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    The Internet love story of two Filipino YouTube stars has come to a tragic end, as one half of the pair succumbed to lung cancer this week.

    Jam Sebastian, a celebrity in the Philippines, achieved massive fame on YouTube when he and his love interest, Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, began acting in videos together on the platform in 2011. They had been a couple since 2008, but portrayed their relationship, both fictionally and personally, on social media for the last four years. They have more than 543,000 subscribers, and their first upload, "By Chance," has more than 7 million views.

    However, the duo stopped updating YouTube nine months ago after Liggayu proposed to Sebastian, who had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Asian blogs followed Sebastian's fight against the disease via updates from him and his family until his death was announced Wednesday.

    Couple-based YouTube channels are a trend globally, with many YouTubers finding and documenting their relationships on the platform. That means when the couples find happiness they have a built-in cheering section invested in their achievements and relationship. But they also have a community with opinions on their love life when things turn sour. 

    When tragedy strikes, that means they've also got a network of support. Liggayu memorialized Sebastian on Twitter, and fans also took the to platform to remember the entertainer.

    H/T | Screengrab via JamichTV/YouTube

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    During his nine seasons on air, How I Met Your Mother’sBarney Stinson never shied away from showing off his lavish lifestyle. From suiting up in the most expensive wears to paying for seemingly endless games of laser tag, the keeper of the bro code certainly wasn’t averse to spending a little money.

    But how did the Neil Patrick Harris character manage to afford all of his indulgences? According to the accounting of one fan, he was pulling down seven figures a year. 

    Likely inspired by the popular "How much did Joey owe Chandler?" threadredditorSir-Zyph began tabulating Stinson's salary right down to the exact dollar. So how did this HIMYM devotee arrive at his figure? With some rather complicated suit-based math that gets broken down like this:

    • In the season 9 episode, "Unpause," Barney reveals he makes 16 times what he spends on suits each year. 
    • A few episodes later, Ted get's a glimpse at Barney's wardrobe which consists of two rooms, each with seven racks that hold 15 suits a piece. That translates to 210 suits in total. 
    • In the season 1 episode "Game Night" it's established that Barney has been wearing suits for approximately the last 15 years, meaning that if he owns 210 suits, he buys roughly 14 suits each year.
    • After Barney takes Marshall to his tailor in season one's "Cupcake," we learn that he paid $4,000 for the suit. Which would translate to $56,000 dollars spent on suits annually. 

    Not wanting to leave out any detail, Sir-Zyph also accounts for the donation of 60 suits, as well as the loss of a few pants and jackets thanks to tears, girls, and a wreck. There's also the hilarious fact that Barney sleeps in "suitjamas" and has a few suits for special occasions. 

    So taking into consideration all of those meticulous details, how much is this well-suited man making each year? 

    Barney's Yearly Income:
    210 + 60 + 1 + 2 + 2= 275 Suits
    275 / 15 = 18.333 Suits/year
    $4000 * 18.333 = $73,332/year
    $73,332 * 16 = $1,173,312

    Barney makes $1,173,312 a year.

    If you're still skeptical about these calculations, don't worry. Carter Bays, the show's executive producer, took to Twitter to confirm the figure for fans who wanted an official ruling on Stinson's salary. 

    Now that is a truly legen–wait for it–dary salary!

    H/T Buzzfeed | Photo via vagueonthehow/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Conan O’Brien made history when he traveled to Havana, Cuba, a few weeks ago, and now he’s ready to show his audience what he saw.

    Gone were the usual sights of sidekick Andy Richter and Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band to back him up. Now, he had to make new friends.

    In his cold open, he started to find them, in the form of a group of women playing the guitar and a replacement Richter who turned out to be a lot more agreeable than the original. And of course there was dancing, because this is O'Brien.

    O’Brien’s visit, the first by an American late-night host since 1959, could be seen as a stunt, but it was also historic. Having finally arrived in a country that mostly Americans haven’t been allowed to visit for 53 years, O'Brien wanted to make friends and learn about the culture—except the dogs weren't having it.

    He didn’t want to make fun of Cuban culture or make it political, but rather be the butt of the joke himself.

