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    Little Belle the pug was adopted by her family just over a year ago one her first birthday. Now two, the pug is beginning to grow up. But even though she’s older, she’s still too young to date, say her parents.

    “Look, I know she has a huge crush on this Akita in her class, but Belle is just not old enough for dating,” said Carol Kessler, who adopted the the dog last year. “Maybe when she’s three, but two is too young. End of discussion.”

    We’re told that Belle has locked herself in her room and is listening to nothing but Dashboard Confessional.

    Via zane.hollingsworth.

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    The Baltimore Ravens–San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII, the biggest television event of 2013, is almost here.

    Even if you don't like football, the Super Bowl is the one game of the year that most of us will watch, whether it's for the commercials, the halftime show, or even the game itself. It's a cultural phenomenon no matter which team you support, and much like the final episode of M*A*S*H, even if you didn't watch the show regularly you may have tuned in for the historical or cultural aspect.

    In fact, the M*A*S*H series finale was the most-watched American television broadcast in history from 1983 until Super Bowl XLIV beat that record in February 2010, which has been broken every year by the following Super Bowl.

    Like TV and the Super Bowls before it, Super Bowl XLVII already had a narrative before either team will step onto the field this Sunday in New Orleans. It's not just the San Francisco 49ers facing off against the Baltimore Ravens. It's also the HarBowl, pinning brothers Jim and John Harbaugh—the head coaches for each team respectively—against each other, as well as Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis's final game.

    Add in a possible Destiny's Child reunion and it'll be quite a show.

    But until the game starts, why not go down Super Bowl memory lane with the help of YouTube and relive some of the highlights that led to the impending showdown?


    Super Bowl I: Jan. 15, 1967

    Green Bay Packers 35, Kansas City Chiefs 10

    There was great animosity between the established National Football League (NFL) and the recently started American Football League (AFL) leading up to the "First AFL-NFL World Championship Game" (as it was called), and while Kansas City gave Green Bay a run for their money toward the beginning of the game, the Packers struck back in the second half for a decisive victory.


    Super Bowl II: Jan. 14, 1968

    Green Bay Packers 33, Oakland Raiders 14

    Many sportswriters held the belief that NFL teams were far better than AFL teams, and Vince Lombardi's Packers didn't disappoint as they dominated Oakland hroughout most of the game. Oakland only managed to score two touchdowns before Green Bay won their second title.


    Super Bowl III: Jan. 12, 1969

    New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7

    Super Bowl III marked the first year that the name "Super Bowl" was used, and it was also one of the greatest upsets in NFL history. New York defeated the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts and brought the first victory for the AFL just three days after Jets quarterback Joe Namath boldly guaranteed a win.


    Super Bowl IV: Jan. 11, 1970

    Kansas City Chiefs 23, Minnesota Vikings 7

    This was the last Super Bowl before the two leagues merged into the two-conference league we know today. Wet conditions gave Kansas City's defense the advantage and Minnesota's offense had three interceptions and two fumbles before the game ended.


    Super Bowl V: Jan. 17, 1971

    Baltimore Colts 16, Dallas Cowboys 13

    Sometimes called the "Blunder Bowl," this Super Bowl was full of penalties, turnovers, poor play, and call mistakes from the referees. Baltimore ultimately ended up the victor and were the first recipients of the Vince Lombardi trophy (named after the Packers coach who suddenly died from cancer the year before).


    Super Bowl VI: Jan. 16, 1972

    Dallas Cowboys 24, Miami Dolphins 3

    America's team got its first victory after losing the year before to Baltimore. They controlled most of the game and prevented Miami from scoring a single touchdown, along with a number of other records.


    Super Bowl VII: Jan. 14, 1973

    Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7

    Miami became the first (and only) team to complete a perfect undefeated season after defeating Washington. It was lowest-scoring game, with only 21 points between the two teams, and Washington finally scored their only touchdown with 2:07 left in the fourth quarter.


    Super Bowl VIII: Jan. 13, 1974

    Miami Dolphins 24, Minnesota Vikings 7

    With their third Super Bowl in a row, Miami secured their second win after dominating Minnesota throughout the game. They led 24-0 going into the fourth quarter, and it was a four-yard touchdown run by Fran Tarkenton that saved the Vikings from being shut out.


    Super Bowl IX: Jan. 12, 1975

    Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6

    Pittsburgh won their first of an eventual six Super Bowl titles after quarterback Terry Bradshaw and the famed Steel Curtain defense shut down Minnesota for much of the game.


    Super Bowl X: Jan. 18, 1976

    Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17

    Pittsburgh won their second consecutive Super Bowl after coming back from 10-7 in the fourth quarter. Dallas tried to turn that around, but they were ultimately stopped after an end zone interception as the clock ran out.


    Super Bowl XI: Jan. 9, 1977

    Oakland Raiders 32, Minnesota Vikings 14

    Minnesota was 0-4 at the Super Bowl after losing to the Raiders. Oakland was 16-0 at halftime after failing to score in the first quarter, and three touchdowns from wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff secured the victory.


    Super Bowl XII: Jan. 15, 1978

    Dallas Cowboys 27, Denver Broncos 10

    Dallas's defense dominated Denver throughout most of the game with eight turnovers (two which led to 10 points in the first quarter), and for the first and only time, two players were named Super Bowl MVP: defensive tackle Randy White and defensive end Harvey Martin.


    Super Bowl XIII: Jan. 21, 1979

    Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31

    This matchup was a rematch of Super Bowl X, and much like the first game, Pittsburgh came out on top. Dallas managed to score a couple touchdowns in the final minutes of the game but failed to overtake Pittsburgh.


    Super Bowl XIV: Jan. 20, 1980

    Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19

    By defeating the Los Angeles (now St. Louis) Rams, Pittsburgh won their fourth Super Bowl title in six years. During the first three quarters, the score remained close, but Pittsburgh broke out in the fourth quarter and scored 14 unanswered points.


