himself. Others appreciate the hardworking elves who assemble toys in Santa’s Workshop.

And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love Christmas Vacation’s Clark Griswold?

Fortunately, almost every beloved holiday character has realized the importance of a strong social media presence and has turned to Twitter to express their thoughts. We at the Daily Dot have found some of the best Twitter feeds out there so that you may keep up-to-date with everyone from Jolly Old St. Nick himself to certain members of his reindeer team to even the massive tree that is positioned in New York City’s Rockefeller Center.

Additionally, we've tagged each feed as "naughty” or "nice," so that you know which Twitter accounts are 100 percent safe for children and work viewing.


Santa Claus // 321,099 followers 

Many Twitter accounts out there purport to be the “real” or “official” Santa Claus. With over 300,000 followers, @OfficialSanta leads the pack.

A very safe account for children and fans of Christmas, @OfficialSanta does not interact with followers, but will provide several heartwarming tweets each day, as well as a regularly-updated countdown to Christmas.


Kris Kringle // 28,222 followers 

The most-followed of the “Bad Santa” bunch, Kris Kringle tweets humor in the form of one-liners. Unfortunately, he will not interact with followers.

SANTA CLAUS // 1,065 followers 

The hungover, half-naked @Bad-Santa_Daily is another fan of crude humor. Unlike @Santa_St_Claus, he will retweet and interact with his followers. Additionally, he will follow people back, making sure to give them a filthy shout.


Angry Santa Elf // 1,619 followers 

The hardworking, toy-making elves may generally appear as jolly as their red-suited boss.

One, however, stands out from the rest.

The Angry Santa Elf sends out regular tweets that are both bitter and hilarious. Most are related to the difficulty of toy-making, popular culture, and complaints about Jolly Old St. Nick.

The Elf on the Shelf // 22,334 followers 

The account for @elfontheshelf is officially verified by Twitter as belonging to the newest holiday tradition, the Elf on the Shelf.

The Elf on the Shelf will tweet (presumably from his wooden perch somewhere in a festively-decorated household) about fun kids’ activities, comment on popular holidays like Halloween, Election Day, and Thanksgiving, and will interact with some of his followers.

The Elf on the Shelf also has quite the infatuation with Pinterest boards.

Santa’s Elf // 1,126 followers 

Unlike his angrier counterpart @angrysantaelf, Santa’s Elf, using the handle @TheElfOfficial, possesses a far more pleasant demeanor. He takes his role as an elf seriously and makes the best out of his situation.

Santa’s Elf will occasionally retweet his boss, @OfficialSanta, and will also interact with his followers, doing everything from prepping them for the upcoming holiday season to even sending birthday greetings their way.

XmasElf // 10,684 followers 

The account of @XmasElf follows the daily life of Toplius, a sweet 603-year-old elf who has been part of Santa’s woodshop for the past 401 years. 

Toplius enjoys interacting with followers, mainly about their holiday displays and trees, and also likes to link to various products on Amazon as “things we are working on.”


Rudolph Reindeer // 2,121 followers 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer may be busy each Dec. 24 leading Santa’s sleigh, but the rest of the time, he is a frequent Twitter user.

Frequently using the hashtag #believethemagic, Rudolph tweets heartwarming holiday sentiments almost daily. He will also interact with his fans, offering compliments and other positive reinforcements.

We’re assuming that he uses his antlers.

Prancer the Reindeer // 411 followers 

Rudolph may get all of the attention, but he is merely one reindeer out of nine.

Prancer divides his time between follower interaction and making light-hearted jokes about what he and other reindeer do in their spare time. Somewhat bitter, he appears to be a fan of leaving “reindeer shite” in the stockings of naughty people.


30 Rock XmasTree // 3,097 followers 

Each year, New Yorkers and tourists find themselves in awe of the massive tree that graces Rockefeller Center in New York City. They are mesmerized by its beauty and thrilled by its size.

And that tree knows it.

30 Rock Xmas Tree tweets numerous musings on what it is like to be the “most famous and sexiest Christmas tree in the world.” It will frequently interact with its followers, if only to gloat on its awesomeness even further. It will also bicker publicly with @timessquareball, which tweets out the thoughts of the Waterford crystal ball that drops in Time Square each New Year’s.

