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    Perched outside a Melrose hair salon during the rush hour commute, Meg DeAngelis thinks her hair looks a little crazy. Right now it’s wet, since she just filmed a scene of it being washed. But she’s really excited about the wig they’ve got for her, an asymmetrical bob that’s just the wrong shade of asymmetrical so that it crosses from trendy to tragic.

    “They’re all a series of awkward moments,” DeAngelis explains of the episodes in It’s a Girl Thing, her first self-produced scripted series that launches May 1. “But for this one, it’s right before my birthday party and I get a terrible haircut.”

    DeAngelis shows off a picture on her phone, and, honestly, she actually pulls it off.

    “I was sending that to my mom to see if she’d believe it,” she laughs. “Taylor Swift does it so well. That doesn't work on most people.”

    DeAngelis started her YouTube career sharing cheerleading videos in 2008, although moments of her vlogger future peeked through with simple braid tutorials. By 2011 her content became a mix of cheering and lifestyle vlogging, and in 2013 she completed her transformation to a modern blogger when she left a college cheer team and moved to Los Angeles to live her YouTube life.

    DeAngelis has starred in digital projects outside her channel before, from AwesomenessTV’s Royal Crush series, which follows a budding teen romance on a cruise ship, to the recently released YouTube Red film Dance Camp, but all her outside projects left her feeling something was missing.

    “I felt kind of bad that I haven’t been uploading as much as I usually do,” DeAngelis explained of her motivation to make her own series. “I wanted to give my subscribers something to watch that’s still free but just something better. Higher quality, funnier, smarter, more planned.”

    The idea for her own series started a year and a half ago, but DeAngelis adjusted her plans after learning that biting off too much was a surefire recipe for crushing her own excitement.

    “You can’t try and make something too big; you won't ever make it,” she explained “We started taking meetings to see who would be in and where it would live, it got so big that I lost the passion for it, in a way. That’s how I realized I had to do something short, something we can do all in one and we don’t have to stop in between.”

    With just the idea in hand, her manager’s boyfriend, Eddie Wintle, wrote five scripts.

    “He told me he watched all my videos,” laughed DeAngelis of how a male writer could get her voice down for a girl-themed series.  “I gave him talking points for what I wanted the episodes to be about. They were so amazing. I’d never worked with a writer before. I read the first episode, [and] I was just laughing so much.”

    The five-episode series shot over six days in April, with DeAngelis calling on friends and former co-stars to join her in the series, like YouTubers Ricky Dillon and Carrie Rad, who plays Meg's fictional best friend Astrid.

    “At first I thought I knew exactly who I wanted to play each part, but after I read the script, I had completely different people in my head,” she said. “I have four of five friends—I don’t have many friends—I asked them all first. After that I just went and thought, ‘Who have I worked with on projects before who are super talented?’ I got all my first picks.”

    The first episode sees Meg’s world turned upside down with the arrival of Astrid, who has plans for Meg’s 21st birthday. In addition to starring in the series, DeAngelis is also behind the camera as the director on the project. With five minutes until places, she’s fluttering around the small hair salon checking angles, the background props, the lighting. It’s a far cry from her usual recording process for the vlog.

    “When I film my videos, I don’t plan anything more than what I physically need there,” she said, noting there’s a lot more planning and moving parts in this project. “I wish I had a prop me, or a clone or something. I thought we’d do it with a stand-in, but we don’t have enough interns. I watch the playback of the first take, and it helps so much.”

    As much as the project rests primarily in her own hands, DeAngelis has another important voice she lists to across the process: her 4.9 million fans. While she has been careful not to tell them much about the project yet, she has been sharing some of the process across her social media channels, and has even left key decisions in their hands, like the name of her series, which she let come down to a poll.

    “I was so sure I was going to go with one of them, but then I thought, ‘Let me just ask them,’” she said. “I did a one-day poll, and 75 percent of people went with the other option. I am so glad I did that!”

