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    For the first time in many months, daily fantasy sports players might soon receive some good news. Three months after DraftKings and FanDuel had to stop offering paid games in the state of New York, the state legislature has agreed on a bill that would legalize the industry.

    As reported by the Buffalo News, the two houses of the legislature—the assembly and the senate—came to an agreement on a deal that would make daily fantasy sports (DFS) a game of skill instead of a game of chance, meaning the games offered by DraftKings and FanDuel would be legal.

    “I think that this was a breakthrough,” Republican Sen. John Bonacic told the newspaper.

    Before the bill becomes a reality and allows New York to join Virginia as a state that legalizes DFS, Bonacic said Gov. Andrew Cuomo might make some "technical amendments" to the bill before giving it his approval. Bonacic told the newspaper that the two companies would probably have to pay a $150,000 registration fee to obtain a three-year license to operate in the state.

    The bill certainly would be a win for the industry, which has recently suffered defeats in Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee. About a dozen states in total have declared DFS illegal.

    Previously, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent cease-and-desist letters to FanDuel and DraftKings, saying, "Daily fantasy sports is neither victimless nor harmless, and it is clear that DraftKings and FanDuel are the leaders of a massive, multibillion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans across the country."

    Not surprisingly, FanDuel is in favor of the bill's passage. FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles wrote in a statement: 

    "If passed, this measure would provide for sensible regulations like requiring DFS companies to register with the state, pay our fair share in taxes, and verify that our users are over the age of 18. We believe passing this law is the right thing for our community, our company, and most importantly, the people of New York state. An overwhelming number of New Yorkers agree with this position—70 percent, in fact, according to a recent survey said they favor sensible regulation of our industry."

    Eccles also wrote that "a number of big casinos have banded together" to try to stop the legislation. Gary Pretlow, the assembly's racing and wagering committee chairman, however, told the New York Daily News, "I am 100 percent confident this [bill] is going to happen."

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    The Daily Dot is celebrating Woman Crush Wednesday, better known as #WCW on Twitter and Instagram, by highlighting female creators on YouTube whose work we admire.

    “Lesbains Explain What Vaginas Taste Like,” “Gay Porn Stars Watch Lesbain Porn,” “Straight Girls Explain: Oral Sex vs. Penetration”—this is just a first taste of videos to come from LGBTQ advocate and educator Arielle Scarcella.

    Scarcella started making YouTube videos in 2009 after moving back home to recover from an illness. She had just graduated from Pratt University with an art degree and left an abusive relationship with her first girlfriend. For the first time in two years, she was single and craving to fulfill her high school dream: Using art to help teens build confidence, and in the process combat bullying before it has the chance to begin.

    After leaving corporate marketing for freelance design, Scarcella began noticing the rise in viewership to her YouTube channel. Originally just a hobby, her candid and humorous videos about sex, sexuality, and daily life began receiving thousands of views and establishing her as a pioneer among the LGBTQ community online. On Sundays, for the past six years, Scarcella has created a space where sex—specifically discussing LGBTQ sex—is just a part of normal conversation. Her videos are highly collaborative, often calling upon the experiences of other LGBTQ creators and allies such as Hart Beat, ElloSteph, Hannah Witton, Jelly and Day, and Ashley Mardell.

    While her content is comical and entertaining, at the core, each of her videos are vital in combating heteronormative sex-education systems that often alienate and fail the LGBTQ community. Without creators like Scarcella, many LGBTQ youth would be left to learning about sex and relationships through porn which can be misogynistic and unrealistic.

    On top of her YouTube channel, Scarcella is both a published author, life coach, and founder of the Toasty Project, a nonprofit creative outreach program working with teens to build confidence and healing through art. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, After Ellen, BuzzFeed, Autostraddle and the Advocate.

    The power in Scarcella’s work lies in her passion for removing taboos surrounding sex and the female body. On her channel nothing is off limits and in a month, viewers can learn about masturbation, pubic hair, climaxing, or simply how to be comfortable being naked. It’s everything you were afraid to ask growing up.

    Scarcella has created a resource that is reliable, diverse, and available to viewers all around the world. With more than 73 million views on her videos, it is clear that Scarcella’s voice is not only changing the YouTube landscape but empowering the hearts and hormones of her thousands of fans. 

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    How much can you guess about someone from their musical tastes? Does a metal aficionado differ ideologically from a devout listener of Christian rock? The streaming service Pandora thinks so, and increasingly, political campaigns do too. 

    Given your listening habits and a couple other dots of information, the streaming radio giant can target potential voters in races at the local, state, and national level.

    To do this, Pandora relies on a massive base of over 80 million monthly users of voting age. Users are then categorized into specific segments, broken down by state and legislative district, and groupings as varied as Latinos, hybrid owners, moms, and tech enthusiasts. In the never-ending race to win the narrow slice of voters who might change their minds, Pandora shows how a macro scale helps for microtargeting, and traces the development of digital campaigns over the last decade.