    Super Bowl XV: Jan. 25, 1981

    Oakland Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10

    Oakland became the first wild card playoff team to win a Super Bowl. Oakland held an early lead, and Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski threw three interceptions to Raiders linebacker Rod Martin, which helped secure the victory.


    Super Bowl XVI: Jan. 24, 1982

    San Francisco 49ers 26, Cincinnati Bengals 21

    The current NFC champions won their first Super Bowl after a record-setting 20-0 lead at halftime with touchdowns from quarterback Joe Montana and field goals by Ray Wersching. Cincinnati tried to rally back, but they were thwarted by Wersching and the 49ers' defense.


    Super Bowl XVII: Jan. 30, 1983

    Washington Redskins 27, Miami Dolphins 17

    A players' strike shortened the season leading up to Super Bowl XVII, which turned into a rematch of Super Bowl VII (which marked the end of Miami's perfect season), only this time Washington came out the winner at the end of the game.


    Super Bowl XVIII: Jan. 22, 1984

    Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington Redskins 9

    From 1982 to 1994, the Oakland Raiders relocated to Los Angeles, but this didn't prevent them from winning their third Super Bowl title. Known to Redskins fans as "Black Sunday," Los Angeles ended up setting the record for most points scored by an AFC team in a Super Bowl.


    Super Bowl XIX: Jan. 20, 1985

    San Francisco 49ers 38, Miami Dolphins 16

    The San Francisco–Miami matchup put legendary quarterbacks Joe Montana and Dan Marino against one another, which broke a number of records. San Francisco came back after trailing 10-7 in the first quarter to win their second Super Bowl title.


    Super Bowl XX: Jan. 26, 1986

    Chicago Bears 46, New England Patriots 10

    Super Bowl XX marks the most recent game in which both teams made their debut. Although New England took the lead with a field goal just 1:19 into the first quarter, but Chicago soon blew them away and set a slew of records in the process.


    Super Bowl XXI: Jan. 25, 1987

    New York Giants 39, Denver Broncos 20

    Denver had John Elway and a slight upper hand at halftime, but New York made up for it and scored 30 points in the second half. The Giants their first Super Bowl and brought the traditional Gatorade shower for the head coach to the attention of a national audience.


    Super Bowl XXII: Jan. 31, 1988

    Washington Redskins 42, Denver Broncos 10

    This season was also shorted by a players' strike, but the teams only lost one game from the dispute. Washington trailed after the first quarter, but they dominated the rest of the game with 42 unanswered points (35 of them scored just in the second quarter).


    Super Bowl XXIII: Jan. 22, 1989

    San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16

    San Francisco and Cincinnati previously faced off in Super Bowl XVI, and like with the first matchup, the 49ers came out the victors. With just 3:10 left on the clock, San Francisco took the ball 92 yards in under three minutes to score the winning touchdown.


    Super Bowl XXIV: Jan. 28, 1990

    San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10

    San Francisco matched the Pittsburgh Steelers with four Super Bowl titles after destroying Denver with the largest margin to date, scoring eight total touchdowns—two in each quarter.


    Super Bowl XXV: Jan. 27, 1991

    New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19

    The matchup between New York and Buffalo had the closest margin in Super Bowl history with just one point. The Bills had a chance to win the game with eight seconds remaining, but placekicker Scott Norwood's attempted field goal went wide right of the righthand goalpost to secure a Giants win.


    Super Bowl XXVI: Jan. 26, 1992

    Washington Redskins 37, Buffalo Bills 24

    Washington led 24-0 early in the third quarter, and while Buffalo would eventually match that score, the Redskins defense sacked and intercepted Bills quarterback Jim Kelly four times each and they were unable to overtake Washington.


    Super Bowl XXVII: Jan. 31, 1993

    Dallas Cowboys 52, Buffalo Bills 17

    Dallas created a Super Bowl record for turnovers, accounting for 35 of their points. Buffalo scored two touchdowns, but Dallas increased the lead. They had a chance to score another touchdown which turned into a touchback for Buffalo, but it didn't hurt them much in the end.


    Super Bowl XXVIII: Jan. 30, 1994

    Dallas Cowboys 30, Buffalo Bills 13

    Buffalo lost its fourth Super Bowl in a row to Dallas in a rematch of Super Bowl XXVII. This time, Dallas trailed at halftime, but the Dallas offense, led by running back Emmitt Smith, dominated the second half and scored 24 points to win the game.


    Super Bowl XXIX: Jan. 29, 1995

    San Francisco 49ers 49, San Diego Chargers 26

    San Francisco became 5-0 in Super Bowl games as quarterback Steve Young, Joe Montana's successor, threw a record six touchdown passes. San Diego started out late but still managed to put up 26 points.


    Super Bowl XXX: Jan. 28, 1996

    Dallas Cowboys 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

    Both teams tried to tie San Francisco's number of wins in their third Super Bowl matchup, but Dallas came out in the end, handing Pittsburgh its first Super Bowl loss. With 95.13 million viewers, it was the most-watched sporting event at the time (and only second to the series finale of M*A*S*H).


    Super Bowl XXXI: Jan. 26, 1997

    Green Bay Packers 35, New England Patriots 21

    This marked Green Bay's first Super Bowl appearance since 1968 and quarterback Brett Favre's first win. New England led after the first quarter, but Green Bay scored 17 points in the second quarter and the Patriots never overcame the deficit.


    Super Bowl XXXII: Jan. 25, 1998

    Denver Broncos 31, Green Bay Packers 24

    Denver won their first Super Bowl after losing four previous times (and broke a 13-game dry spell for the AFC). The score was close throughout the game, but Broncos running back Terrell Davis scored the winning touchdown with just 1:45 left on the clock.


    Super Bowl XXXIII: Jan. 31, 1999

    Denver Broncos 34, Atlanta Falcons 19

    John Elway, age 38, became the oldest player to be named Super Bowl MVP as Denver won its second consecutive Super Bowl with an 80-yard touchdown pass and an early lead Atlanta couldn't touch.