    Keeping her fans somewhat in the dark has been hard for DeAngelis, who’s used to sharing her life so openly. With only a few more days before the big reveal, she can finally let them in a little further.

    “I’m kind of sleep deprived and happy,” explained DeAngelis on the eve of her final shoot day. “I just want people to see it!”

    It’s a Girl Thing premieres May 1 on DeAngelis’ YouTube channel, and will air every Sunday to coincide with her real-life 21st birthday.

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    Since Beyoncé’s new visual album, Lemonade, dropped on Saturday, the Internet has been a hot mess of speculation about who “Becky with the good hair” is. The line is from the song “Sorry,” which seems to allege that Jay Z has been unfaithful to Queen Bey.

    In fact, the whole album follows the trajectory of a woman who has been cheated on by her lover, first seeking anger and revenge, before finally reconciling with the entire ordeal. The album also includes references to Beyoncé’s father and features appearances from the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. 

    But what fans really want to know is: Was there really a Becky? And if so, who is she?

    Thus far, here is a list of all potential Becky contenders.

    1) Rachel Roy

    Immediately, Beyoncé fans singled out Rachel Roy, an American fashion designer, who posted an Instagram of her and her friends with the caption, “Good hair don’t care, but will take good lighting for selfies or self truths always…” She hashtagged the post #nodramaqueens.

    Roy is also rumored to be the source of the now-infamous elevator fight between Beyoncé’s sister Solange and Jay Z. 

    The BeyHive came out in force to attack Roy, who then put her Instagram on private and later took to Twitter to not really clear up much of anything.

    There is also a theory that Beyoncé was actually saying the word beki, which in Bengali means "wavy." Roy's father is Bengali.

    2) Rachel Ray

    Chef Rachel Ray got dragged into the fray on Sunday when Beyoncé fans confused her with Roy and dropped lemon emojis on her Instagram posts. Then there were others who just thought the whole thing was hilarious. Including Ray herself. 

    3) Rita Ora

    In a now-deleted Instagram photo, singer Rita Ora was seen wearing a bra decorated with lemons and a necklace that appears to have a pendant of the letter “J” (however, it could just be the mirror image of the letter “R”). 

    And if that wasn’t enough, Ora recently wore the same Gucci skirt that Beyoncé wears in the “Formation” video. She even wore it with that same J/R pendant from the Instagram photo.

    There is also an elderly woman (well, at least according to her Twitter avatar she is) claiming to be a music industry insider who thinks it’s Rita Ora as well.

    4) Taylor Swift

    There was also that time that Taylor Swift wore a yellow shirt that declared, “Not Becky.” So, maybe her?

    5) Liv

    In 2014, rapper Liv released a song titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter.” In the song, she declares that Jay Z likes flawless model types, such as herself.

    6) Other women from Jay Z’s past

    Singers Rihanna and Tori Kelly, reality star Casey Cohen, and model Claudia Scheelen have all been linked to Jay Z through past rumors. And they all do have good hair.

    7) Anyone named Becky

    On Twitter, Hanna Flint, the entertainment editor for Metro in the U.K., made a list of possible Beckys.

    Also noted: Actress Lori Loughlin, who played Becky on Full House, took to Twitter to clear her name from any involvement.

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    In a move sure to please classic film buffs, Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection have partnered to start a new streaming service called FilmStruck.

    It will be subscription-based, and according to a press release, will offer “a comprehensive and constantly refreshed library of films comprised of an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic arthouse, indie, foreign and cult films.” 

    Though no price point has been announced, the service already fills a gap in the streaming video market just by virtue of the fact that it features any older films at all. 

    As Flavorwire put it: "[Netflix's] library is determined based not on curatorship or history, but on licensing deals. ... As of this writing, they stream not one film directed by Alfred HitchcockElia Kazan, or Frank Capra." TCM and Criterion's vast libraries can guarantee that will never be the case on FilmStruck, so even though it seems like there are a million streaming services flooding the market right now, this one may very well be the only one classic film lovers need.  