    For Pandora, political ads are a growing business. “In 2012 we had one dedicated seller on political ads, and now we have a team of 12,” says Sean Duggan, who leads the company’s political advertising efforts. The company says demand for ads from both Republican and Democratic candidates has increased 500 percent since 2014. In 2012, there were only 30 categories used to microtarget users; now there are 1,000. 

    The company is taking advantage of a long-running trend. Since the postwar invention of a consumer category called "teenager," popular music has not just been about the music. Our tastes reveal hints about our age, ethnicity, geography, class, gender, and of course, our politics. And if our musical choices can tell us who we are, they can tell advertisers too. And on the internet where every click can be cataloged, and every listening session measured, advertisers can learn more than ever before.

    Only sometimes are Pandora’s political ads bought primarily based on users’ musical preferences. “We can give you the targeting of evangelical Christian music in this state, and [a campaign can] make the inference of where those people lie in the political spectrum,” says Duggan. It only takes a couple bits of identifying information to target people with much greater precision, and Pandora requires your age, gender, zipcode, and email address to sign in. “We don’t just rely on a cell tower and an IP address to kind of guess where you’re potentially going to vote,” says Duggan. Sometimes their political ads are sold without reference to users’ musical taste at all—they have enough users to inundate a congressional district if requested. 

    Digital campaigning and targeting is still a relatively new frontier. “2008 proved that digital could produce a return on investment,” says Mark Skidmore, a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, a marketing firm founded by the digital marketers from Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential run, and which places ads with Pandora. By 2012, he says, campaigners were able to target voters across sites, from Google to Facebook. For this cycle he says, “Everybody realizes if they have an ad platform you better have the ability to target a specific set of customers or voters.”

    According to Skidmore, Pandora is now a better option for placing political ads than even Spotify, which he says is “not as granular” and “not as targeted.”

    Another major trend for online advertisers this decade is the migration of users to mobile. According to the company, 80 percent of Pandora’s listening now takes place on a mobile device. “What campaigns are realizing is [they] have to be on mobile,” says Duggan. Typically, he says, radio has been a last resort for campaigns, that “when television sells out, that’s when campaigns go to radio.” On mobile, campaigns can target voters all the way up until election day. “It’s a huge advantage to be that last conversation,” says Duggan.

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    The TV show Cheers welcomed viewers into a bar where everybody knows your name, but now that very name is under fire. 

    A petition has been circulating urging Netflix to change the name of the show from Cheers to Frasier: Origins

    Dr. Frasier Crane (player by Kelsey Grammer) was one of the bar's regulars, and went on to star in the popular TV show Frasier. That spinoff made him one of the longest-running characters on TV. But petitioner Kelsey Louise thinks Dr. Crane's involvement in Cheers warrants a different name: 

    We must act now to rectify this misnomer and encourage all those who know and love the Frasier of "Frasier" to delve further into his background for a deeper understanding of what made Frasier the Frasier he continues to be today, though off air.

    If the success of superhero movies & shows have taught us anything, it's that everyone loves an origin story, and "Frasier: Origins" will bring a new life to the dying franchise of "Cheers", a show people rarely know the name of or want to go to on Netflix. 

    Indeed, the internet is still somewhat obsessed with Frasier, more than a decade after the show went off the air. Web detectives have tried to figure out the connection between Clueless and Frasier, where he lived in Seattle, and what possible trauma made him hate tassels. 

    The petition goes on to ask Netflix to only carry the newly minted Frasier: Origins from his first appearance in season 3. Has anyone made the Dr. Frasier Crane-Dr. Hank McCoy connection yet? 

    We've reached out to Netflix for comment. 

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    Anyone who can't make it to Anaheim, California, for this year's VidCon will be able to watch the conference of digital video stars, well, digitally.

    With livestreaming the hot new trend in recent years—from longstanding livestream-specific site YouNow to Twitter's Periscope and new player Facebook Live—it was only a matter of time before VidCon embraced the technology. YouTube, which has supported livestreaming since 2011, will power the VidCon stream.

    "We are excited to bring VidCon to all the fans and creators in the world who can’t attend the event," Kurt Wilms, product lead for YouTube Live, said in a press release, adding that the company "can’t wait to power the technology behind this important event to our community."

    The stream, hosted by YouTuber Kingsley, will include portions of the event like the annual YouTube Keynote by CEO Susan Wojcicki, the Vidcon Variety Show, and Q&As with various talent. 

    VidCon will stream live from 9am to 6pm PST at and The video will also be available on demand after the conference ends. VidCon is encouraging viewers to participate in the conference discussion using #vidconlive.

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    Lena Dunham and the cast of Girls have taken a stand against sexual violence by releasing a public service announcement, and Dunham dedicated it to the Stanford University assault survivor Wednesday. 