    Super Bowl XXXIV: Jan. 30, 2000

    St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16

    The Rams won their first Super Bowl since moving to St. Louis, which turned out to be a defensive battle against Tennessee. The Titans tied the score, but a subsequent touchdown from St. Louis and a tackle from linebacker Mike Jones prevented Tennessee from tying the score again.


    Super Bowl XXXV: Jan. 28, 2001

    Baltimore Ravens 34, New York Giants 7

    The current AFC champions won their first Super Bowl and largely shut down the Giants' offense, which resulted in only one touchdown from a 97-yard kickoff return. Ray Lewis, who's set to retire at the end of this season, was named the Super Bowl MVP with three tackles, two assists and four blocked passes.


    Super Bowl XXXVI: Feb. 3, 2002

    New England Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17

    At one time the New England Patriots were considered the underdogs, and their victory over St Louis became one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl History. Tom Brady, who may not have been as hated by the Internet then as he is now, earned the Super Bowl MVP with 145 yards and a touchdown.


    Super Bowl XXXVII: Jan. 26, 2003

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48, Oakland Raiders 21

    Tampa Bay won their first Super Bowl, but the buzz revolved more around Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden, who used to be the head coach for the Raiders. Oakland were the favorites going into the game, but Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon threw five interceptions and Tampa Bay had an early lead that Oakland couldn't touch for a decisive victory.


    Super Bowl XXXVIII: Feb. 1, 2004

    New England Patriots 32, Carolina Panthers 29

    The aftermath of the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show coined the term "wardrobe malfunction," but New England and Carolina put on a show of their own with a close game decided only by a 41-yard field goal by kicker Adam Vinatieri with only four seconds left on the clock.


    Super Bowl XXXIX: Feb. 6, 2005

    New England Patriots 24, Philadelphia Eagles 21

    Both teams were tied by the end of the third quarter, but New England pulled ahead with 10 unanswered points. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb threw a 30-yard touchdown to receiver Greg Lewis with 1:48 remaining, but it wasn't enough to prevent a Patriots victory.


    Super Bowl XL: Feb. 5, 2006

    Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10

    After defeating Seattle, Pittsburgh joined the ranks of the Cowboys and 49ers with five Super Bowl victories each. They took the lead early in the third quarter, and while Seattle made a push with a touchdown, Pittsburgh responded with one of their own.


    Super Bowl XLI: Feb. 4, 2007

    Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17

    A Colts win, their first since moving to Indianapolis in 1984, gave quarterback Peyton Manning his first Super Bowl ring and MVP award. Trailing at the end of the first quarter, Indianapolis pushed through and scored 23 points in the three remaining quarters to Chicago's three.


    Super Bowl XLII: Feb. 3, 2008

    New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14

    At 18-0 going into the Super Bowl, New England tried to do what only the 1972 Miami Dolphins accomplished before: a perfect undefeated season. Also serving as a rematch of the final game of the regular season, New York came out on top in what's regarded as one of the biggest upsets in sports history.


    Super Bowl XLIII: Feb. 1, 2009

    Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23

    Pittsburgh now leads the pack as the team with the most Super Bowl wins at six, although the 49ers are looking to tie that on Sunday. Pittsburgh led at halftime, and Arizona pushed back with 16 unanswered points. It took one final drive and a touchdown with just 35 seconds left for Pittsburgh to win.


    Super Bowl XLIV: Feb. 7, 2010

    New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17

    This was the first Super Bowl for New Orleans. Trailing at halftime, the Saints took the lead following a surprise onside kick at the second half kickoff and scored 18 unanswered points to win their first Super Bowl. The broadcast overtook the final episode of M*A*S*H and became the most-watched television event of all-time, only to be beaten by Super Bowl XLV.


    Super Bowl XLV: Feb. 6, 2011

    Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25

    Green Bay took control early in the game and held the lead at halftime, but Pittsburgh closed in and was only behind by three points halfway through the fourth quarter. The Packers scored a field goal and prevented one final push from the Pittsburgh offense to win their fourth title.


    Super Bowl XLVI: Feb. 5, 2012

    New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17

    Last year's big game was a rematch of Super Bowl XLII as New York took an early lead only to trail 17-9 by the third quarter. With two field goals and a touchdown with only 57 seconds remaining, the Giants denied the Patriots yet another win. Fans flocked to Twitter and broke a Super Bowl record with over 15.8 million tweets during the game (about 1.8 million in the last three minutes alone).


    Photo via Au Kirk/Flickr

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    Does your only working knowledge of Groundhog Day come from a repetitive Bill Murray movie?

    If so, that is about to change. While the 1993 film Groundhog Day recreated the annual celebration to a fair degree, it of course wasn't 100 percent accurate or inclusive. Thanks to YouTube, attendees of the actual Feb. 2 celebration in the small town of Punxsutawney, Penn., have been able to share their in-person experiences with viewers worldwide.

    We here at the Daily Dot have pieced together the most memorable parts of Groundhog Day in GIF form to tell the story of the beloved furry prognosticator, Punxsutawney Phil.

    Punxsutawney Phil's main home is a far cry from the Gobbler's Knob tree stump bearing his name. During the other 364 days per year, Phil and his family (yes, he has a family) reside in "Phil's Burrow," located just off of Barclay Square in downtown Punxsutawney. The enclosure is adjacent to the town's library and can be viewed from street level when the library is closed.

    The Groundhog Day movie gave the impression that Gobbler's Knob was located in the center of Punxsutawney, an easy walk from almost anywhere in town. The real Gobbler's Knob is actually located in a heavily wooded area just outside of the city limits, with buses and passenger cars ferrying in partiers. The stage and tree stump can be viewed year-round.

    If you plan to visit Gobbler's Knob on Feb. 2, you certainly won't be alone. Tens of thousands of fellow visitors will squeeze into the vicinity; this figure easily dwarfs the number of total residents in not only Punxsutawney, but all of Jefferson County.