    “I wanted it to be really funny and have belly laughs in it, but I also wanted it to be sweet,” he told Southern California Public Radio earlier this week. “We very much went in with a feeling of, we’re going into another culture and we want to respect that culture, and all I want to do was try and make people laugh. I didn’t want to do comedy where I’m making fun of something in their society; that’s just rude.”

    As for how he accomplished that during his 80-minute episode? He's already used to playing the part of self-deprecating fish out of water, so he took part in a Cuban dance lesson. It didn't go as well as he'd planned, but he still managed to pick up a thing or two—even if he seemed to be fixated on the pelvic thrust.

    Given his limited Spanish—which he says he can speak at the eighth-grade level—he went and took a proper Spanish lesson, and his visit to a Cuban cigar factory was a similar sort of disaster.

    His attempt at learning the Cuban clave eat and joining a Cuban salsa band went more or less the same.

    O'Brien learned a lot during his four days in Cuba, and he said he was looking forward to his next visit. But before he left, he needed one last dance—thankfully, he'd had some lessons since last time.

    Screengrab via Team Coco/YouTube

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    Man is indeed the cruelest animal, and a blind scroll through Netflix will reveal any number of films that explore the evil humanity suppresses or projects. How else to explain the existence of Mr. Deeds?

    If you're a fan of subjecting yourself to films about deranged killers, complicated sociopaths, and everyday evil—and contributing to a nice bout of insomnia—here are eight movies and shows you can stream right now. 

    1) Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer

    This film by documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield is a bookend to his 1992 film, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, which explored the corruption running through the trial of one of Florida’s most infamous serial killers. A decade later, Broomfield returned to Florida, called as a witness before her execution. Perhaps inadvertently, he becomes a character in his own film, and the cast of supporting characters surrounding the trial is quintessentially Florida. His interactions with “Dr. Legal,” aka Stephen Glazer, Wuornos’ one-time, cable-access–famous lawyer, are the film’s comedic relief. Wuornos was also on death row at the time of filming (she died by lethal injection in 2002), and Broomfield is able to extract her come-to-Jesus monologues, though they do little to illuminate who Wuornos truly was.

    2) Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

    John McNaughton’s 1986 film is a very free sketch of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his associate, Ottis Toole. It’s pulpy, campy, and disturbing, and there are elements of 1980’s slasher film Maniac as well. The scenes of murder are so casually framed, there’s a certain “Is this a dream?” quality to the whole film. Michael Rooker’s dead-eyed portrayal of Lucas doesn’t help, but we do get glimpses of something resembling empathy, especially in exchanges with Toole’s aimless sister, Becky.

    3) The Silence

    The visuals and cinematography in this film by Swiss director Baran bo Odar are absolutely stunning, which makes the evil underneath all the more unsettling. The rape and murder of a young girl sets the plot in motion, and we fast forward 23 years as another girl disappears. The film doesn’t make us wait for the reveal: Peer (Ulrich Thomsen) is the murderer and Timo (Wotan Wilke Möhring) was the bystander, the whisper of a golden wheat field the only sound that pushes us into the present. Two decades later, Timo and Peer meet again, and the dread surrounding the new disappearance is deafening. If you’re looking for a movie where the bad guy gets caught and justice is served, The Silence is not for you.

    4) The Fall

    This is a Netflix original series, but it certainly unfolds like a movie. Jamie Dornan stars as Paul Spector—family man by day, a serial killer with very distinct tastes by night. Gillian Anderson melts the screen as steely detective Stella Gibson. In season 1, Gibson and Spector perform a very delicate dance of cat and mouse. In season 2, Gibson locks in on Spector’s fetishistic tendencies, but she also leaves herself vulnerable and has no problem expressing herself as a sexual being. Anderson’s character is one of the most interesting and complex on TV right now, and it’s refreshing that the female characters on The Fall are more than just plot-advancers for the men.

