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    Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announcement is the comedic gift that keeps on giving.

    Jon Stewart will have an endless amount of material for weeks to come, and now we're hearing from Stephen Colbert, who doesn't even officially start hosting The Late Show until September. Such is the power of Trump that Colbert couldn't even wait that long to get in on the fun. He had to make an announcement of his own.

    Copying the Trump hairdo and voice, Colbert is rolled to his podium in “a giant human trash can” to let us all know that he’s still going to host The Late Show and that he knows Trump will be great for the election—and for late-night fodder.

    “That’s how it’s got to be, OK?” he said. “Because Donald Trump is running for president and he’s going to make late-night television great again.”

    It’s six minutes of a brilliant, jumbled mess, and it makes us even more excited for Colbert's official Late Show debut.

    Screengrab via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

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    Jesse Pinkman is coming back to TV, but not in the way he originally had fans believe.

    Aaron Paul, the actor who portrayed the Breaking Bad fan favorite, is joining the Hulu original dramaThe Way. He’ll be producing the show and starring alongside True Detective’s Michelle Monaghan in the 10-episode series from Parenthood’s Jason Katims and Jessica Goldberg.

    The faith-based drama will focus on the Clearys as they become the center of controversy in the movement. It looks to be more of a character show as it plans to go in-depth each episode, with Paul’s character in particular suffering from a “crisis of faith” when everything he knows is challenged.

    There’s no release date for The Way. This is likely what Paul meant when he teased a new “top secret” project on social media the last few days.

    Paul went on Periscope Monday night to “reveal” the project: there would be a Breaking Bad spinoff starring Jesse Pinkman. He was only joking, but he still had a bunch of annoyed and disappointed fans who really thought Jesse would get a second life on TV.

    H/T TV Line | Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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    Refinery29’s new webseries The Real Life of a Romcom Protagonist is a hilarious send-up of everything we love to hate about rom-coms. There’s a perky protagonist, a slew of unlikely meet-cutes, and best friends who are as hollow the box of Cheez-Its you devoured while you watched that random Katherine Heigl flick that mysteriously appeared in your Netflix queue.

    If you’ve ever loved, or loathed, a rom-com, the series is a must-watch.

    The six-episode series is available on Refinery29’s website, and you can watch the first episode on YouTube.

    Sudi Green, who authored the series, is a New York–based comedian who produces hilarious music videos with her musical sketch comedy team Pop Roulette and hosts the monthly show Theme Party at UCB East. Green spoke to the Daily Dot about her love and hatred of rom-coms, writing a part for her real-life BFF, and her favorite moments from the series.

    How do you feel about rom-coms?

    I have a love-hate relationship with them, because I think everyone loves the fantasy of being Jennifer Lopez—and I definitely had an obsession with them in middle school and high school. My best friend Janan and I would watch maybe three or four a night. This was the early 2000s, the golden age of rom-coms.

    But now I realize that so much of the ideal woman those movies portray is ridiculous. I mean Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is always eating a burger in every scene and then wears yellow silk in the final scene—no way.

    What inspired this series? How did it come to life?

    I was asked to pitch to Refinery29 and create a vehicle for the star of the show, Allison Brown, who is also my best friend and roommate since college.

    I wanted something that a lot of young women would relate to, that had a feminist perspective but would also be fun. I wanted to embrace the rom-com thing but also poke holes in it.

    The director, Kirk Larsen, was very instrumental in creating the series. And Allison had a lot to do with forming Maisie. She named her, gave her a clearer perspective, and also wrote the theme song. I was focusing so much on the tropes of the rom-com that the main character actually was under-developed. I had become the screenwriter of all those bad rom-coms, and Allison was really involved; she added more oomph to Maisie.

    I love how the episodes focus on different tropes in rom-coms. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Did you start out knowing you wouldn’t follow a traditional narrative?

    Yeah I knew I wanted it to feel more like sketches that took place in the same heightened world.

    Every episode focuses on a trope, and we blow out the ridiculousness of that situation, or we call it out, or both. One of my favorite episodes is the one where the funny best friend, played by Laura Wilcox, goes into her lair. The funny best friend is this one-dimensional bounce board, then we blow that idea out and see that that is truly all she is.

