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    As the credits for his film Taking It Back rolled at the Austin Film Festival, filmmaker Andreas Schmied rose from his seat beaming from ear to ear.

    The road from writing and directing his first feature, a commercial success in his native Austria, to being featured at a popular film festival, was one partially fueled by Schmied’s strong social media presence. Using YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to promote himself and reveal his strong, politically charged personality has not only led to a dedicated following, it’s made him a community-building maven in Austria. But being a social media guru is not always easy for folks whose talents are geared to the arts.

    “I picked up social media skills with the release of my movie,” Schmied told the Daily Dot. “Since it was seen as new ground in Austria, the government made a panel and invited me to speak about it. It was to tell others what new resources they had to connect to others.”

    As an up-and-coming filmmaker, short on marketing dollars and long on ambition, Schmied knew that it was crucial to build a community to spread the word about his film in order to gain traction when it debuted in 2013. He had toyed with social media in some of his previous work as an editor, but it was well before the era of Facebook and Twitter.

    Schmied plan was to slowly build. “I started to vlog, tweet, and post on various websites,” he said. “I started to get in touch with the community, and it worked because we became the second highest grossing movie in Austria last year. Also, the movie took fourth place on iTunes. I think this was due to the social media work I did.”

    And when he says social media, he means it. No channel was left untouched. The film has its own Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages, and Schmied goes all out with his own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram pages. If dropping leaflets from the sky were an option, he'd be on that as well.

    Of particular interest is the filmmaker’s YouTube page. While he does not have thousands of followers to his credits, his fans are loyal. Schmied has a knack for turning a quick phrase—even in English—and his clips go a long way to reveal his outgoing, quirky personality. For example, if you want to hear one man’s captivating story on how a young person from a small blue-collar town in Austria goes from hobbyist to being featured in a notable film festival, this is worth a view.

    With 38 videos on YouTube to his credit, Schmied has noticed that his filmmaking style has changed after authoring a number of short videos suited for social media consumption: Namely, he notes that his editing style has changed to accommodate the faster pace required to grab a viewer’s attention on YouTube. 

    “The first thing that has happened is that my attention span became much shorter because of editing my first little vlog,” said Schmied. “After a time, you develop a technique where you try and speak fast enough and edit the pause out because want to razzle-dazzle them.”

    That razzle-dazzle is clearly evident in his Austin Film Festival entry, Taking It Back, a delightful rom-com against the backdrop of rural Austria. The film’s pace is quick, and its character development is as fast and as facile as any video project made for Web distribution. This technique will work well for future projects Schmied plans to make directly for Web viewing.

    Schmied’s mastery of social media—perhaps born out of the necessity to gain traction in a competitive market—is not a common trait among indie filmmakers, writers, and actors. Robert Campos and Donna LoCicero, the filmmakers behind the documentary 3 Still Standing, used Kickstarter to fund a portion of their film and found the need to master the perplexing interacties of social media channels a challenge. As with other filmmakers who have gone the crowdfunding route have learned, without an understanding of social media, raising money on these new platforms can be the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

    Actor/writer Steven Molony, star of the indie film Efficiency, understands the power of social media, but recognizes that building the proper public-facing channels would require the sort of resources he currently lacks. He points to the film Dear White People as a textbook example of building an audience because of the significance of the message. Molony would like to follow suit some day when he has the time and money. How would he characterize his social media stance at the moment?

    “I like to call it a work in progress,” said Molony with a laugh. 

    Photo by Allen Weiner

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    The chilly weather of late fall and the beginning of winter is upon us. Knowing that more and more people will be staying indoors with their TV sets, Netflix is offering brand new options all over the board for its streaming service.

    Netflix users still mourning the loss of titles like American Psycho and Steel Magnolias may possibly find solace in a Kevin Smith fanservice masterpiece (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), several sequels (22 Jump Street, Scream 4), and a few timeless classics (Braveheart, Airplane!).

    Here is a complete list of what you can expect to see on Netflix throughout November.