    5) Manhunter

    Michael Mann’s 1986 film is the precursor to Silence of the Lambs. Here, Hannibal Lecter is played by Brian Cox, and William Petersen plays obsessive detective Will Graham, who’s in telepathic pursuit of a new serial killer (he’s already hunted down Lecter). Mann is pretty heavy-handed with the surreal, two-tone ’80s imagery and soundtrack (this film came out two years after Miami Vice debuted), and there’s a cringe-worthy action-movie scene in which Graham crashes through a glass window in slow-motion, but not enough is said about Tom Noonan’s performance as fantastically named killer Franics Dollarhyde, and “Innagadadavida” has never been used to such perfect effect.

    6) I Saw the Devil

    In this 2010 film from Kim Jee-woon, Choi Min-sik (star of another revenge thriller, Oldboy) plays a serial killer who tortures and kills women, and the first murder we see is that of the fiancée of a National Intelligence Service agent named Soo-hyun. Once he tracks down the killer, a game of catch and release begins. The hunter becomes the hunted, and Soo-hyun relishes in torturing and letting his prey go, until the line between revenge and sadism blurs in a bloody mess. “Your nightmare’s only getting worse,” he whispers to the man after one particularly festive torture session that should definitely have killed him. At one point, an associate of the killer who’s also a casual cannibal remarks: “You’ve created a monster. How interesting.” You will be in a constant state of tension wondering who will “win,” so probably don’t watch it before bed like I did.

    7) Lady Vengeance

    South Korea has cornered the market on revenge thrillers. In the third film in Park Chan-wook’s vengeance trilogy (which includes Oldboy), Choi Min-sik once again plays a sadistic killer, only this time he’s a teacher who pinned the blame for a child’s murder on woman named Geum-ja Lee. After spending 13 years in prison, she quietly re-emerges and sets out on a precisely planned revenge tour involving the families of children he killed in the past. There’s also some very dark humor; the film ends on an act of physical comedy that’s somehow quite touching. Charlize Theron was reportedly producing a remake, but you’ll want to see this one first. See also: Kill Bill.

    8) Funny Games

    This 1997 Michael Haneke film was remade with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth in 2007 by the same director, but nothing beats Haneke’s first take. It’s essentially a home invasion thriller before those were all the rage, and point of view is everything here. The killers—two affable young men dressed in white—address the camera as the tension grows, essentially asking the viewer if they should go ahead with whatever sadistic “game” is next. Further upending with the typical horror-movie formula, most of the violence takes place off screen. Haneke is addressing us directly: Are you upset you didn’t see this family murdered? If so, why?

    Screengrab via I Saw the Devil/Netflix 

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    Adam Sandler and Bob Barker haven’t really talked since they got into a giant fight during Happy Gilmore, but they were willing to put it aside for Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars. While the special doesn’t air until Mar. 8, as we see in the preview, it’s hard for the two to put old grudges aside.

    Barker and Sandler were on the special to talk about autism, but it didn’t take long for the topic of their feud to come up. The fists start flying a few minutes into the clip. 

    Barker is brilliant as always, and Sandler, who has spent much of his career as a walking punchline, is starting to remind us why we liked him in the first place.

    Screengrab via Comedy Central/YouTube

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    When its not being admired by twee hipsters at arthouse cinemas, Wes Anderson'sartistic vision is being spoofed by everyone from SNL to intrepid YouTubers who imagined what an Anderson-directed porno might look like

    But forget those parodies. What would it look like if the legendary director's aesthetic were applied to one of the big-budget superhero movies Hollywood  loves to churn out? That's the question filmmaker Patrick H. Willems sought to answer in his latest short, “What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men?”

    The result is actually pretty pleasing. Willems manages to meld all your favorite mutants with all the classic Anderson tropes and throw in a few jokes as well. The whole thing actually makes us wish that Rushmore had focused on a group of wayward young mutants instead of perky young kids at a prep school. 

    Hollywood, we hope you're paying attention. If you're tired of dealing with all the Bryan Singer drama, just sign Anderson on for the next X-Men project and get ready for a whole lot of Futura. 

    H/T The Hollywood Reporter | Screengrab via Patrick (H) Willems/YouTube

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    What does McDonald's have in common with an eager startup welding together capital for a run at the glitz and glamour of South By Southwest? Both have shamelessly asked musicians to perform for free.