    The companies have only given "Fall 2016" as the timeline for their launch date, but they invite everyone to keep up with their progress by subscribing to their newsletter on the FilmStruck website

    H/T Flavorwire

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    If Wattpad Studios succeeds, it will usher in a new model that gives amateur writers a chance at the lucrative business of influence.  

    On Tuesday Wattpad announced Wattpad Studios, which will develop its stories for various media outlets like a multi-channel network. And just like an MCN works with the best and brightest digital video stars, Wattpad Studios will do the same for its homegrown writing talent.

    Aron Levitz will head the division. He’s had experience as Wattpad’s head of business development. The company previously launched the advertising project Wattpad Brand Stories, which has partnered with projects like The Fault in Our Stars and The Purge: Anarchy. Wattpad also championed homegrown talent under Levitz’s watch with the Wattpad Stars program, which helped talent access paid and promotional gigs. A studios arm seems a natural extension of both.

    “Wattpad deals exclusively in the one thing that powers the billion-dollar entertainment industry—original and compelling stories,” said Head of Wattpad Studios Aron Levitz in a press release. “As the largest and fastest-growing platform for stories, we can easily spot the voices that resonate with audiences around the world and the stories that have an established fan base. Wattpad Studios will help industry executives make smarter decisions, faster.”

    Hollywood has already come calling for the Wattpad talent, with writers like Anna Todd capturing book and film deals from her One Direction fan fiction. 

    Wattpad also released its own anthology of Imagine stories, self-insert fiction about famous celebrities. 

    But the real silver bullet is the company’s growing user base, which boasts 250 million original story uploads from 2 million creators, and data-driven insights into which stories compel that base. The entertainment industry develops projects with hopes of a story inspiring an audience, but Wattpad knows if that audience is already inspired. That’s why book-to-film projects proliferate—and Wattpad can simply skip the book step.

    The goal, of course, is to help champion creators. Studios will create more paths to monetization for talented writers, Wattpad posits, and points to the fact that some of its top writers make more money working on a Wattpad project than from a traditional book advance.

    The influencer game is dominated by faces, by creators who work in the visual medium, and who share their own personal lives and identities to help drive up a brand and make money. Wattpad Studios thinks its writing talent can join that herd.

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    YouTube is going to show you ads, like it or not.

    The video platform will roll out new, non-skippable ads in May as part of a push into mobile advertising. In a post on Google's AdWords blog, Zach Lupei shared the plans for the new ad format, called Bumper ads, which won't allow users to skip ahead to the video.

    "Bumper ads are ideal for driving incremental reach and frequency, especially on mobile, where 'snackable videos' perform well," wrote Lupei in the post. The ads are a way to reach mobile viewers, where Google says half of its 18-49 demographic turns first for video consumption.

    Google referred to the ad units as "little haikus of video ads" and said advertisers can start implementing them in May. They have already rolled out in test cases for Atlantic Records as a client.

    The ad units mirror exactly the Vine timeline, a six-second burst of content. With Vine already ripe with branded deals for its creators, who haven't lost legitimacy for sometimes including a six-second ad in their stream, YouTube looks to jump on the micro bandwagon by attaching ads of the same capacity to longer-form content.

    YouTube isn't forsaking longer-form advertising, however, and suggests that Bumper ads work best in combination with other formats. Brands themselves have made strides in avoiding the ad-skipping culture of YouTube in the past, which blossomed after YouTube implemented True View, the five-second buffer that allowed users to skip ahead. In that case ad-quality increased, from the iconic Old Spice series and Geico's skip-proofed ads that give all the pertinent info in the first five seconds and devolve to absurdity if left on.

    With new Bumper ads coming into play, advertisers will likely pivot their creative to suit the new format and hope that a forced ad won't turn off consumers of the underlying video. And hey, it's only one more second than the skippable True View format—although that can feel like an eternity on the Internet.