    While Punxsutawney Phil is the star of the show, he isn't on hand throughout the entire celebration. Crowds pack into Gobbler's Knob throughout the night. Everything from live music to dancers to even birthday announcements keep the ever-growing crowd entertained until Phil emerges from his hole.

    The "Inner Circle" is a group of local dignitaries who not only plan and execute each year's Groundhog Day event, but also care for Phil and his family in the off-season. They are instantly recognizable by their tuxedos and top hats and given a rock star's welcome when they arrive at Gobbler's Knob early on Feb. 2.

    Interestingly enough, Punxsutawney Phil doesn't sit in the lap of luxury, even on his special day. Instead, he is transported to Gobbler's Knob in a small cage and spends only a brief period of time inside the tree stump that bears his name.

    Second only to his famous prediction, a huge moment of Groundhog Day is when Phil is removed from his temporary lodging and presented to the crowd. His co-handlers make sure to hold him high for the massive crowd to see.

    After Phil is revealed, his co-handlers communicate with him in the secret language of "Groundhog-ese." His various chirps and chitters are interpreted as an acknowledgement of his shadow—or the far-more anticipated early spring.

    After the annual "Groundhog-ese" banter has concluded, members of the Inner Circle will read Phil's prediction from a scroll. Overflowing with jokes and puns, the proclamation will always end with either the dreaded "six more weeks of winter" prediction or the promise of an early spring.

    So keep an eye out for these traditional sights during tomorrow's big ceremony. And if it turns out we're in for six more weeks of winter? Well, you can pop in that old Bill Murray movie and hide, just like Phil.

    Photo via Aaron Silvers/Flickr
    GIF source video via ThePennIUP, Krsnik666, ManessAlexander, surfinginoklahoma, dailycollegian, and purpleboot777/YouTube

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    In Spotify Essentials, the Daily Dot curates custom playlists created by some of our favorite artists, staff writers, and Web community leaders. This week,PopMatters Editor Evan Sawdey condenses a lifetime spent in bargain bins into a one-hour playlist of hidden pop gems.  

    In all likelihood, the single greatest pop song to have been written since the Beatles' "Yesterday" probably didn't show up on a Sugar Ray album.

    But what if it did?

    What if one of the members of Sugar Ray (let's say guitarist Rodney Sheppard for the sake of argument) had a strange, funny little chord progression that somehow made its way into the studio, got thrown on an album, and against all odds, actually turned out to be one of the greatest songs ever penned—every note perfectly in place, the hook instantaneous, the sentiment eternal?

    Of course, it would never be recognized as such or be taken even remotely seriously (as is the curse of having Mark McGrath as your frontman), but the truth of the matter is the fact that no matter who the band or artist is, and no matter what kind of esteem they're held in, there is probably a one-off minor pop miracle buried deep on an album that has long overstayed its welcome in the 99-cent bin at your local record store. It may very well be the one song that totally "gets" you right down to your very soul, but it's never gonna find its way there because who has time to listen to every single song that Natalie Imbruglia's ever done?

    Ever since I really started getting into music as a teenager, it was those absolute moments of pop nirvana that I actively sought out. Being raised on ‘90s alternative rock certainly titled the scales in a particular way at first, but hearing Train's "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" on three different radio stations at the exact same time really started forcing me to discover artists on my own—occasionally catching strange one-off music videos on the pay-per-view channel The Box (why hello there Beth Orton), occasionally picking up something off of a really good CMJ blurb (like Day One). Yet as DJ Shadow gave way to Aesop Rock and Oval (somewhat inexplicably) gave way to Phantomsmasher, those glorious one-off pop moments of glory that used to be buried deep on albums seemed to ebb slowly away in pop-culture consciousness, and through a never-ending barrage of mix-CDs for friends, I actively kept them alive.

    In other words, I have listened to all of these albums and done all the bin-hunting for you. Below are some absolutely incredible pop masterpieces that have long since been forgotten, but thanks to the numerous licensing joys that make streaming services what they are, it's time to journey straight into the musical heart of darkness.

    Some of the selected tracks below are seemingly easy targets: one-hit wonders like Primitive Radio Gods, Wheatus, and the barely visible Dovetail Joint. While we all probably vaguely recall their original hits, the flute-and-guitar strummer "Gotta Know Now" from the Primitive Radio Gods is a marked change of sound from them. Likewise,  for all the playful snark that laced Wheatus's "Teenage Dirtbag," the band’s remarkably fresh and straightforward cover of Erasure's "A Little Respect" tragically got lost amidst the group's 15 minutes of fame.

    Only in the ‘90s and early 2000s could Everclear release an overarching concept album about divorce (from which their single greatest song ever, "Unemployed Boyfriend," is culled) and Savage Garden's Darren Hayes could put out a double-disc set of new songs about time machines on his own label (in which you can find his tender ballad "I Just Want You to Love Me").

    Yet dig even deeper and you find the surprises beginning to multiply. Back in 1977, there was rampant speculation that the Beatles had reunited and were putting out an album on the sly, all under a pseudonym and the whole thing very hush-hush. The band was called Klaatu, and as we later learned, the group was actually a trio of Canadian songwriters who just happened to have a lot of ‘60s albums influence their sound. They never shot down the rumors, which caused the public to harshly turn on them when it was discovered that they were not the Fab Four reunited, but public opinion does little to rock the group's remarkably honed pop skills, and the groovy "California Jam" from their 1976 disc 3:47 EST shows a group that could have very well stood on their own.

    A similar fate happened to the band known as the Flying Machine, a group that actually was around during the Beatles hey-day and had put out a long series of singles that tragically never made much of an impact—at least until 1969 when they put out a song called “Smile a Little Smile for Me," which wound up hitting the Top 5 in the U.S. The group was immensely talented and not afraid to get psychedelic, but their legacy got lost in the post-Beatles shuffle.  (The worst part? Their big hit wasn't even written by them; it was instead written by the team that wrote Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes).") The band’s penultimate single, the groovy fun that is "The Devil Has Possession of Your Mind," is presented here.