    In the case of the fast food titans of industry, they reportedly asked Brooklyn indie rockers Ex Cops (fresh off sophomore LP, Daggers) to play the McDonald's showcase at the annual Austin, Texas, technology, film, and music convention. It's a prime gig, except that the $90 billion company offered to compensate Ex Cops with—and this part is fun—exposure.

    Luckily, the tonal disconnect in the offer was not lost on band member Brian Harding. He took to Facebook to vent.

    Last year, Lady Gaga gave into the corporate nature of SXSW proceedings and was paid $2.5 million by Doritos to perform. Taco Bell also sponsored the Hype Hotel and dished out free Doritos tacos to patrons. This year's attendees can expect the same red carpet treatment from Team Golden Arches:

    The McDonald’s Lounge will feature our McCafé coffee brand, along with comfortable couches, Wi-Fi, charging stations and televisions streaming various sessions and events, and will be home to salon sessions, panels and hackathons. We’re focused on providing consumer convenience, including a “Fry-Fi” food truck offering attendees free Wi-Fi and McDonald’s World Famous Fries.

    If you'll be there and can't resist free coffee, remember to at least drop a few bucks into the tip jars of the poor suckers stuck performing background filler.

    Photo via Mike Mozart/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Ever since digital technology advanced to a stage that made sharing large video files over the Internet—with relative anonymity—an incredibly easy thing to do, the film industry has been engaged with a seemingly never-ending battle against those who pirate motion pictures.

    But the battles go a bit further back than that, with people hawking bootlegged videotapes of major blockbusters on street corners. 

    Actually, if you want to dig really deep into the whole piracy thing, this episode of CineFix's Film School'D, “Did Thomas Edison Invent Film Piracy?!?,” shows that the battle is actually as old as the birth of motion pictures themselves, with the greatest pioneer of it being none other than the inventor of the electric lightbulb himself.

    It's widely known that Edison was a bit of a thug when it came to his work with his patented direct current electricity, going so far as to electrocute a dog and an elephant (warning: not an uplifting video), to prove that Nikola Tesla’s (probably superior) alternating current method was dangerous, and ultimately driving Tesla's currents out of the country with a massive propaganda war.

    So, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Edison wasn't exactly the nicest fellow with his involvement in the burgeoning film industry, either.

    According to this episode of Film School'D, Edison sought a comprehensive monopoly on any and all technology associated with motion picture cameras, and he even succeeded to hold that monopoly for a while—even while he was copying negatives of others’ films (including those made overseas), stamping his name on them, and profiting heavily from them. 

    Eventually, Edison would form “The Trust,” which was a group of fellows seeking to enforce Edison’s patents and block the use of any camera in the country that was rolling without his consent. The Trust would go on to hire armed goons to bust up film productions by firing bullets into their cameras. 

    According to Cecil B. DeMille, some of these goons hired by The Trust made multiple attempts on his life, which resulted in his riding a horse to work every day, with a loaded revolver at his hip, and keeping a wolf in his house for protection. 

    As Edison was based in New Jersey, every top filmmaker ultimately fled to Hollywood to be as far from him as possible. So, we can thank Edison’s madness for Hollywood being the hub of American film that it is today.

    It's great that you invented the incandescent bulb and all, Edison, but wow, were you ever a horrible person. 

    H/T CineFix | Screengrab via CineFix/YouTube

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    This article contains sexually explicit material.

    These days, it seems as if Chelsea Handler’schest is discussed almost as much as her comedy. That’s largely due to the fact that the host has taken a liking to confronting Instagram's censorship boundaries by barring it all

    On Wednesday, Handler and her bust were in the news once again, but this time it wasn't because of her latest efforts to #freethenipple

    Instead, UsWeekly ran a report alleging that the reason the comedian has gone to such great lengths to expose her areolas on social media is because she underwent a breast lift sixth months ago. "The former E! host, who recently turned the big 4-0, had the surgery done because she was 'stressed about looking saggy,'" the tabloid wrote. 

    Never one to let a remark about her chest go unchecked, Handler took to Twitter to defend the authenticity of her breasts.

    As if that weren't enough, Handler took off her top once again to offer her Twitter followers indefensible photographic "proof" that her breasts are indeed, all hers. 