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    With Game of Thrones back this week for season 6, Screen Junkies released an update to the popular Honest Trailer series focused on the HBO show.

    The creators already tackled the first three seasons in 2014, which drew 30 million views, and now they've updated fans on the honest reality of the series' bloody, subsequent seasons.

    "Return to TV's most expensive-looking Renaissance fair," quips the video. "It's like The Walking Dead if they had any balls."

    The clip points out the increasingly gratuitous nature of both violence and nudity in the series, and jokes that even the inanimate objects like swords now have names you must remember. Warning: The video shares spoilers up through Sunday's new episode.

    The biggest takeaway? Last time Screen Junkies writers begged for Joffrey's death and got their wish, this time they're hoping Ramsay Bolton dies. 

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    If you told me that a goat pregnancy video would introduce me to a woman who would encourage me to sign up for a 30-day yoga challenge or wear lipstick to work without thinking about it, I would have said you were too many mojitos deep. But meet Dana Linn Bailey.

    Award-winning bodybuilder, business owner, wife, and goat mother Dana Linn Bailey has always been obsessed with competition. But after four years playing soccer and winning championships at West Chester University, Bailey found herself away from the competition that had fed her for 20-plus years. To fill the time, she started going to the gym to lift with her then-boyfriend (now-husband) Rob Bailey, and she hasn’t stopped since.

    In 2006, she began competing in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness’s figure category, and while she loved the contest, it wasn’t a perfect fit. On stage, Bailey was frequently criticized for being too muscular and masculine looking. But in 2010, the IFBB opened its physique category for women with strong, muscular appearances. Bailey took home first place and went down in IFBB history as the first ever Ms. Physique Olympia. But perhaps her most important title is role model.

    “I like to be in front of people and show them and show girls that you can be strong, you can be muscular, and you can be beautiful,” writes Bailey.“I hope to open up eyes and show people [it’s OK] to look a little different as long as you are happy and confident with yourself.”

    Ironically, it was neither her fitness videos nor her inspirational tour series that brought me to her channel, but rather the pregnancy announcement she and her husband made for their goat Maisie. The hilarious video became one of last week’s most shared videos in the U.S. and in turn, exposed a slew of new viewers to the Baileys’ fitness empire.

    The couple started using YouTube in 2010 as a way of sharing their fitness routines and inspiration. Their channel has since grown to showcase the their adventures around the country, drifting races, and recently, the opening of their own gym. The couple says they’re determined to change the expensive and exclusive nature of gym culture and through the recent opening of their WarHouse Gym, which as they joke will finally put Redding, Pennsylvania, on the map.

    What I love about Dana is the message she spreads that true happiness is found in being authentic, passionate, and comfortable to your own skin. She doesn’t sugarcoat the journey—it’s hard to learn to be confident in your flaws and imperfections—but she does reiterate how important it is. Dana drives race cars, works out sometimes two times a day, and has back muscles on top of her back muscles. On paper, she and I have little in common, but her undying passion for fitness inspires me to continue pursuing the things I’m passionate about, even if they aren’t the same.

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    Stephen Colbert has a message for the politicians in states like North Carolina who want to dictate which bathrooms transgender people can use.

    In the wake of calls for a boycott of Target due to its inclusive bathroom policy, the Late Show host mocked conservative attempts to limit transgender people's bathroom use in his signature style: by laying out his own bathroom policy and railing against the small talk that too often accompanies public bathroom use.

    Colbert's point was clear: Sure, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, shake anyone’s hand, or share a urinal if he doesn’t have to. But he doesn’t care which bathroom people use, as long as it’s right for them.

    "And to all those lawmakers out there who are so obsessed with who’s using what bathroom and what plumbing they’ve got downtown," Colbert said, "Newsflash: you’re the weirdos."

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    A nonresponsive Internet connection is enough to make many of us a little frazzled, but it rarely inspires the kind of creativity necessary to produce an “impromptu” musical.