    Nov. 1

    Addams Family Values  


    The Blind Swordman: Zataoichi  

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula  


    Breakheart Pass 


    Cold Storage  

    The Core  

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 

    Fatal Attraction  

    Hart’s War 

    The Haunting  


    How to Steal a Million 

    Internal Affairs  

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back  

    The Preacher’s Wife 

    The Quick and the Dead 

    Road Trip: Beer Pong  

    The Rocketeer  

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 


    Nov. 3

    The Christmas Candle

    Edge of Tomorrow


    Land Ho!


    Step Up: All In

    Nov. 7

    Scream 4


    Nov. 10

    36 Saints

    Drive Hard

    Happy Christmas 

    I Am Ali

    Mood Indigo

    Nov. 13

    You're So Cupid

    Nov. 17

    22 Jump Street



    Earth to Echo

    The One I Love


    Nov. 19

    Donald Glover: Weirdo

    Nov. 21

    Lilyhammer (season 3)

    Nov. 24

    The Expendables 3

    The Giver

    Merry Friggin' Christmas

    Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

    What If

    H/T The Best of Netflix, Now Streaming / Photo via Salvatore Ciambra/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Back in August, Netflixannounced its new schedule of original standup specials, including Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me, Bill Burr’s I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, and Chelsea Peretti’s One of the Greats.

    If the new trailer for Peretti’s hourlong special is any indication, it’s the best of the lot.

    The Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Kroll Show star explores the great humility God has bestowed upon her, questions whether it’s worse to wear a fedora or kill 15 people, and explains the revolutionary way women can eat bananas in public.

    The special debuts Nov. 14. In the meantime, you can call in to her podcast and talk to a real, live girl. She’s waiting.

    H/T Laughspin | Screengrab via Netflix/YouTube

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    Everyone is paranoid about hackers right now. Even Drake.

    Over the weekend, the rapper took a firm stance against hacking and preemptively released three previously unreleased songs on his SoundCloud page. He did so because he knew “some hackers” had the songs, so he valiantly did what he had to do to get out in front of this invasion of privacy.  

    Back on Oct. 19, one of the songs, “How Bout Now,” reportedly appeared on a Georgia teen’s SoundCloud page. Those darn teens!

    Oh, yeah: Drake has a new album coming out soon.

    This might be the new model for leaking your album. 

    H/T A.V. Club | Photo via Lunchbox LP/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Usually Animal Planet delivers adorable animals on live cam for us to watch during the day. This week, in honor of Halloween, they have trapped a zombie.

    The zombie, which they jokingly describe as a fellow colleague gone rogue and discovered in the office after thew weekend,  is currently being livestreamed on So far, the zombie has completely destroyed the conference room, and at least for the moment seems docile, although who knows what will set her off next.

    The cam coincides with special Halloween programming on Animal Planet. Beastly Nights airs through Thursday and features spooky footage on the network.

    We have to admit this sounds like a pretty fun gig to book as an actor. Instead of being a desk zombie all day, you get to sit in a conference room, mumble, and destroy things. Sign us up.

    H/T VideoInk | Screengrabs via Animal Planet

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    The Saw“torture porn” franchise seems like it’s been around for at least five centuries at this point. Mercifully, there hasn’t been a new movie in four years, but the Honest Trailers franchise is going to offer you some real talk anyway.

    Yes, what should have startedand endedas a short film was somehow made into a multimillion dollar brand centered around “people dramatically reaching for stuff.” Honest Trailers also points out that Jigsaw, the masochistic puppet mastermind pulling the strings in each movie, is about as scary as a Jeff Dunham puppet.

    If this trailer has taught us anything, it’s that Saw totally ripped off Taco Bell’s bathroom.

    Screengrab via Screen Junkies/YouTube

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    Michael Jordan is still fairly new to the whole social media thing, but the Charlotte Hornets owner took over the team’s officialTwitter account Tuesday to connect with fans and share some selfies. He kicked things off the same way everyone christens their Twitter accounts—with a joke.

    Something about Michael Jordan typing out “LOL” makes me laugh right along with him. MJ then tweeted out some of the sophisticated commemorative swag those in attendance opening night can expect.