    At times you have to climb through some weird albums to find some great tracks, be it Joni Mitchell's critically derided, Thomas Dolby-produced 1985 disc Dog Eat Dog (where the experimental yet oddly resonant "Smokin' (Empty, Try Another)" is housed) or Frank Sinatra's wildly misunderstood 1970 rock opera Watertown (where you can discover the stark, minimalist character study that is "She Says"). Sometimes even great albums like Jefferson Airplane's generation-defining Surrealistic Pillow (still best known for its two big hits, "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love") contain songs that everyone forgets about, in this case the vulnerable desert ballad "Today."

    The digging could go on forever, but we'll stop here, leaving you to draw your own opinions about the thunderous rock of Longwave's "Sirens in the Deep Sea," the positively Lennon-esque 46-second Badly Drawn Boy piece "Imaginary Lines," the incredible ballad "Pike St./Park Slope" by Harvey Danger (itself culled from 2000’s endlessly quotable King James Version), and the stuttery dance-pop of Sufjan Steven's "Joy! Joy! Joy!”

    Sugar Ray's guitarist may never get his day in the sun (and sure as hell ain't on this list), but these rarely-thought-of songs are orphaned, needing a new pair of ears to live in. With any luck, they just may find home in yours.

    Photo by ~!/Flickr

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    A shaved head and public shaming is the penance for a Japanese pop star recently discovered to have been spending some alone time in the apartment of a backup dancer from another group. 

    Twenty-year-old Minami Minegishi took to YouTube Thursday night to express her sorrow over having been photographed and featured in a Japanese magazine leaving the apartment of Alan Shirahima, a backup dancer from the boy band EXILE. 

    Teary-eyed and sitting with her long hair freshly shaved, Minegishi delivered her apology to a sea of adoring fans, over 5 million of whom have already watched the clip. 

    "I'm very sorry to have caused enormous worry to members, fans, staffs, my families, and a lot of other people with the article in the weekly magazine that is published today," she said. 

    "As [a] first-generation member of AKB48, the group that has formed in 2005, it's my responsibility to always behave as a good role model to juniors. I deeply regret what I did this time. It was a thoughtless deed and I was completely lacking self-awareness as a senior member."

    Japanese girl-group "Idol" culture is predicated on the notion that the pop stars are pure and divine. Groups like AKB48 hold strict rules about dating and relationships in general.

    Their girls are allowed to have "one-sided romantic feelings" towards a boy but they can never progress beyond that crush. Should they, it would insinuate to their legions of male fans that they're now off-limits and no longer worthy of the fan's adoration and fantasy. The rule is known as Renai Kinshi, or "forbidden love."

    That standard has reared its ugly head before. Two years ago, singer Akimoto Sayaka was discovered to have been spending private time with a dance instructor nearly twice her age. She faced ridicule and later apologized, writing on her blog that she was sorry to have made so many people worry. 

    In June, AKB48's Rino Sashihara apologized in a since-deleted YouTube video for a magazine article that said she'd had a year-long relationship with a man. She was chastised and displaced to AKB48's sister group HKT48.

    Of course, the reality of the situation makes the fantastical line of thinking rather outlandish. A quick search for Minegishi's name on Tumblr shows that singer has still got support en masse. Fans on the blogging site have professed their fan hood, pledged their allegiance, and dedicated art to their beloved star. 

    Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Miichan—the adoring nickname they use for her—"could have been innocently enjoying talk over a cup of coffee with a male friend [with] whom she isn't romantically involved," which is a nice thought, but rather implausible. After all, she did shave her head. 

    But the overarching message behind her fanhood has been rooted in unfettered support and perpetuated idolization

    "I completely respect what Miichan did, it was her choice," one fan wrote

    "It saddens and upsets me that she felt she had to do it. They shouldn't have to maintain the delusion that they are all virgins just so the fans can feel 'important.' And that's it, a delusion. I realise that there are probably tons of girls who do actually have boyfriends and are super good at hiding it, but why should the ones that “get caught” (doing absolutely nothing fucking wrong) have to pay? It’s disgusting that their contributions to the group are effectively erased once their little 'slip-up' surfaces."

    Photos viaJianija08/Tumblr, AKB48/YouTube, Akinab48/Tumblr, hikouki-gumo/Tumblr

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    In the NFL, dancing isn't just limited to cheerleaders and inebriated fans.

    Celebrating in the end zone after scoring a touchdown has become a popular pastime for many NFL players. Such activities tend to garner a great deal of attention—both positive and negative—from fans and sports commentators alike. They are also largely frowned upon by the NFL itself, which has been known to impose penalties, fines, and even suspensions for "excessive celebration."

    YouTube has allowed many of these celebrations to live on in infamy, even after players have long left teams or even the sport itself. In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, the Daily Dot collected 10 memorable touchdown celebrations worth the 15-yard penalties they likely incurred.

    Merton Hanks
    San Francisco 49ers

    Hanks' version of the "Chicken Dance" appears less inspired by the popular wedding dance and more inspired by the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the San Francisco area in 1989.

    Asa Jackson
    Baltimore Ravens

    After his touchdown, Jackson adopted Psy's popular "Gangnam Style" dance. He was joined by former Raven Chyl Quarles.

    Billy "White Shoes" Johnson
    Houston Oilers

    One of the first NFL players to perform excessive end zone celebrations, Johnson displays his "funky chicken" stylings—and white shoes—after scoring a touchdown.

    Johnny Morton
    Kansas City Chiefs

    Many NFL players choose to stay upright when performing their dance moves. Morton, on the other hand, goes all out with his rendition of the Worm.

    Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson
    Cincinnati Bengals

    One of the most flamboyant players of the past decade, Johnson, well-known for loving his Twitter followers, also has an apparent love of the Irish step-dancing troupe Riverdance. Michael Flatley would be proud.

    Terrell Owens
    Philadelphia Eagles

    Renowned NFL "bad boy" and attention whore Terrell Owens celebrates his touchdown with an impromptu performance for spectators and—more importantly—cameras.