    Is there a season 2 in the works?

    Kirk Larsen and I had a huge long list of tropes. So hopefully we can keep going with it!

    Screengrab via Refinery29/YouTube

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    Madonna may have fallen off the stage recently, but her new video proves the queen of pop isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The 56-year-old superstar dropped her latest single exclusively on celeb-drenched super venture Tidal, and the video is appropriately packed with celeb appearances.

    Basically, everyone in the entire universe is in the "Bitch, I'm Madonna" video.

    Who drops in for a cameo? Let's see: Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Diplo, Alexander Wang, Chris Rock, a million dancers, a pair of hot girls in a bathtub with electrical tape covering their nipples, a cop in uniform, some sock puppets at a rave... and that's all we could count before the bootleg YouTube post was taken down. Here's another one—watch while you can:

    Tidal's behind-the-scenes teaser maps out the scene just fine.

    On Twitter, users balked at the idea of signing up for a Tidal subscription just to gain access to the star-studded clip.

    But it appears that Jay Z's streaming service has another video hit on its hands following the fervent success of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's "Feelin' Myself" exclusive last month.

    Screengrab via Salathiel Nascimento/YouTube

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    What do our pets do when we leave them alone?

    It’s something humans wondered for ages, and with the help of video cameras and smartphones we’ve been able to fill in some of the pieces. The first trailer for The Secret Life of Pets from the studio behind Minions attempts to answer the other aspects and it’s as adorable and funny as it sounds.

    Because of course they don’t just sit at the door and wait for you. They might lounge around, but they watch TV, and they get creative when it comes to getting what they want. We wouldn’t put it past them if they went on wacky adventures while we were out too. The best part is, the owners probably won't even notice the changes.

    And don’t assume they’ve got the same taste in music as you. 

    Screengrab via Illumination/YouTube

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    We’re still in full ’90s nostalgia mode, so Williamsburg is putting together an entire festival around the decade’s biggest hits and one-hit wonders to capitalize on it.

    At 90sFest, nostalgic millennials will gather in Brooklyn on Sept. 12 to see perennial ’90s favorites Smash Mouth (last seen rising up at a fan over bread), Lisa Loeb, Coolio, Tonic, Naughty by Nature, the surviving members of Blind Melon, and cover band Saved by the ’90s to probably cover whoever didn’t show up over the course of nine hours. MTV VJ Pauly Shore, another ’90s staple, will fittingly host the whole thing.

    But wait, there’s more! When you’re likely tuning out the bands that aren’t playing their greatest hits, 90sFest will also have a room for a Mario Kart tournament and an area where guests will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest crowd doing the “Macarena” dance. We’re already getting flashbacks to middle school dances, but with booze and more sophisticated cellphones. Other brands and social media stars will show up and hype up the nostalgia factor while selling ideas to the masses.

    Tickets are currently on sale at the 90sFest website (a very fitting tribute without the actual ’90s Web design) starting at $60, but for $150 you’ll get a VIP pass and possibly even“Crystal Pepsi-based cocktails.”

    Or, if you’re nowhere near Brooklyn, can’t afford the pricetag, or have better things to do with your money, you can easily have your own 90sFest without even leaving your couch—and it’ll last longer than one day.

    Here’s what you’ll need to DIY it.

    1) A kickass playlist

    It’s not like you know most of the artists outside of their big hits anyway.

    2) Crystal Pepsi

    Until it’s widely available again, eBay is your best friend—but we’re not responsible for whatever happens when you drink a 20-year-old beverage.

    3) Mario Kart

    The Wii version works fine, but for the full nostalgia factor, go for the original SNES or the Nintendo 64 versions. And you thought Rainbow Road was hard now.

    4) A computer

    Just pull up the BuzzFeed listicles and go on reminiscing for a few hours.

    5) Pauly Shore videos

    His film collection on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are pretty slim, so go to the clips we have to capture the best parts about those movies. Don’t blame us if they’re not as great as you remember.