    Not a bad start. He's already better at Twitter than Magic Johnson is.

    To prove to the haters it was really him tweeting, MJ then sent out his first selfie.

    The framing and composition of his selfie pic isn’t top notch yet, but he’s off to a good start. And he’s definitely got photobombing down.

    What would any Jordan Internet takeover be, without some snaps of his team in action?

    He didn’t provide any shots of his notoriously bad denim jeans assortment (Google it) or any answers to the question everyone’s been asking since the day he retired. But he did tweet out a photo of the greatest sneaker collection ever to get fans salivating.

    The G.O.A.T. seems to be having a blast on Twitter and fans are loving the peek into his day-to-day running the Hornets. Maybe we’ll be able to convince him to come back to Twitter a second and a third time, just like he did in his playing career.

    Photo via Simplistic Designs/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Infamous metal band Gwar’s longtime singer Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, passed away in March, and for a while the band’s future was uncertain. Last month, the band anointed a new singer, the gloriously named Vulvatron, and the filthy trail of shock and awe continued.

    Now, the band has outdone itself. It recently visited the A.V. Club’s studio as part of its Undercover series. This wasn’t the first time Gwar’s done this: The band did an incendiary version of Kansas’s “Carry On Wayward Son” in 2012. Here the shock rockers cover Pet Shop Boys’s 1984 classic “West End Girls” and turn it into a beautiful punk anthem. Then they segue into the late Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died,” as a tribute to Brockie. Gwar forever. 

    When it's pointed out at the beginning that this is actually a very touching trbute, Vulvatron asks, "When does the touching start?"  

    Screengrab via A.V.Club

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    On Oct. 21, Rainn Wilson announced Hollywood and Vine, a TV comedy starring five popular Vine personalities. Immediately after he unveiled the project, Wilson received backlash for his decision to cast Curtis Lepore, who was convicted of assault and accused of rape earlier this year. Less than a week later, Wilson has changed his mind. The man best known for his role in The Office has announced that Lepore will “part ways” with Hollywood and Vine.

    In January, Lepore (who has more than six million followers on Vine) was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend, fellow Viner Jessi Smiles. One month later, Lepore plead guilty to a lesser charge of felony assault, and the rape charges were dropped. Since then, Lepore has continued to thrive on Vine; he has added more than two million new followers in the past eight months.

    Thanks to his continued popularity, Lepore was considered as one of the stars of Hollywood and Vine, which will follow its cast as they attempt to translate their Vine successes into mainstream recognition. After fielding criticism related to Lepore, Wilson took to Facebook to announce a change of plans. “After much consideration, the decision was made with Curtis Lepore to mutually part ways on SoulPancake’s television project featuring Vine stars,” wrote Wilson. “We felt this was the best decision for everyone involved. We wish Curtis all the best in all his future endeavors.”

    Hollywood and Vine, which is produced by Wilson’s SoulPancake studio, will continue on with its other four stars: Lele Pons, Jerry Purpdrank, Simone Shepherd, and Christian DelGrosso. As Wilson said, that course of action is probably for the best.

    Photo via Tubefilter

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    Meghan Trainor’s hit “All About That Bass” rocketed up the chart in the past few months under the guise of a body-positive message, but one YouTube performer took issue with that claim and created her own cover of the song that celebrates every body type.

    Singer-songwriter Natty Valencia says the song may purport to be body-positive, but it actually shames women who don’t have the curves that Trainor extols in her song. Trainor sings about booty and having a little extra “to hold at night.” In one instance she calls others “skinny bitches” but counters with “I’m just playing.” Overall the song celebrates a fuller figure, something that’s rare in music, but Valencia set out to make a version that doesn’t favor any size over the other.

    Valencia’s song definitely moves the lyrics to a more neutral place with phrases like, “Let's make some room room for kindness in this place / ’Cause real beauty is something you cannot replace.” The lyrical substitutions may neuter the song from its hit status, but that's not a big deal; there’s room for both versions of the tune in the musical landscape, just as there’s room for any and every body type.