    Warren Sapp
    Tampa Bay Bucs

    Sapp's unique celebration appears to pay homage to Super Bowl XLVII halftime star Beyonce.

    Jerome Simpson
    Cincinnati Bengals

    While a bit premature, Simpson's celebration nevertheless managed to wow spectators and the defensive line alike. He totally sticked the landing.

    Kelley Washington
    Cincinnati Bengals

    Washington's signature dance move, the "Squirrel," exhibits elaborate choreography.

    Vernon Davis
    San Francisco 49ers

    While not the dance-intensive celebration that most players opt for, Davis nevertheless felt the need to mark his accomplishment against the Green Bay Packers by dunking the football between the uprights. Unfortunately, he came up short, resulting in the "Vernon Davis Fail" that made its way around YouTube in September 2012.

    Photo via Navin75/Flickr // GIFs via YouTube

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    On Sunday, Feb. 3, sports fans all across the country will tune into the year's biggest television event. If they're lucky, they may even get to see the use of a pooper-scooper.

    Beginning at 3pm on Animal Planet, 34 different puppies will take to the field for Puppy Bowl IX. The annual Super Bowl Sunday tradition has netted the cable channel millions of viewers since its bow(-wow) on Feb. 6, 2005. Featuring no teams, the puppies dart around a makeshift field, socializing, sleeping, and occasionally batting football-shaped toys into the end zone. 

    In other words, Puppy Bowl rules are just as understandable as those of the NFL.

    We at the Daily Dot are marking Puppy Bowl IX with a series of GIFs to commemorate the highlights of previous years. Additionally, we have also captured several memorable moments that occurred under the watchful eye of the locker-room cam.

    Animal Planet and UStream launched the live camera stream in late January, which effectively destroyed productivity all across America with a never-ending string of cuteness.

    In this clip from the livecam, the puppies practice their tackling moves.

    This historic "double touchdown" occurred during Puppy Bowl VIII.

    In this clip from the live locker-room cam, one of the players practices its ball carrying technique and, unlike many NFL counterparts, does not fumble.

    In this clip from the live locker room cam, the puppies practice their interception maneuvers during a random scrimmage.

    In this Puppy Bowl clip, one canine decides to steal the spotlight and streak across the field, much to the delight of the players.

    Finally, what would any Puppy Bowl be without its Kitty Halftime Show? The Puppy Bowl's Halftime Event has been a staple of the game since its inception and features performers far more adorable than Beyoncé—though the diva aspect remains.

    Photo via Amelia Sommer/Flickr

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    With more than 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it's physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

    1) Sesame Street, "Upside Downton Abbey"

    The Dowager Countess wants Mr. Carson to get her tea and crumpets, but there's only one problem: They're at Upside Downton Abbey, and every time Carson gets her something, it falls down to the ceiling.

    2) Vlogbrothers, "Football For Nerds"

    Hank looks at why a third of the U.S. watches the Super Bowl each year, and while actual game play accounts for about 11 minutes of the three-hour broadcast, many of the games are close and gives ample time to show us advertisements.

    3) Marquese Scott, "Set Fire | Dubstep"

    With the help of special effects and some handy rain outside, dubstep dancer Marquese Scott takes his unique dance skills and puts a literal spin on Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain."

    4) Official Comedy, "Super Bowl for Dummies: The Sport Bowl"

    Sometimes men just want to watch the game among themselves, and while they love to talk about about football (or any other sport they're watching), they might not always know what they're talking about when explaining how the players score home runs in football.

    5) Jacob Schwarz, "Ink Drops 4K"

    Shot and edited at 4,000 resolution, Jake Schwarz films different-colored inks dropping in slow-motion. It may take longer to load, but watch it in its original resolution and it's a completely different experience.

    Photo via Sesame Street/YouTube

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    The Super Bowl is one of sport’s biggest and most tightly scripted spectacles, with coveted commercial spots and massive halftime shows

    But rarely does the big game go exactly as planned. .

    We scoured one of Reddit's largest default subreddits, r/wtf, for a quick history of Super Bowl gaffes that caused jaws to drop and faces to smack palms nationwise.

    1) Super Bowl XXIII gets bamboozled.

    Super Bowl halftime shows are always memorable—sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Janet Jackson's famous "wardrobe malfunction" stole the spotlight away from the New England Patriots' win over the Carolina Panthers in 2004, but redditor uparrow's February 2012 post about Super Bowl XXIII was equally WTF-worthy. The halftime performance was put on by Elvis impersonator Elvis Presto and was entitled "Be Bop Bamboozled in 3-D."

    "My brother was conceived during this," redditor Bizarro_you claimed.

    2) Comcast switches NBC feed to a porn channel during Super Bowl XLIII.

    Super Bowl XLIII was a matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Outside of Pittsburgh and Phoenix, it is a safe bet that few viewers really cared about which team would emerge victorious.

    Comcast Cable (unintentionally, we think) took this into consideration and temporarily replaced the widely-watched broadcast with porn channel Club Jenna. Unfortunately for Comcast, Super Bowl XLIII occurred in 2009, a time when such gaffes couldn't easily escape unnoticed.

    Reddit naturally jumped all over the incident, with ThisIsMyProfile's February 2009 post being one of many submitted to narrate the tale.

    "Wow, it's horrible to think that the audience was forced to see a body part that more than half of them have," redditor whitedawg quipped.

    3) The 2002 tower collapse.

    During U2's halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVI, names of 9/11 victims scrolled on two giant towers, a setup obviously meant to resemble the collapsed World Trade Center. As the performance ended, however, the towers actually "collapsed." In his January 2013 post, redditor GiveMeBackMySon displayed the moment in a GIF.

    Fellow redditors questioned whether the setup was rigged to fall or if it was just a very unfortunate coincidence.

    "It almost seems they wanted it to fall...funny it didn't fall on the stage," darkgothvamptress remarked.

    4) The Doritos commercial that never was.