    H/T AV Club | Screengrab via 90sFest/Vimeo

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    Since Matthew Clarke's daughter is a real person instead of, say, a cartoon, she's going to get older as this webseries progresses, which explains why the show's name changed from Convos With My 2-Year-Old to Convos With My 4-Year-Old for season four, and is maintaining that name for its fifth season. David Milchard, who portray's Clarke's daughter in these conversations, has presumedly aged as well—but it's much less noticeable.

    The good news: Kids don't stop having extremely funny conversations until... well, they probably never stop having them. The first episode of the fifth season proves this, giving us a twofer with a conversation about bike riding, and a conversation about when it's OK to kill ants (spoiler: only when they're in your house):

    If you're new to the series, tune into its channel to catch up on a ton of past material. And, if you're a fan of the chemistry between Clarke and Milchard (meaning: if you have a pulse), check out their other channel here, which pits improvising comedians against each other. 

    H/T Digg | Screengrab via Convos With My 2-Year-Old/YouTube

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    During the opening ceremonies for the Baku 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, pop chameleon Lady Gaga brought the house down with a theatrical cover of John Lennon's "Imagine."

    Dressed in a flowing white dress and revisiting flower child aesthetics with a blindly hopeful tone, Gaga almost lulled everyone into thinking she was turning in a straightforward interpretation of the 1971 standard. 

    Three minutes in, she opens up the tab—singing in a higher register with Broadway dramatics, fireworks, and original lyrics that worked like "imagine it was simple." T-rex doesn't like to be fed, she likes to hunt.

    If you can't locate Azerbaijan on a map, don't worry: neither can the event organizers. More than 50 countries are participating in the inaugural European Games in a nation with a poor human rights record. Amnesty International has criticized the proceedings: "Twenty two prisoners of conscience, including prominent human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers and activists, are languishing in prisons on trumped-up charges."

    English newspaper the Guardian was likewise barred from entering the country to cover the games, among other news outlets.

    While Gaga's performance is richly moving, it's also a heavily controlled message that fails to reflect the values of the European Games' host nation. She killed it—but so did Freddie Mercury when he turned out Sun City.

    Screengrab via LadyGagaVEVO/YouTube

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    Alan Rickman finally got his sweet, chemically-induced revenge on Jimmy Fallon.

    Rickman came on to the show to promote the first film he's directed in nearly 20 years. But first, he had to get down to business. 

    He had a bone to pick with Fallon, because during his last appearance he was asked about Alan Rickman impressions—and then Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch had an Alan Rickman-off the very next day.

    So then Rickman made him apologize after sucking up helium. Thankfully, he joined in on the fun too. 

    Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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    Montreal three-piece dream-pop evangelists Seoul have the goods to hit in the age where you just need a few synced tracks on your phone as an entry point toward intimate fandom. Just look at this blind résumé:

    • Black-and-white photography littered across social media platforms. Mysterious!
    • A Tumblr-based homepage that touts the struggle with on-brand writing that is ridiculous but earnest:

     ,,,and like quiet sailors, , we crest into our final evening - putting out the last single from our album today, full LP out June 9th. Thank you to anyone who has patiently followed everything all along, its so interesting how its all been in a way so connected to Facebook too, sadly, but truly, all these little posts, hunched at the computer, at the iPhone in a van, writing. Despite all the structure and constraints of the “Band Page”, there remains a great intimacy to it, and so, here we are ~ 
    • Endorsements from Brooklyn Vegan, Spin, and Consequence of Sound.
    • Tours with similar bands that people like, such as CYMBALS
    • A vague name that can connect to international pastures because it seems profound but is just taken from South Korea’s largest metropolis.
    • I Become a Shade, the newly minted album that comes after two years of SoundCloud singles and Ford Focus–fueled Canadian tours.

    Shade in particular is a crown jewel of a summer album. It’s made to soundtrack stock photographs of millennials on trains, tranquilly engaging with technology. It passes through you like morning fog: light drums, restrained guitar sprinkles, melancholy synths, folksy and meditative vocals.