    While the UsWeekly article alleges that Handler "took the time to research doctors who could lessen scarring," there appears to be no noticeable incision marks or even faint scarring that would indicate she had gone under the knife. 

    Medical expertise aside, if Handler's willing to flash the underside of her breasts to prove that her sweater puppies haven't been augmented, we're going to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

    H/T Page Six | Screengrab via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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    Warning: This article contains autoplay video.

    Longtime correspondent Samantha Bee is leaving The Daily Show after 12 years to star in a TBS comedy, making her the third member of the cast to announce a departure in the past month starting with Jon Stewart’s planned retirement.

    But she’s not leaving for the TBS comedy for which Jason Jones, a fellow Daily Show correspondent and her husband, is leaving (although she will be producing it); she’ll be getting her own TV show. It’s in the early stages of development and is being set up as “a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues.”

    Both Bee and Jones will be executive producers, making this another family affair.

    “We're thrilled to have Sam join Jason at TBS and really make this a family affair. We actually have their kids coming in next week to pitch us animation,” Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS, said in a statement. “Like her fans around the country, we absolutely adore everything about Sam, from her straight-faced sarcasm and ruthless wit to her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation. After watching Sam's work for years, we knew that her distinctive humor and talent belong at the front of her own show.”

    Bee has yet to publicly comment on her departure from The Daily Show, but she did hint that something big was about to happen.

    Bee was the longest-running correspondent on the show prior to her announcement, so to mark her departure we’ve gathered some of her best clips.

    1) Federally funded penis pumps

    A dive into why Republicans’ issues with Medicare and women’s contraception led Bee to discovering something even bigger that not many people may have realized: the fact that penis pumps were covered under Medicare.

    2) Pink fracking

    One of the companies whose product has been linked to cancer launched a breast cancer campaign, which allows Bee to take the issue of “pinkwashing” head-on.

    3) RNC 2012: The road to Jeb Bush 2016

    The Daily Show excels at letting people make themselves look bad, and as she reported from the Republican National Convention back in 2012, she learned about how the policies would help pretty much everyone—unless you had a uterus, that is.

    4) John McCain chooses a running mate

    Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, and Bee’s portrayal of how McCain treated female voters was spot-on.

    5) The audacity of grope

    Just last week she stepped up and showed us how far Vice President Joe Biden’s creepiness toward women went.

    Screengrab via The Daily Show

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    Harrison Ford is in stable condition following a plane crash Thursday. The legendary Hollywood actor was piloting a single-engine, vintage World War II plane that reportedly crashed into a Venice, Calif., golf course following an engine failure.

    Ford's son, Ben, has confirmed that his father is recovering.

    Doctors on the scene, there as patrons of the Penmar Golf Course, were reportedly the first to tend to Ford. The golf course is located near the Santa Monica, Calif., airport. They pulled him from the wreckage, examined the actor, and determined he had a deep gash on his head. A witness told TMZ that Ford's plane took a "nose dive straight on the 8th hole tee box." He was reportedly conscious upon landing.

    Audio of Ford radioing in the engine failure was made public soon after the reported crash.

    Ford, 72, is a long-time pilot hobbyist. In 1999, a helicopter he was piloting went down in Santa Clara, Calif.

    News that the Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor was in a plane crash instantly propelled the news to the top of social media trend charts as an outpouring of support reverberated across channels. 

    This story is ongoing.

    Photo via El Hormiguero/Flickr (CC BY ND 2.0)

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    There’s a telling scene in the first episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the new Netflix series from 30 Rock’s Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The titular character, played by The Office’s Ellie Kemper, appears on the Today show with three other women after being rescued from an underground apocalypse bunker. The four—dubbed the “Indiana Mole Women” by the media—have become minor celebrities, and Matt Lauer asks why they went along with the cult leader’s abuse.

    One woman says she fell under his sway because she didn’t want to be rude, and Lauer swoops in with the uppercut: “I’m always amazed at what women will do because they’re afraid of being rude.” The line is meant for a laugh, but its truth will lay heavy on most women. The Mole Women then get makeovers to make them look less like victims.