    The YouTube channel AVByte reenacts the all-too-familiar scenario of losing the Internet: the missed connections, the FOMO, the videos you can't watch, the things you can't document.

    You could argue that being offline is preferable to all the downsides of being online. But once the connection is back? Those last few minutes (or hours) are nothing more than a blur—almost like the next few hours you’ll spend online.

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    Netflix is going back to summer camp — 10 years later, Variety has learned.

    The streaming service has greenlit Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, which will again be set at Camp Firewood, but there’s a catch.

    RELATED: Relive Ben and McKinley’s epic romance on ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

    Netflix’s upcoming series will take place 10 years after the original 2001 film, and should not be considered a sequel to First Day of Camp, the eight-episode series that streamed on Netflix last July and featured many of the film’s original stars, including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper.

    Ten Years Later will include eight all-new 30-minute episodes and is slated for a 2017 premiere. No casting information is currently available.

    The series will be written by the Wet Hot original creative team of Michael Showalter and David Wain, and Wain will direct. Executive producers are Showalter, Wain, Peter Principato, Jonathan Stern, and Howard Bernstein.

    RELATED: Chris Pine, Jon Hamm and more get their sleeping bags for ‘WHAS: First Day of Camp’

    Set on the last day at a summer camp in 1981, Wet Hot disappointed at the box office but went on to become a cult favorite.

    Netflix’s revival First Day of Camp garnered mostly positive reviews with Variety critic Brian Lowry writing, “Netflix’s usage metrics remain shrouded in mystery, but one needn’t be a genius to see what attracted the streaming service to Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, an improbable and wholly silly prequel to a 2001 movie most notable for all the people in it who went on to bigger and better things.”

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    The first official trailer for Oliver Stone's Snowden is here, and it looks tense as heck. (And maybe a bit silly.)

    The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press in 2013. The film also features performances from Shailene Woodley as Snowden's girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, and Zachary Quinto as journalist Glenn Greenwald. 

    Plus, it gives us the gift of Nic Cage saying, "Find the terrorist in the internet haystack!" 

    The movie hits theaters September 16th. 

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    When it comes to being a fan of sports teams, Drake isn't so discriminatory, and it's not surprising that when a squad in any sport is playing well, he isn't usually far behind trying to show everybody how supportive he is.

    But it makes sense that the Canadian rapper would love the Toronto Raptors, and on Tuesday, as Toronto made a comeback victory against the Pacers in Game 5 of the NBA playoffs, he had no problem showing that he hasn't lost his ability to play the role of obnoxious sports fan.

    Piece of evidence No. 1: Here's Drake reacting to Indiana's Rodney Stuckey turning the ball over in the fourth quarter and falling out of bounds, nearly into Drake's lap.

    The clapping-really-really-hard move, of course, is only slightly more annoying than the slow clap, and here's proof that his legitimate clapping style is a tad less aggressive.

    Piece of evidence No. 2: Drake compounded the situation by treating Pacers star Paul George like he was Meek Mill by using his digital alteration skills and plastering a single tear on George's face. Though Drake later deleted the Instagram post, SB Nation saved it as a screenshot.

    (For the record, George scored 39 points to go with eight points and eight rebounds on Tuesday, not exactly a scaredy-cat performance.)

    It's reminiscent of the Crying Jordan meme, but Drake perhaps thought better of the dis afterward, because the Pacers still have a chance to win the playoff series and send the Raptors home for the season.

    But that's OK. Even if the Raptors were to lose the series, we've seen in the past that Drake is a fan of a variety of teams and athletes.

    Drake could just move on to somebody else. Like the Miami Heat...

    ...Or Johnny Manziel...

    ...Or a number of English Premier League soccer teams...

    Either way, we know who Drake is rooting for in the Toronto-Indianapolis series, and if the Raptors end up losing, there will be only one person who's at fault. Like Serena Williams already knows, you can just blame it all on Drake.