    H/T Digg | Screengrab via Natty Valencia/YouTube

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    A video has surfaced that allegedly shows Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradonahitting his former fiancée Rocío Oliva.

    The video, which Oliva secretly recorded on her cell phone, was first broadcast on an Argentine television station. Deadspin posted a translation of the video taken from

    In the short clip, recorded by the young lady with her cell phone, you can see the coach in a very deteriorated state. Irascible, Diego is about as far as it is Rocío and reprimands her for using her cell phone. "Keep looking! Keep looking at your phone!" he begins. "Stop, loco, why can't I look at my phone?" Oliva replies.

    Just then, Maradona responded with a violent assault. "Stop! Stop! Stop hitting, Diego!" the desperate young lady's plea is heard.

    Maradona denies striking Oliva. According to a translation by the New York Daily News, he told journalist Marina Calabré, "Yes, I threw the phone, but I swear I have never raised my hand against a woman."

    According to, Maradona and Oliva called off their engagement in June and have engaged in a media war since, with Oliva repeatedly accusing the soccer legend of domestic violence against her, and claiming to have evidence of it. The couple reconciled and was back together as recently as last week—as evidenced by this Twitter post of the two out on a date—but has evidently separated again.

    The 53-year-old Maradona is considered by most to be one of the greatest soccer players ever, but this is not the first time he’s been filmed during a violent outburst. In August he was caught on tape slapping a journalist in the face, for allegedly winking at the mother of his child.

    Photo via Miguel Fernández Flores/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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    Master of (young adult) horror R.L. Stine spent Tuesday evening tweeting out an original, short story. It’s about a sandwich, required 14 tweets to flesh out, and is generally delightful. The gimmick is timely, sharply executed, and it’s one he’s pulled before. I’ll hang up and listen.

    The 71-year-old Goosebumpswriter has sold 400 million books and also co-created the underrated Eureeka's Castle. But he’s yet to match the blistering highs and harrowing turns of 1994’s immortal Ghost Beach.

    Photo via John Dalton/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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    Start spreading the news: YouTube’s newest global space wants to be a part of New York City, with a fresh and innovative new studio opening next month in Chelsea.

    YouTube Spaces serve as locations for creators to gather for learning, as well as resources to create more polished and professional content, and they are part of YouTube’s investment in its community. Once YouTubers reach a certain threshold, they gain access to the Spaces, which include equipment for shooting and editing, as well as networking to increase their personal brands.

    Los Angeles, the only other YouTube Space in the United States, is housed in an airport hanger. In New York, it’ll be floors above the bustling Chelsea Market, a major tourist destination in the heart of the city. Already, that sets the vibe for a different kind of space. Visitors take an elevator off the main hallway of the market up six floors to a space that feels more compact but still bustling. The main room features stadium seating and elevated platforms that allow for different filming configurations. The space stretches back and then up another floor, allowing lots of room for creators to film, edit, and collaborate on projects.

    In New York, YouTube has clearly learned from what’s been missing at other global spaces. Often creators want to come in and film quickly, without the budget for their own elaborate sets or even the time to set up pre-existing ones into barren studio spaces. The ability to film anywhere and everywhere is key. The functioning bathrooms are designed to be used as a set, as is the kitchen space. There are also permanent sets, those that reflect specifically New York-style stories. There’s a diner set, as well as a boardroom (with optional fireplace so it can be flipped to an apartment) that doubles as a working conference room for employees. There’s also a small space that mimics a narrow NYC apartment, precious exposed brick and all.

    New York also includes a BrandLabs section, catering to companies looking for a space to mingle with the platform's various creators. This is especially essential in New York, where many advertising agencies—which are often looking to tap into the YouTube market—have their offices, and are often looking to tap into the YouTube market.

    While New York doesn’t officially open until November, some creators and brands are already using the space while construction workers apply the finishing touches around them. They even have a truncated, but no less impressive, version of the Halloween sets that were erected globally for content creators to use. Once the place is in full swing, there’s no limit to what kind of content might now come out of the new space, from established YouTubers to tapping new creators from the entertainment-heavy world of NYC.