    In the show, which debuts on Netflix today, Kimmy mirrors the title: She’s optimistic, eager, excited to learn about the world she’s missed out on for the past 15 years while trapped underground. In her new home of New York City, she doesn’t know that slang has evolved or what a selfie is; she purchases bright pink and yellow clothes and light-up sneakers and eats candy for dinner. She is, in many ways, still a young girl.

    “I’d like to think I have a piece of her optimism,” Kemper told the Daily Dot. “I’m not sure that I always do, but I hope in moments I have her sunny outlook on life. I do think Kimmy has a temper; when she sees an injustice taking place or knows something to be wrong, she reacts with a short fuse. And I think I share that. But only when I see social injustice.”

    We see why she might have a short fuse: As a middle-schooler, Kimmy was abducted and forced into a cult, led by its manipulative leader to believe that she and the other women are the only survivors of the apocalypse. He also does quite a number on their self-esteem and constantly reminds them they’re dumb and helpless. 

    In the first six episodes, we never explicitly see what happened to Kimmy, but we get a sense through flashbacks (the cult leader threatens to rape Kimmy after she presents evidence of life to the bunker) and her present-day coping mechanisms (counting to 10 in stressful situations and then starting over). There are also recurring nightmares parodying those creepy Febreze commercials, a pop-culture entry point used to address Kimmy’s PTSD.

    As this was co-created by Fey, there’s naturally a focus on women, our stories, and the masks we sometimes wear to hide trauma or pain. Fey briefly mentioned her own experience with trauma—she was attacked with a knife as a child, which resulted in the scar across her cheek—in a 2009 Vanity Fairinterview. She says she “proceeded unaware of it. I was a very confident little kid. It’s really almost like I’m kind of able to forget about it, until I was on-camera, and it became a thing of ‘Oh, I guess we should use this side’ or whatever. Everybody’s got a better side.” It’s not a stretch to see Kimmy as a sort of channel for Fey. Comedy, it has been said, is tragedy plus time.

    Kemper says the comedic approach to a survivor story wasn’t meant to belittle women’s experience or minimize their trauma. Rather, it’s a way to elevate women who have lived through something and still carry the weight. 

    “It shows a smattering of women who are tough,” Kemper said. “And smart. And I know that was the core of what Tina and Robert wanted, that women and men can be strong. And I think the show is focusing specifically on tough ladies.

    “After filming, I felt better; it’s inspiring to play someone who won’t be conquered.”

    Jane Krakowski plays haughty, appearance-obsessed Jacqueline Voorhees, who hires Kimmy as a nanny for the children she doesn’t know how to talk to. Her character is nearly identical to 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney in her obliviousness. Tituss Burgess—who you may remember as D’Fwan, the hairdresser in 30 Rock’s Queen of Jordan spoof—stars as Kimmy’s gay roommate, a down-on-his-luck actor who aspires to be on Broadway but has to make ends meet by dressing as an Iron Man knockoff in Times Square. The inimitable Carol Kane is their landlord, Lillian, who goes along with many of their ill-advised schemes and, along with Jacqueline, becomes a friend to Kimmy.

    Not everything works. As we explore each character’s past, Voorhees’ inexplicable Native American heritage feels shoehorned in to make a point about identity. The show has a similar flow to 30 Rock, which would have made sense on NBC. But on Netflix, a few of the jokes feel rushed, as if they’re trying to squeeze in before commercial breaks that don’t exist. Some of Kimmy’s inspirational, women-first quotes are a little cringe-worthy and don’t land as gracefully as 30 Rock’s rapid-fire zingers.

    Carlock and Fey have mentioned they wanted this to be a modern take on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has a darkness that keeps that show at arm’s length. This makes it a perfect match for Netflix, which has had great success with original dramas but not as much with comedies. Orange Is the New Black comes closest to bridging comedy with darkness and trauma, and both Jenji Kohan and Tina Fey have a talent for scripting realistic characters we find part of ourselves in.

    Despite some of the shudder-worthy moments in the series, Kemper gives Kimmy more than just the dimensions of pained victim or irrepressible go-getter. Her second chance makes you root for her. You’ll be amazed at what women will do because they need to survive.