    H/T The Big Lead

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    Studio71 announced today that it has signed actor, musician, and writer Flula Borg to its multi-channel network.

    From Germany, Borg is known for his original songs and remixes featured on his YouTube channel, which has racked up nearly 765,000 subscribers and more than 84 million views. He received more than 3 million views of his Auto-Tune cover of Blackstreet's “No Diggity,” which was nominated for a 2014 Streamy Award.

    Borg has also worked in film, appearing in Universal Pictures’ Pitch Perfect 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, and starring in BuddyMoon, a feature film he co-wrote that won the audience award at Slamdance. (Moon is set to be released by Gravitas Ventures on July 1.)

    Borg joins a network of Studio71 influencers that also includes Lilly SinghEpic Meal Time, Vine star Logan PaulRhett and Link, and Snapchat's Shonduras.

    Owned by German media giant ProSiebenSat.1 Group, Studio71 was created in July by the merger of Los Angeles-based Collective Digital Studio (CDS) and Berlin-based multi-channel network Studio71. Headquartered in Berlin and Los Angeles, the company oversees everything from series development to merchandise. 

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    Missed this week’s Game of Thrones premiere? The Roots have you covered.

    During The Tonight Show’s Suggestion Box, someone asked if Jimmy Fallon could recap “The Red Woman” since the audience member wouldn't be able to catch up before Sunday night. And while Fallon had seen the episode, he left the task to Black Thought, who could do it a lot better than Fallon could.

    We hope this turns into a recurring segment.

    (Note: This is an actual spoiler recap, so if you still plan to watch the episode on your own, look away.)

    With the cast already great at singing and beatboxing to the Game of Thrones theme song, the Roots would fit right into Westeros.

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    As Americans wrestled with the logistics behind registering for Tidal just to listen to Kanye West’s new album, millions of hungry fans the world over were left behind.

    West’s February record The Life of Pablo spent the first month of its life online tethered to one subscription streaming service. And there's no Tidal in Kyoto, Japan. 

    Making lemonade out of the liner notes, producer Toyomu decided to forge his own Pablo and upload it to Bandcamp in mid-March.

    Toyomu told the Daily Dot he’s been a West fan since 2008 when he was in high school, although he doesn’t describe his fandom as “enthusiastic.” He’s made hip-hop beats for the last seven years, too: And the learned painting on his tribute album, officially dubbed 印象III : なんとなく、パブロ (Imagining “The Life of Pablo”), has been met with critical praise.

    Wrote indie music cool table Pitchfork: "The project isn’t so much a recreation as it is an uncanny, absurd outlier among the scores of fanservice-y ’Ye mash-ups populating the internet."

    To make it go, he read through all of the artists sampled by West on the album, then used the Rolodex as a framework for an original work built on the same reference points. To fill in the actual rapping, Toyomu nabbed the lyrics on Genius and programmed a computer to spew cold, shrapnel performances. 

    Instead of West’s caffeinated, manic confessions on songs like “FML,” we get choppy robotics. As the Kyoto-born producer told the Daily Dot via email:

    I wanted to make a [weird] Rap album like Lord Quas's 2nd Album "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas", but it's very difficult for me to write an original lyrics. So starting Kanye project, I decided to let Mac text-to-speech rap for weirdness and experiment. Though some people say "This imagining TLOP looks like a combination HipHop and Radiohead"... I didn't have such image of "OK computer" before making this album.

    Some tracks are remarkably close to the real thing. For example, the opening 27 seconds of “導きたまえ,” the Toyomu version of “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” likewise begin with a soulful, copied-and-pasted Pastor T.L Barrett sample

    But he had a stifling experience recreating the Chris Brown-assisted “Waves.” First checking’s records, Toyomu read that the song contained a brief snippet of a Fantastic Freaks live performance

    I thought this sample was for Sound Effect, what is the main melody??” Toyomu said. “Finally I generate the sounds like a roar of waves by synth plug-in. You can imagine Kanye walks above the ocean.”