Christmas Countdown // 162,827 followers 

The Christmas Countdown claims to be the most popular of its kind on Twitter. Backing this claim up are over 150,000 followers.

There is more to @ChristmasCount than just updating how close the holiday is. The account will interact with certain followers, attempt to seal business deals with others, and pose trivia questions about holiday-related scenes from books, movies, and television.

Frosty the Snowman // 493 followers 

Since the “Frosty the Snowman” character originated in a song, it makes sense that his Twitter feed largely contain links to favorite holiday music selections.

The majority of interaction between @frostysnowman25 and his followers comes in the form of daily song suggestions. When he is not taking requests for the song of the day, he will fill his feed with snow-related jokes and puns. 

The Grinch // 8,995 followers 

Not since Ebenezer Scrooge has the literary world been rocked by such a Christmas-despising creature.

His heart long shrunk back from that one fateful Christmas in Whoville, the green-furred Dr. Seuss character bludgeons his followers with funny yet wholly crass tweets. It would seem that years upon years of living atop a desolate mountain have turned the character into a foul-mouth, sex-obsessed vermin who might be out to ruin all holidays, not just Christmas.

Jesus Christ // 490,118 followers 

Where would Christmas be without its cornerstone?

According to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary on Dec. 25 and is the absolute reason for Christmas. He returned to Heaven after his death and resurrection, promising to come back to Earth to judge Mankind.

Well, folks, now he is back and he is angry. No longer a gentle Messiah, @Jesus_M_Christ regularly expresses anger and disgust toward the actions of Man and God alike. He will not interact with his tens of thousands of fans, likely out of bitterness. 

Mrs Claus // 840 followers 

What is life like as Santa’s wife? @Claus_Mrs has the answers to that.

In her Twitter feed and blog, Mrs. Claus details her role as her famous husband’s homemaker. A fan of the hashtag #Giggles, Mrs. Claus will busy her days in the North Pole by interacting with followers, tweeting at Santa and other holiday characters, and even commenting on popular memes.


BuddyTheElf // 41,956 followers 

While Will Ferrell himself does not control the tweets of @ItsMeBuddyThElf, the overjoyed spirit he exhibited when playing the title character in the comedy film Elf is nevertheless present.

BuddyTheElf has spent not only October and November filling his followers’ timelines with holiday cheer, but has kept it going all year long. In April, he tweeted “Hoppy Easter!” in the same relentlessly cheerful tone that ultimately warmed the heart of his biological father.

Always exhibiting his trademark friendliness, BuddyTheElf will retweet his followers and other holiday personalities while also linking to several Pinterest sites and promoting his Facebook fan page.


Clark Griswold // 5,734 followers 

In 1989, it was made official: joining the colorful cast of characters like Santa, Rudolph, and the elves was none other than... Chevy Chase.

Chase’s Clark Griswold character, a dimwitted suburban family man with a flair for angry outbursts and sarcasm, was immortalized as a holiday staple in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The movie was the third entry in the National Lampoon’s Vacation film series and easily matched, if not topped, the popularity of the debut effort.

As his “perfect family Christmas” crumbles down around him under the weight of bickering in-laws and alcoholic Cousin Eddie, Clark Griswold has now turned to Twitter to unleash his thoughts.

While the remainder of the year finds him quoting from the other entries in the “Vacation” franchise, @_Griswold will spend the entireties of November and December rehashing lines from the beloved addition to holiday cinema. Fan interaction is almost non-existent, but retweets mentioning him or any given Vacation movie are common.

It should be noted that Chevy Chase himself does not tweet from this account.

Jack Skellington // 1,046 followers 

The star of Tim Burton’s popular 1993 tale The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is exceptionally happy during the span of time that bridges his two favorite holidays: Halloween and Christmas. 

Skellington comments on various holidays and world events, including Election Day and Hurricane Sandy. He will occasionally retweet a few of his followers but mainly keeps a close eye on the countdown to Christmas.

Photo via Kris Kringle/Twitter