    Screengrab via Netflix/YouTube

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    Ringo Starr’s new video, "Postcards from Paradise," is enough to bring tears to any Beatles fan.

    For the former Beatles drummer, and one of two surviving band members, "Postcards" is a five-minute love letter honoring the remarkable string of hits from the original Fab Four as well as his solo performances. Using simple animation, a series of postcards move across the screen, each containing pieces of song titles or lines from songs made famous by the Liverpool lads. I stopped at 18 such lyrical trips down memory lane before I became misty-eyed.

    Since the Beatles breakup, Starr’s musical career has smoothly motored along with solo hits (“Photograph,” “It Don’t Come Easy”), many of which are backed by a series of all-star bands. His current such assembly of talent includes Steve Lukather (Toto), Todd Rundgren, Gregg Rolie (Santana), Richard Page (Mister, Mister), and Gregg Bissonette (ELO). Adding to the fun, Starr told colleagues he would be recording at home, and if they wanted to join in, they should stop on by. Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Dave Stewart, and Amy Keys took him up on the invite.

    Starr’s new album (his 18th post-Beatles) was produced to honor the drummer’s April 18 entry into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist. The Beatles were inducted in 1988 (same year as The Beach Boys, Supremes, and Bob Dylan). John Lennon and Paul McCartney were inducted as solo performers in 1994 with George Harrison entering the hall in 2004

    Screengrab via Vevo

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    We’ve never seen Thor and Wolverine go at it like this.

    Hugh Jackman was ready to play Jimmy Fallon’s latest game, but you can’t simply play musical beers with just two people. Luckily for them, the cast of Saturday Night Live was nearby in Rockefeller Center, so Kate McKinnon, Colin Jost, and Bobby Moynihan, plus upcoming host Chris Hemsworth, joined in the fun.

    After the customary passing of mullets—which went to the people who would simultaneously look the best and the silliest in them—the celebrities were ready to go. It naturally didn't go exactly as planned, because who was really going to adhere to the rule of grabbing the one beer in front of you?

    To be fair, this is probably one of the few ways to get adults to play this game among themselves.

    Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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    Did you know that Slipknot, the masked screamo-rap-metal band birthed from the JNCO-clad ’90s, was nominated for a Grammy for its 1999 single “Wait and Bleed”? Hard to wrap your head around that one, but now, YouTube channel SockPuppetParody has turned the song into an anthem about the pain… of spring cleaning? 

    Socknot’s “Wait in Bleach” has it all: the sing-scream-sing chorus, the rotating drum set, lyrics about disinfectant. Puppet metal dreads have never looked so sinister.

    Naturally, they've already covered "Master of Puppets." 

    Screengrab via SockPuppetParody/YouTube 

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    Mashup master Neil Cicierega, known for his Smash Mouth–heavyMouth Sounds mixtape, has given the world a new drug. He’s synthesized the essence of Hall & Oates’ pop masterpiece “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

    As witnessed with Isosine’s Taylor Swift/Nine Inch Nailsmashup, sometimes the choruses of two disparate songs fall into each other’s arms. Enter “I Can’t Enter That (No Sandman).” James Hetfield is no Daryl Hall, but this beautiful puzzle imagines an alternate reality where his voice is somewhat soothing and devoid of its signature "yeah!" fallback. And just wait for the sax solo.

    Perhaps this mix can help Hall and/or Oates make it through their very real lawsuit against the makers of Haulin’ Oats.

    H/T AV Club | Photo via Gary Harris/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

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    In October of last year, Russ and Toby Bauer became the toast of the Internet after they took to their kitchen to let people know what boys get up to when mom's away. 

    The answer? They don some sweet shades, rhythmically slam oven doors, and play a mean trombone in service of a brief but amazing cover of “Freaks” by Timmy Trumpet & Savage.

    People couldn't get enough of this father-and-son duo and shortly after uploading their 15-second cover, these Aussies found themselves going viral. "When Mama Isn't Home," even managed to become a meme as fans remixed and reinterpreted the unique song. 

    Now, after a five-month hiatus, this musical family has made its triumphant return to the Web minus the trombone.