    Photos courtesy of YouTube

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    It's no secret that Ghostbusters is the epitome of awesome. Thanks to a new remix, it’s getting even more awesome.

    Eclectic Method, a YouTube channel that remixes popular movies (including A Christmas Story) and other videos, has given both Ghostbusters films its signature electronic treatment. All of your favorite lines are given new life, like Winston Zeddemore's "I love this town!" and Peter Venkman's beloved call to arms: "Sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who are you gonna call?" The entire sequence features a reimagining of Ray Parker, Jr.'s classic Ghostbusters tune.

    We always knew that "Never cross the streams" was a classic line in film history, but it never has sounded cooler than when it’s presented as part of an eclectic montage—over and over. In fact, anything that makes the late, great Harold Ramis sound like he has even one iota of rhythm is a guaranteed win.

    Illustration by Jason Reed

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    Aeropostale apparently doesn’t read Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube or any other teen-dominated social network, because it just decided to partner with Nash Grier, a Vine star who’s faced severe backlash for homophobic remarks in his content.

    Grier is joined by fellow Vine stars Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, and Cameron Dallas in an Aeropostale deal that makes them brand ambassadors for a new line of clothing. Grier isn’t the only celebrity partner who’s been in hot water in the last year, with Dallas reprimanded for sexist YouTube videos by the communityGrier came under fire earlier this year when fellow YouTube personality Tyler Oakleycalled him out for homophobic language in a particular Vine. However, Grier’s use of homophobic slurs wasn’t contained to a single Vine, and is well-documented across several social media posts.

    Despite general community backlash, Grier’s actions have had little professional consequences. The clothing deal is just another on the list of partnerships the Vine celebrity has retained, including a movie deal. However, backlash to digital celebrities has caused companies to pull out of deals in the past. Most recently Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake removed Vine star Curtis Lepore from upcoming TV show Hollywood and Vine, which follows Vine stars as they transition to mainstream media. Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault and was accused of rape earlier this year by fellow Vine star Jessi Smiles.

    Aeropostale released a statement sharing its excitement for partnering with the youth, while fans reacted on social media to the collaboration.

    H/T Perez Hilton | Screengrab via Nash Grier/YouTube

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    Every year around Halloween, we pause to reflect upon those elements of life that scare us: terrifying ghosts, unstoppable monsters, receiving the wrong costume from Amazon two days before your party. In a short video from YouTube channel Paul Gale Comedy, we see what truly horrifies a group of 20-somethings as they explore a spooky, abandoned mansion.

    There is no Internet service or outlets to charge phones—the horror.

    Our group of explorers slowly freak out as they discover the grisly reality that they cannot post their findings to Instagram; that they are losing Tumblr and Facebook followers by the second; and—worst of all—a Tinder date cannot be finalized.

    Sure, the single-joke premise runs out of steam faster than Google Fiber, but the video is strong enough to stand out. I especially enjoy the young woman who shies away from a real life "I love you" from one of her friends, clarifying that she instead wishes to receive such sentiments from people that she doesn't know.

    Screengrab via Paul Gale Comedy/YouTube

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    We’re already learning a lot about Daniel Radcliffe this week, but the man who played the boy wizard has even more talents up his sleeve to show off.

    He divulged in an interview last night that he used to memorize rap songs as a kid—especially the ones with quick-spitting lyrics—and now he finally got to put that all to use on The Tonight Show stage. While Jimmy Fallon is usually front and center right along with his guests, he gave the stage to Radcliffe, who started rapping a version of Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics,” and stood behind as a sort of cheerleader to remind us what letter he was on.

    But we probably didn’t need his assistance to follow right along. We were already entranced.

    Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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    Vimeo and Cinedigm have agreed to an ongoing distribution partnership, under which the film and TV distributor will sell some of its titles on Vimeo On Demand.

    The pact begins with the release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, which debuted in select theaters in the U.S. and Canada last month. Those who purchase Rainbow Rocks will also receive bonus material, including eight prequels and three sing-alongs. Rainbow Rocks sequel, the 2013 film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, is also available on Vimeo On Demand.