    He wasn’t close. But his resulting “Waves” is tense and leaves a mark: The lingering, synthetic voice spews unintelligible raps while the Fantastic Freaks performance—celebratory as a backyard cookout, but also disjointed and loud—plays on. It makes for an unnerving stream.

    If chunks of it spark a chortle, that’s on purpose. Drawing inspiration from this bass cover of Donald Trump saying the word “China” repeatedly, Toyomu said he wanted spurts to be funny. His version of “Low Lights” follows the Trump clip’s gag of playing along to the chatter.

    “Spirituality is important sometimes, but this is [entertainment]. Kanye should have to put more funny essence,” Toyomu said.

    His Pablo is also ripe with inside jokes, Easter eggs, and hat tips. Here, “I Love Kanye” is in Japanese. Like on the real thing, there are Street Fighter II samples—but mostly the word “Japan.”

    Still, the Toyomu experiment matters because of its subtle profundity. It's an Internet-age fit of expressionist joy.  

    Toyomu’s product doesn't so much zap with car-ready swagger like West’s, but when the Mac text-to-speech robot voice says “I can understand how it might be kinda hard to love a girl like me, I don't blame you much for wanting to be free,” it’s downright heartbreaking. 

    Now that Toyomu has heard the real Pablo (untethered from Tidal), he’s impressed by West’s venture, dousing chunks of it with praise: “I surprised at original sample, Suzie Thundertussy sang ‘Los Angels’ in lyrics!! It’s amazing." 

    You can say the same for the overseas re-imagining.

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    Stephen Colbert knows exactly what Ted Cruz needed after losing all five primaries to Donald Trump on Tuesday: a good pep talk.

    The Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate may have lured the media circus of the 2016 election away from Trump long enough to announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate, but he still wasn’t having such a good day. On top of the losses, he fudged up a Hoosiers reference in the middle of Indiana and called a hoop a “basketball ring.”

    So Colbert puts on his coach hat and whistle and steps up to give Cruz the kind of nonsensical pep talk that only Cruz could truly appreciate. The inspirational speech goes off without a hitch—at least until Jesus comes into the picture.

    If that doesn’t inspire Cruz, nothing else will.

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    YouTube listened to creator concerns, and now it’s made a change to the Content ID system that makes sure rightful owners still get paid what’s owed to them. 

    The Content ID system allows for copyright holders to dispute individual content on channels and protect their rights, but some creators have expressed frustration that this system has been abused to limit and restrict income on various channels. On the other hand, copyright claimants like major record labels have complained that YouTube’s interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has hurt their business. A new tweak to the Content ID system might be one of the few that would make both sides happy.

    Channel Awesome took up arms against Content ID abuse with the “Where’s the Fair Use” campaign earlier this year, which had a wide array of concerns about how fair use is determined and how Content ID strikes can cripple a channel. YouTube’s changes speak to one major issue Channel Awesome pointed out with the system, which previously suspended monetization on channels after a Content ID claim was made and funneled any earned money to the copyright claimant unless that claim was disputed and won. This created a gray area where no monetization was happening as videos gained traction, so even if a creator disputed and won their claim, they were missing out on income.

    YouTube listened and is now creating a third-party holding situation for money accrued during a dispute. Instead of suspending monetization when a claim is disputed by a creator, the video continues to earn money, which goes into a separate account. The funds are only paid out at the close of the dispute to the winning party. YouTube outlined the new policy with an infographic in a recent blog post.

    “It’s a step in the right direction,” Channel Awesome’s Michael Michaud told the Daily Dot via email. “Unfortunately, it still doesn’t fix the issue of false DMCA take downs, nor does it fix the loss of all monetization on a YouTube account that has a chance of happening after a DMCA is issued, even if the DMCA take down is completely invalid.”

    On the RIAA side, there’s still issues too, like the complaint that YouTube’s safe harbor provisions under the DMCA—which protects YouTube and other service providers from liability in copyright claims until they have knowledge of a specific infraction—keep them in a stranglehold to sign unfavorable licensing deals with the platform.  