    Instead, dad Russ has broken out his keyboard and a piece of tubing to bring you a sensational take on "Sandstorm." For fans of Toby's percussion, don't worry, he's still slamming away on the oven door as if it might fly off the hinges any moment. 

    Let's keep mom out of the house a little longer, because all we want is more sunglasses and sweet jams. 

    H/T Digg | Screengrab via bauerbirds/YouTube

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    As Snapchat becomes more popular and builds the infrastructure it needs to support a creative community, some interesting characters have showed up among the first wave of “Snapchat stars.” One of these stars is Mark Kaye, a 40-year-old radio DJ whose Talkin’ Snap program draws tens of thousands of viewers per episode. Business Insider recently posted a profile of Kaye, and it is an interesting look at the process of a middle-aged man who is succeeding on an app that caters mostly to teens.

    Kaye is much older than a typical Snapchat user, but as he explains, his job as a radio DJ allows him to keep in touch with the youth. "I work for a Top 40 radio station and I’ve spent my entire life talking to 18-to-25-year-old women, which sounds creepier than it actually is,” he told Business Insider. “I’ve built a career on that. My job is to watch what they watch, read what they read, and listen to their music. So it’s not odd for me or for anyone I know. My wife totally expects it. Whenever there’s some hot new app I’m there. I think [my age] gives me more insight, especially since I come from a professional media background.”

    Kaye’s job has also helped him find compelling guests for Talkin’ Snap, which features his conversations with notable artists. In addition to other Snapchat stars like Shaun McBride, Kaye has sat down with popular musicians like Charli XCX and Flo Rida.

    Talkin’ Snap is a fairly new series on a platform where creators are still figuring out what works and what doesn’t, but Kaye’s process is similar to the one thousands of creators have used to get big on YouTube. He tries to keep a regular posting schedule, carefully selects brands to partner with, and regularly collaborates with his fellow Snapchatters. Those strategies have helped Kaye bring significant traffic to Talkin’ Snap, which he says averages about 25,000 views per episode.

    For anyone who is interested in creating content on Snapchat, Business Insider’s profile of Kaye is a compelling and informative read. If you’d like to add to your research by watching Talkin’ Snap, Kaye posts full episodes on his blog.

    Illustration by Fernando Alfonso III

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    There’s a lot to love about Carly Rae Jepsen’s just-released music video for new single "I Really Like You." The song is catchy—with more than 3.5 million YouTube views in less than a week, the world seems to agree—and it stars a man who has two Oscars and six Emmys on his mantle.

    Taking a step back from his more dramatic, award-worthy performances, the always lovable Tom Hanks takes over singing duties for Jepsen in her new vid. Well, it’s more like lip-synching, but if you can convince yourself that Hanks’ voice has been replaced by that of the 29-year-old Canadian pop singer, the illusion will be complete.

    Hanks eventually meets up with Jepsen towards the end of the video, and there’s even a short cameo by the one and only Justin Bieber. It’s a music video that definitely spans the full gamut of tastes, and there’s something for everyone. 

    Screengrab via CarlyRaeJepsenVEVO/YouTube

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    Perhaps more than any other site, eBay has a way of going from zero to off-the-wall insane in about five seconds. That is more clear than ever today, as the popular auction site is filled to the brim with bags of air from a Kanye West concert.

    It all started with a single auction for what the seller described as “Kanye West Yeezus Tour Air For Sale,” explaining in the auction’s description that he simply “held bag open and sealed air in,” allegedly during a recent Kanye show. The auction reached as high as $60,000 before disappearing from the site, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying to cash in with their own bags of sweet, sweet concert air.

    At the moment, there are at least a dozen similar plastic bagsfor sale on the auction site, most of which claim to have air captured from Kanye’s Yeezus tour shows. There are some, however, that fully admit they are simply cashing in on the hype and don’t actually have air from a Kanye concert.

    “Its just air,” reads one auction description. “I could say that I went to the tour, bagged it and sealed it off into air tight packaging,which is just the bubble wrap you get from regular shipped items, but I didn't say that.” 

    The seller then goes on to explain that he’s really just trying to pay off some school loans. Don’t you just love the free market? 

    H/T The Telegraph | Photo via Peter Hutchins/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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