    The Daily Dot has partnered with Daytrotter to highlight one session a week, which will be available to stream here exclusively in its entirety. In this installment, a Tumblr band takes its talents to the indie giant’s Austin, Texas, studio and proves the bedroom pop can wail in the garage. 

    For nearly a decade, Daytrotter has been recording some of the best talent around, and now you can stream half of this incredible (and growing) archive, featuring thousands of band sessions, for free—or join for full access and free downloads.

    Illustration by Johnnie Cluney/Daytrotter

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    Gaming is huge on YouTube — there’s a reason the video giant is launching a new website and mobile app exclusively for its community of gamers and game lovers. WWE is also pretty big on YouTube. Its top channel, for instance, has more than 6.4 million subscribers. And let’s be honest, there’s probably a decent overlap between the gaming and wrestling fan communities.

    To reach that audience, the WWE has launched a new YouTube channel entirely dedicated to gaming. Called UpUpDownDown, the channel will aim to cover all aspects of the world of video gaming and will be hosted by WWE star (and, we’re told, avid gamer) Xavier Woods.

    “By leveraging WWE’s massive influence on YouTube and tapping into a content vertical that scores highly among our fans, we’re poised to make an immediate impact with this new channel,” said Lisa Fox, WWE’s EVP of content, in a statement.

    Programming on the channel will air daily, with Woods welcoming a bevy of other WWE personalities, YouTube stars, and influential video game editors and writers to talk all things gaming.

    At launch, weekly series include; “UpDownDownDown Plays” (Mondays), a Let’s Play-style show featuring Woods and his guests playing the latest hits; “For the Lolz” (Wednesdays), in which Woods and others explore the worlds of popular sandbox games like “Grand Theft Auto V,”; “Jump Scares” (Fridays), which will focus on horror games; “Superstar Savepoint” (Saturdays), where guests are tasked with jumping into a random game “totally cold” and help Woods beat the level or mission; and “Gamer Gauntlet” (Sundays), in which Woods challenges guests to contests with “pre-determined” penalties.

    Screengrab via UpUpDownDown/YouTube

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    We’re obsessed with the throwaway cartoon jokes that, through sheer luck, come true in real life years later. Homer Simpson solved the Higgs boson, a Caitlyn Jenner joke took on an entirely different meaning, and now it turns out The Simpsonsmight’ve been onto something when it made an episode about the Major League Baseball spying on us.

    The FBI is currently investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for accessing the Houston Astros’ database in 2014. When the system was breached, the perpetrators involved stole information regarding how the Astros internally discussed trading options. And while it’s not a picture-perfect comparison, The Simpsons was well ahead of its time by covering an MLB conspiracy all the way back in 1999.

    In season 11’s “Brother’s Little Helper,” Bart is convinced that the MLB is spying on Springfield after he takes Focusyn, a psychostimulant drug (and a Ritalin parody). Although nobody believed him, it turned out he was right. The citizens of Springfield are left with a machine that has every piece of information on them more than a decade before Edward Snowden released NSA files.

    And who shows up to distract everyone from the situation? Mark McGwire, who was one of the biggest baseball stars at the time and happened to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. Although it wasn’t strictly the Cardinals spying on Springfield, the St. Louis connection is enough to connect it to the recent investigation.

    It’s doubtful even McGwire could distract the FBI by “sock[ing] a few dingers,” but he could always try.

    H/T CBS Sports | Photo via woolennium/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    The late Robin Williams is still making a splash with films completed before his death last August. In his last starring role, as a gay man in the Dito Montiel film Boulevard, Williams shows his dramatic side.

    In Boulevard, Williams plays a closeted gay man in his sixties who turns to a prostitute for companionship. Their relationship changes his outlook on the unfulfilling life he's been leading both at home and at work.

    Williams will appear in one more film after Boulevard, a comedy called Absolutely Anything, which will be released next May. Williams voices a character named Dennis

    Boulevard hits theaters July 17.

    Screengrab via MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube

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    High school reunions have become somewhat redundant. In days of yore, one would return to the scene of the happiest days of their life to gawk at who got fat, who got bald, and who turned into a meth-baron self-dubbed Diablo who dismembered his cook with a chainsaw and left the body floating in a cooler on a bay.