    The Doritos company has become renowned in recent years for allowing fans to upload their own Doritos-centric videos to the company website prior to the big game. The most-voted entry will be aired in the coveted multi-million-dollar spot.

    Sadly, the video submitted by redditor severinslightly in November 2011 prior to Super Bowl XLVI, never made it to the airwaves.

    "Is this something that people vote on? Reddit should make this awful thing win," redditor golfjunkie stated.

    5) NFL charges people $200 to stand outside the stadium.

    In 2011, at Super Bowl XLV, if fans wished to stand anywhere near Cowboys Stadium, where the Steelers-Packers matchup took place, it cost $200. Redditor JZN, who submitted the January 2011 thread, was quick to make a Super Bowl prediction of his own.

    "Soon enough the super bowl will be a pay-per-view event and these insane people will be able to burn their money right from the comfort of their own homes."

    Photo via daveynin/Flickr

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    Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

    "Damnit Budweiser, I was just wanting to watch football and pretend to be sociable. I was not prepared to be brought to tears."

    The Tumblr owner of Student Getting By spoke for many Super Bowl watchers when he posted that slightly outraged cri de coeur. Since 1933 the towering, flashy bays of the Budweiser team have been inspiring crowds at parades and public occasions all over the U.S. For the last 36 years, they've also been warming cockles and generating "awwws" in the now-iconic Super Bowl ads. This year, it could be argued that Budweiser won the Super Bowl, thanks to a six-foot, 180-pound Heathcliff and an 18-hand, one-ton Catherine.

    This year's touching tale of a tiny colt and the trainer who raises him was perhaps the crowd favorite going into the game, what with the advantage of tradition, taking the lead in a tough race among intimidating competition, and ultimately pulling away from the pack to romp home with the hearts of millions.

    It didn't take long for the entire 90-second ad to be turned into GIFs, and thanks to the fact that horses can't talk, it hasn't really lost anything in the translation. Created by the blogger at You Give Me Grasshoppers, this photoset has 22 notes in five hours, and is sure to get hundreds more, as soon as the horse lovers of North America finish the morning feed and check Tumblr.

    Photoset via YouGiveMeGrasshoppers/Tumblr

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    Any more questions, haters?

    In a halftime performance that served as a middle finger to her naysayers, Beyonce defined what the phrase "killing it" means. Queen Bey basked in an electrifying light show as she danced, sang, and treated the world as her stage while we were left with our mouths dangling open, hoping this moment would never end.

    It all built up to the reunion of Destiny's Child, when Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland amusingly popped onto the stage like rockets. After a rousing rendition of "Bootylicious" and "Single Ladies," they disappeared back into the stage, where they've presumably been waiting since the band broke up in 2006.

    For 12 minutes we were treated to the disembodied voice of Sean Paul, a sloppy swish-like dance move, and Beyonce's legs in their full, high-definition glory. Let's relive it so we can never forget it.

    GIFs via Fernando Alfonso III and Jason Reed/Daily Dot on Tumblr // Photo via Huffington Post/Twitter

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    A group of cats has filed suit against a local bunny named Pam for what they say is an unauthorized use of intellectual property.

    At issue is a picture Pam posted on her Instagram page with depicts her sitting in a cardboard box. The feline group claims that cats own a copyright for what they’re saying is a “unique piece of performance art.”

    “Sitting in boxes has always been the domain of cats,” said feline legal team member Larry Watterson, Esq. “We contend that by sitting in that box, and posing for that photo, without paying any licensing fees to my clients, Pam is in breach of copyright laws. We’re seeking punitive damages in the amount of $150,000.”

    The case is scheduled to go to court next month.

    Via rabbitpam.

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    From Beyonce's bodacious halftime performance to Jim Harbaugh’s sideline tantrums, Super Bowl XLVII was chock full of unforgettable GIF-worthy moments.

    Who needs Tivo when you can rewatch the highlights in endlessly looped animations? Here are some of the best moments from Sunday's big game.


    1) Jacoby Jones’s touchdown dances, include one after his historic 108-yard kickoff return

    2) The lights go out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

    3) Hard-hitting defense

    4) Sideline antics

    5) Ray Lewis, before and after

    6) Beyonce on fire

    7) Ravens cornerback Chykie Brown making a confetti angel

    GIFs by Fernando Alfonso III and Jason Reed

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    Queen Elizabeth isn't the only politician who knows her way around high-powered guns.

    An 8-month old photo of President Barack Obama firing off a shotgun is the latest to get the meme treatment.

    Pete Souza, the White House's official photographer, snapped the photo of Obama skeet-shooting while the president was on retreat at Camp David.

    The photo has stirred up a bit of criticism among gun supporters, who called it a public relations stunt aimed at winning them over.

    "This is what all the gun banners try to do. They try to ingratiate themselves with us," New York Rifle and Pistol Association president Tom King told The New York Post. "You really think this photo is going to make us think Obama is a pro-gun friend of the Second Amendment?" 

    The photo found its way to Reddit's r/PhotoshopBattles forum, where it's been remixed more than 50 times. 

    Here are some of the best altered images and animations:

    Photos via Reddit

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    With more than 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it's physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

    1) JouleThief, "INTENSE Mario Kart"

    No matter which system you play on, Mario Kart is serious business, and if you make the mistake of choosing someone else's character, things get ugly faster than it takes to launch a blue shell.

    2) dondrapersayswhat, "The Avengers/Breakfast Club Trailer Mashup"

    Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Loki and the Hulk are all stuck in detention for an entire Saturday thanks to Nick Fury, and they have to find themselves and work together in order to save New York City from an alien invasion.

    3) Barack's Dubs, "Barack Obama Singing the Pokemon Theme Song"

    Barack Obama isn't just singing classics and selections from any Top 40 radio station. Taking cues from a popular '90s television show, the president promises to be the "very best" after his inauguration, while revealing a new side hobby when he's not performing official duties.