    Going forward, Cinedigm will release a “number” of films exclusively and non-exclusively on Vimeo in the coming year.

    The two companies will also jointly market the availability of the titles.

    Cinedigm controls a library of more than 52,000 films and TV episodes, which it distributes across a number of traditional and digital outlets. This year the company has also started to go direct-to-consumer by launching owned-and-operated streaming services like Docurama and Con TV.

    The deal between Vimeo and Cinedigm was brokered by Sam Toles, Vimeo’s VP of content acquisitions and business development, and Yolanda Macias, Cinedigm’s EVP of acquisitions, forecast, planning, and digital sales.

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    It’s TV cancellation season, and there’s one Twitter account you need to follow if you want to stay up to date: @TheCancelBear.

    The Cancellation Bear is aimed at two groups of people: those who view TV ratings with the same kind of enthusiasm as baseball statisticians and those who follow a TV show that may be on the cusp of being axed by its network. The idea is simple yet evocative. If a TV show’s ratings are dropping, it begins to lag behind. The more it lags behind, the closer it comes to being caught and eaten by the Cancellation Bear.

    The bear is merciless in the face of fans trying to make excuses over why their favorite show is failing. The account, affiliated with the TV stats site TV By The Numbers, uses the site’s Fan Excuse Bingo card to slap down any viewers who blame a show’s ratings troubles on it “needing time to grow” or on the network running episodes out of order.

    If you’re overly invested in the future of a particular show, it’s probably best to avoid following the bear on Twitter. It doesn’t care about your feelings, and it definitely doesn’t care about the supposed quality of your favorite series. Ratings are the only relevant thing here, and the bear is an expert. But if you’re the kind of person who likes inside-baseball TV industry minutiae, the bear may be a good place to start.

    It’s probably just as well Twitter wasn’t around in the early 2000s. Imagine the Joss Whedon fandom meltdown that would have occurred as the bear closed in on Firefly.

    Photo via Taral Jansen/Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)

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    Is the idea of John Stamos inherently funny? The makers of webseries Stuck On A hope so. The success of their show hangs on it.

    Stuck On A was brought to my attention by way of a tweet from Uncle Jesse himself. Whether he features later in the series remains to be seen but even without him it is decidedly Stamos-heavy. The plot hinges on his availability for a role that he is apparently perfect for; and one of the characters, obsessed with him, is anointed as the key to obtaining his services.

    Immediately that premise creates problems. What type of role is Stamos—at the exclusion of all other actors—the most suitable candidate for? This is no slight on Stamos, who after the mega-fame of Full House has become a decent, jobbing actor who’s apparently still handsome, but he’s only a step above nondescript and is frankly interchangeable with a thousand other floating headshots.

    But of course the reason for his existence as an unseen character here is not to create a compelling narrative drive within the series. Rather, it’s supposed to be funny. Stamos, as a nostalgic icon, is supposed to be funny.

    You can understand where the makers of Stuck On A, Devin Compton and Patrick Daly, are coming from. Late ‘80s and early ‘90s pop culture is an easy, modern comedic trope—see "Don't Hassel The Hoff" T-shirts and most VH1 programming. But the fact that most of the shirts now lie unsold in a warehouse speaks to this humor’s shelf life. Every generation seems to find 20-year-old stuff richly comedic. While just the mention of Stamos was funny in 2001's Shallow Hal—the perfect girl being “kinda like Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, before she was Stamosed"—that comedic window has closed.

    The show can still work because it’s charming. The first look at the obsessed fan’s home, adorned with a resplendent wall of Stamos pop art, looking down on us like a kaleidoscopic Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, is a witty twist on the stalker's shrine. The show has a well-judged soundtrack. Yet it all revolves around a giant gaping hole: The core of the show's humor is meant to be powered by the mere thought of Stamos. Don't blame him though, he's not even there. We can only hope he'll show up in a later episode, playing the one part he'd be best at.

    Photo via Sharon Graphics/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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