    Brok was otherwise engaged for our reunion, but it didn't really matter as social media has removed any element of surprise or curiosity. Sure, we may not have seen someone in person for 10 years, but after being treated to our daily update of baby bump art and check-ins from the—you’re not fooling anyone, recruitment consultant—first-class lounge, you might as well have.

    And it’s a theme picked up by comedy troupe Boat Comedy (background watching: Future Husbands and 90s Sleepover) in their short-form webseries Ten Year Reunion.

    The first episode of the series sees the three members of Boat arrive at their reunion spilling similar apathetic sentiments, only to be reinvigorated by an encounter with Aaron, a member of that elusive, enigmatic breed: the classmate who doesn't have a Facebook profile. 

    The tone is snappy, lean, and irreverent, something which augers well for future episodes—to be released every other Thursday on Above Average—where the gang will continue their reunion adventure by becoming reacquainted with “all the losers, nerds, goths, cheerleaders, prom kings, and serial killers they went to school with.”

    Screengrab via Above Average/YouTube

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    Amazon Studios hasn’t quite experienced the steamrolling success with originals that Netflix has—so far, Transparent has been its brand-building title. But Catastrophe is elbowing its way in. 

    Co-created and written by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, Catastrophe—which originally aired on the U.K.’s Channel 4 but debuts for Amazon Prime members today—follows the intersecting lives of Rob (Delaney), an American advertising guy visiting London to open a new firm, and Sharon (Horgan), an Irish schoolteacher living in London. The main reason Catastrophe works so well is the comedic chemistry between Horgan and Delaney: She created and starred in one of the most underrated British sitcoms, Pulling, and Delaney is a comedian and author whose irreverent wit made him a Twitter celebrity. 

    Catastrophe wastes no time getting to the sex that leads to its titular situation: We see Sharon and Rob collide within minutes of the first episode. A month later, Sharon calls Rob and tells him she’s pregnant while he’s on a date with someone else (she’s still in his phone as “Sharon London Sex”). Rob lies to his date and says it’s his mother (who’s actually played by the wonderful Carrie Fisher). Eventually, he ends up in London as the two try to sketch out their future. 

    Rob and Sharon feel like one of the most relatable couples I’ve seen on TV in a while: They volley jokes back and forth, get snippy with each other sometimes, act selfish, and seem naturally compatible. Rob makes it known he’s going to be there as a father, while Sharon is the more uncertain, unpredictable one, a subtle reversal of the typical rom-com roles. They work because they feel like they’re playing themselves—like in some alternate universe, they are this couple. 

    We see so many shows that focus on the struggles of parenthood, marriage, or single life. Catastrophe presents two professional people in their 40s who’ve found success in life without marriage or kids, who seem comfortable with themselves. And they balance each other. When Rob says he can’t believe she got pregnant, she slaps him back to reality: “What? That repeated sexual intercourse between two healthy adults will do the exact thing it’s supposed to do?”

    The humor in Catastrophe is subtle, as when Sharon reveals to Rob that she went on a date with her ex, but not because she still had feelings; she desperately hoped he still liked her. “I get it,” Rob says. “I have a Facebook account.” Elsewhere, a cancer scare adds some dramatic tension to their future-plotting. In one scene, Sharon’s steely second-opinion doctor explains how the potential cancer will likely be “blown out” of her cervix during birth, along with other “stuff.”   

    Catastrophe loses momentum when Sharon and Rob’s friends are brought in; their characters are so natural together, but their friends don’t seem like people they’d actually be friends with, and they’re not sympathetic at all, especially Rob’s womanizing pal Dave. And the show needs more Carrie Fisher. 

    Amazon tried something different for promo: On June 15, it premiered the pilot on Facebook for 48 hours, in an attempt to get more eyes on the show and potentially lure people into Prime time. Hopefully it worked. At just six episodes, a binge-watch is easy, but you’re going to find yourself wanting more Rob and Sharon. 