    “We strongly believe in fair use and believe that this improvement to Content ID will make a real difference,” wrote David Rosenstein, YouTube's Content ID Group Product Manager, in the blog post. “In addition to our work on the Content ID dispute process, we’re also paying close attention to creators’ concerns about copyright claims on videos they believe may be fair use.”

    While the new monetization policy doesn’t address all the concerns around digital copyright, it’s a step in the right direction.

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    Singer and former The Voicejudge Usher raised some eyebrows Thursday when he Snapchatted a little more of his anatomy than he probably planned to.

    The star's Snapchat story features a lot of the PG-rated content you'd expect from a mainstream celebrity: him eating a delicious crab dinner, activating his remote-operated blinds, and watching Prince videos in the back of his car. But when he starts bragging about his at-home steam shower, things get a little dicey. 

    The singer tried to post a self-edited nude selfie (a la Kim Kardashian) from inside the shower, and dropped some large text and an emoji over his junk. Unfortunately, his edits weren't enough to completely conceal everything—the tip of his penis ends up being visible. 

    The original NSFW photo is still up on Usher's Snapchat story (username: howusnap), but TMZ put together a SFW version to give you an idea of what we mean: 

    For Usher's part, he seems fine with the attention:

    H/T TMZ

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    Fox Digital Studios announced Thursday that its movie Mono, starring a powerhouse lineup of Viners and YouTubers, will hit Netflix and iTunes on July 8.

    The comedy follows a group of high school students after a wave of mono "removes the most popular kids for two months...allowing the outcasts to reign supreme."

    Mono's cast includes traditional teen actors like Sam Lerner (The Goldbergs), Ty Parker (Fresh off the Boat), and Sarah De La Isla, but it also features a bunch of digital media heavy hitters, like Christian DelGrosso (7.5 million Vine followers), Brandon Bowen (3.3 million), Jake Paul (5 million) and Eric Ochoa (2.3 million YouTube subscribers).

    Only time will tell if the boys' enormous audiences boost the movie's performance online, but if fan tweets are any indication, the answer is "probably." 

    H/T Variety

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    Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim have been in Italy, shooting season 2 of Master of None, but they still found time to fit in a video for Kanye West’s “Famous.” 

    On April 15, Wareheim uploaded the video to his YouTube page. It was framed as a continuation of their Big Bud/Lil Bud storyline, which is both a reference to the sight gag that is their height difference and the basis of a failed ’90s sitcom. The two frolic through Rome’s cobblestone streets, eat delicious food, hump a car, and dance awkwardly to the Life of Pablo track. 

    Apparently, West approves of the video. However, earlier reports stating that this is the “official” video for the song were dismissed by West’s team, even though the video is now branded “official” and hasn’t been removed yet. 

    A rep for JASH, the comedy collective co-founded by Wareheim, told Vulture that Wareheim uploaded it to his channel with the collective’s help “when Kanye agreed to have it be the official music video for the song.” But a rep for West denied that it’s the official version. 

    Wareheim seems to be holding strong to his side. But JASH is also a comedy collective and Wareheim and comedy partner Tim Heidecker are pro trolls

    Zach Galifianakis showed up in the alternate version of “Can't Tell Me Nothing,” which West executive produced, so it’s not that far-fetched that he’d potentially link arms with Ansari and Wareheim. (And then there was that “Bound 2” parody.) Based the public edits West made on TLOP, it’s hard to imagine he’d actually sign off on this, but in the wake of his (re)written chapter(s) on DIY publicity, it’s also hard to tell what’s real. 

    Hopefully this just means West will have a cameo in season 2. Maybe as Medium Bud? 

    We’ve reached out to Wareheim and JASH for clarification. 

    Update 9:46pm CT, April 28: In a tweet, Wareheim appears to concede that his project is not an official video. 

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