    4) Chad Neidt, "Every Red Hot Chili Peppers Album in a Minute"

    Prompted by multiple fan requests, Chad Neidt mashed up at least one song from every Red Hot Chili Peppers album, covering 17 different songs from the Chili Peppers’ 10 albums in a mere 60 seconds.

    5) Craig Turner, "How to stop cats forever"

    Craig Turner has been providing solutions to questionable problems for his viewers, and after his water spray cat deterrent failed to keep urinating cats off his property for good, he decided to make some improvements to the original product.

    Photo via JouleThief/YouTube

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    Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

    Teatime is a ceremony over which English dowagers have presided for generations. It has remained unchanged for all that time. "I'll be Mother," says the presiding dowager, firmly establishing relative power roles.

    Oh, there have been occasional minor modifications when silver teapots were introduced (please steep in china, serve in silver) but otherwise the English tea service is as unchanging and tradition-bound as its Japanese counterpart.

    This GIF perfectly expresses the immutability of the ceremony itself, cup after cup, pot after pot.

    A product of, this GIF challenges the inevitability of the mandatory tea and biscuit. Could it rather be a glass of Prosecco and a slice of flan? Or would that be inferior somehow? It's a rare GIF that can evoke 1984 and also convince you you're better off with what you have.

    With 28,792 notes and counting, Teatime promises to be the most controversial hour in the Commonwealth.

    GIF via Sheepfilms/Tumblr

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    When a local kitten named Lulu had to stay home sick from school, her mom Tammy knew exactly what to do.

    “They cuddled up and watched cartoons on Netflix for like five hours,” says Ramona Stiles, a source close to the situation. “My Little PonyLand Before TimeFern Gully — all the classics. Lulu was feeling better in no time.”

    Via Hurricanenicole.


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    I thought. I would. Be more. Than this.

    That closing refrain to Cloud Nothings’ “Wasted Days” nicked a paper cut to my psyche last year—irritating, irrational, just deep enough to linger.

    The effect had less to do with my personal circumstances than singer Dylan Baldi’s delivery: repeated 10 times in two-syllable bursts, building in waves of contempt to a violent fever pitch. In the end, it sounds as if he’s forcefully trying to banish the thought from his memory. You can almost taste the blood in his mouth.

    “Wasted Days” captures a lifetime in a song—nearly nine minutes of fatal escapism that charges with the turbulent velocity of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. It’s chaotic, disorienting, and absolutely thrilling, progressing like Kübler-Ross’ stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—without ever quite reaching the other side.  

    It’s the sound of a quarterlife crisis, torn between future ambition and past rejection.

    In essence, that describes almost every great punk single worth its weight in vinyl. But in surveying the recent return of noise rock, the same themes keep skipping to the innermost groove: the angular aggression of Touch & Go Records, Dinosaur Jr.’s mumbling rapture, and the confessional verve of early emo. You can hear echoes of it in the juvenile tantrums of Pissed Jeans (“Half Idiot”), the unflinching self-critique in Titus Andronicus’ “Ecce Homo,” and Tyvek’s brash anthems (“Wayne County Roads”).

    These bands aren’t connected in any real significant way; there’s no catchphrase or label that ties it altogether neatly (though it should be noted that Golden Boys, Dikes of Holland, Flesh Lights, and OBN III’s can typically be heard in my former residence of Austin on any given Saturday night).

    Instead, there’s just a feeling—a sense of desperation, squandered opportunity, and anxiety that comes with the realization that your hometown’s no longer home and you’re not sure what’s replaced it—a desire for that lost “nakedness, skin rush,” as Japandroids puts in “Younger Us”

    My Big Ugly Quarterlife Crisis offers a potential soundtrack for the college-educated service industry—pissed off, lonely, and broke—but there’s a silver lining perfectly encapsulated by the Men’s brilliant “Open Your Heart.”

    Open your heart to me
    I’m lost, I’m found
    I’m tugging at your sleeve

    There are no mirrors here
    Do what you want
    Be who you want to be

    We were all meant for more.

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    Voting kicks off today for the Streamys Audience Choice Awards. The annual webseries awards, produced by Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter, announced the finalists today for Personality of the Year and Series of the Year.

    Unlike the regular nominations, which are voted on by a panel of judges, the Audience Choice nominees and awards are chosen through audience voting. This year's Audience Choice Finalists predictably showed the influence of social media, with stars with large followings on Twitter and Tumblr winning a spot on the nominees list.

    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, already nominated for several Streamys, showed how loyal their fan following is, securing several nominations for Personality of the Year, as well as a nod for Series of the Year. Popular comedy duo the Fine Brothers also did well, getting a nod for Personality as well as Series for their "Kids React" series of videos.

    Finalists for Personality of the Year:

    Finalists for Series of the Year:

    Created in 2008, the Streamy Awards honors excellence in original online video programming and those who create it.  The Nerdist's Chris Hardwick will serve as the host for this year's ceremony, featuring presenters including George Takei, Lance Bass, and iJustine, with performances by Vanilla Ice, Shontelle, and more.

    The ceremony will be live streamed from Los Angeles on Feb. 17, 2013 at 6pm ET. Until then, fans can vote for their favorite nominees at

    Image via

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    Dude Perfect may have just found its newest member—only he's still in diapers.

    The baby baller is named Titus and in a trick-shot video posted to YouTube Sunday, the 2-year-old exhibits the defiance of Lebron James and the scary accuracy of Reggie Miller as he sinks jumpers in the face of his older siblings and swooshes more than five baskets in a row.

    "He began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk, we started filming some, and then got totally carried away," reads the video description on YouTube. "This is the trick shot video that makes other trick shot videos look like a bunch of old guys who should have something better to do -- like retire, turn up their pacemakers, or join an assisted living facility."

    The video has reached the top of Reddit's r/videos section Tuesday, where it collected more than 300 comments from people speculating on what NCAA basketball powerhouse he will enroll at.

    "[W]ord is he already committed to kentucky," wabxpolski commented.

    "As long as this kid's parents make sure he is always having fun making baskets, when he's grows up he'll be the leader of the revolution," naterader added.

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