    Screengrab via Amazon Studios/YouTube 

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    If your high school graduation didn’t go viral, did it even happen? 

    Yes, it seems nearly every 2015 high school or college graduation contains a speech or moment that makes the Internet rounds, and a Taylor Swift flash mob from Portsmouth High School in New Hampshire is the latest example. 

    Last Friday, valedictorian Colin Yost (not to be confused with Colin Jostconcluded his speech with four words every senior needed to hear: “just shake it off.” Then, Yost led some 200-plus students in a choreographed performance of Swift’s hit “Shake It Off,” which is no small feat. 

    H/T People | Photo via David Shankbone/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman 

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    The zombie apocalypse may be slow-creeping in the world of Fear the Walking Dead. But once people discover it? They’re going to run like hell.

    The first full sequence appears to showcase just that. Nick, who is described as “pretty much a parent’s worst nightmare” and played by Harry Potter’s Frank Dillane, is running faster than he’s likely ever run in his life. Knowing the bait-and-switch a TV show can pull, it might not be zombies, Walkers, or whatever the characters on the Walking Dead spinoff will call them. But given his apparent fear, panic, and how he hasn’t had a chance to properly dress himself, it’s probably zombies.

    We hope he doesn’t have to spend the entire apocalypse like that.

    Fear the Walking Dead comes bolting to our TVs in August.

    Photo via Fear the Walking Dead/AMC | Remix by Jason Reed

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    Netflix has been a supportive platform for standup comedians and their projects, and praise Jah, because Maria Bamford is the latest green light. 

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix picked up 13 episodes of Lady Dynamite, a half-hour comedy based on “surreal episodes” in Bamford’s life. Arrested Development producer Mitch Hurwitz and South Park’s Pam Brady penned the pilot, and Bamford will serve as the show’s co-executive producer. 

    Last fall, the comedian and actor told Splitsider about a show she and Hurwitz were pitching to Netflix. It was still in negotiations then, but she said her dream “would be to star on a show where everybody is who they are in real life in terms of Louie or something like that where there’s no big makeup or costuming—just to have, at least to me, more realistic depictions of people.”

    Bamford starred in the short-lived Funny or Die webseries The Program last year, and appeared on season 4 of Arrested Development as Tobias’s new girlfriend. Giving her the spotlight is one of the best decisions Netflix has made. Hopefully it’s gonna get weird

    H/T Hollywood Reporter | Screengrab via Funny or Die

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    Miranda Sings may be known for her trademark over-exaggerated red lip, but her creator, Colleen Ballinger, knows a whole lot more about makeup.

    Ballinger’s new series, How to Makeup, is a partnership with Collective Digital Studio aimed at bringing makeup tips to the world in a fight for dominance between the Miranda and Ballinger personalities. 

    Episode 1 features mostly Ballinger instead of Miranda, and also taps some of her YouTube-famous friends like Glozell and Kota Wade as subjects of her “tone down” tips, much to their chagrin. Ballinger has some beauty bonafides, though: She almost went to makeup school before embarking on a performance career.

    The six-episode series will run each Friday on CDS’ I love makeup channel.

    Screengrab via I love makeup/YouTube

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    Last night on The Daily Show, after giving viewers a sobering take on the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, Jon Stewart focused on his guest, Malala Yousafzai

    The 17-year-old Pakistani activist was targeted by the Taliban in 2012, after she voiced support for women’s education. She survived a gunshot to the head and, after recovering, became and advocate for women’s rights and education. This marked her second time appearing on the show. 

    She also spoke about Davis Guggenheim’s new documentary, He Named Me Malala, and viewers got to see a bit of the trailer. The full trailer debuted exclusively on the Malala Fund’s Facebook page last night. It’s a powerful look at her life and advocacy, but she reinforces that for all her accomplishments, she’s “still a teenager.”

    “Who would you have been if you were just an ordinary girl from the Swat Valley?” an interviewer asks her. “I’m still an ordinary girl,” she responds. “But if I had an ordinary father and an ordinary mother, then I would have two children now.”

    The film opens in theaters Oct. 2. 

    Screengrab via Malala Fund/Facebook 

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