    A California jury found swimming star Brock Allen Turner guilty of three felony charges of sexual assault this March, but last week a judge sentenced him to a mere six months of jail time and probation. In a statement she read aloud to Turner at the sentencing, the survivor outlined why she thought the ruling was too lenient and condemned a culture that prevents boys from ever being held accountable for this type of crime. BuzzFeed subsequently published her statements and the case has dominated social media.

    So when Dunham tweeted the PSA (which also stars Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke), she included a shoutout to the survivor.

    The ad also takes on the work of criticizing the popular empathy exercise well-meaning people often employ during cases like this: "What would you do if she were your mother? Your sister?" Dunham's ad makes the nuanced point that that path of logic omits the survivor's own personhood. It sidebars the fact that no person—any person—deserves to be sexually assaulted, regardless of what their utility is to other people. 

    According to Dunham and her co-stars, even if a woman is not someone's mother, sister, or teacher, "she is someone." And in a cultural environment where things like the Turner ruling are still commonplace, it's an important distinction to make. 

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    Exo fans are lucky ones, as the K-pop superheroes released the music videos for their third full-length album, EX'ACT, at midnight overseas on Wednesday night.

    The band released a Chinese and Korean version of their album, along with music videos for the double title tracks "Lucky One" and "Monster." Within just a couple hours of publishing to YouTube, both videos have attracted almost 500,000 views each.

    Following the teasers released last week, the two videos are a stark contrast. "Lucky One" features playful and funky music—slightly reminiscent of Daft Punk's soundtrack for Disney's Tron—and lots of white and bright lights. True to its roots, the members of Exo show off the elemental powers they've held since debuting in 2012. The video reveals to be a laboratory setting in space. Altogether, the video seems strangely similar to one of the most popular fanfictions in Exo fandom.

    "Monster," on the other hand, has a powerful sound with equally strong choreography, as promised by member Kai in May at a fan event in Shanghai. Here the deep and dark colors give off a serious atmosphere. In some scenes, the boys wear sleek suits, seated at a long table Last Supper-style. In others, the members are shown as bloodied rioters, which answers fans' questions regarding youngest member Sehun's previous Instagram post.

    Hours after release, Exo has already achieved all-kill status on the top Korean music charts, including the entire album filling the top nine spots on the Melon chart. An all-kill occurs when a group simultaneously reaches the peak spot of the seven major music charts in Korea. The group will have their first comeback stage on Korean music show M!Countdown later this week.

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    Cannibal Corpse is one of death metal's most popular bands, selling millions of albums and positioning itself as the best-selling band in that music genre. But with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's guttural vocals, it's nearly impossible to parse out the lyrics which the band clearly doesn't really want you to hear.

    But thanks to YouTuber Wilton Turdley, a Radio Disney version of the band's 2009 song "Evisceration Plague" is available for all the young children who have a desire to take a deep dive into some of the heaviest metal on earth.

    First, the original version.

    And now the version you can play in the car for your toddlers.

    Now, wasn't that nice and relaxing?

    Sure, the original version of the song features rather disturbing and violent vocals, such as:

    "Beg for your life, you won't escape the knife 
    Your fate was sealed today 
    Disease has spread, you pray for death 
    Evisceration plague

    "Stabbing compulsion overwhelms my mind 
    Terrorized screaming follows the thrust of my knife 
    I wrench the blade from the chest to the crotch 
    Organs and entrails fall to the ground"

    But damn if the Radio Disney version doesn't make our impending deaths sound downright pleasant.

    H/T Metal Injection

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    If you've never watched a Korean drama, you're missing out on some of Asia's most interesting entertainment. Over-the-top romance, super dramatic action, and deep dives into Korean history are just a few of the staples that K-drama fans live by.

    Whether that's you or you're already addicted to K-drama, both newbies and veterans have the same question: What's the next big drama to watch? We're putting our bets on a brand new one coming in July called Uncontrollably Fond, which we have an exclusive trailer for right here.

    Starring the gorgeous Kim Woo Bin of Heirs fame and Miss A's eternally adorable Suzy, Uncontrollably Fond tells the tale of two young friends who grew up to become very different people. Bin's character, Shin Yoon Young, is a conceited K-pop star, while No Eul (Suzy) has become a television producer. Their personalities differ a great deal, which means we have a classic Korean rom-com on our hands.

    Korean romantic comedies have their own brand of special appeal. Often cheesy to the point of hilarity, yet somehow also sweet and adorable, it's all too easy to get addicted and binge-watch an entire series (or two, or five...). Uncontrollably Fond has the star power it takes to make a drama huge, not to mention that it's written by Korean scriptwriter Lee Kyoung Hee, who is known for his work on massively popular dramas like I'm Sorry, I Love You.

    Uncontrollably Fond debuts in both Korea and America on July 7. The U.S. debut is exclusive to DramaFever and will be simulcast at the same time as the Korean broadcast. We're ready with snacks, our favorite blanket, and the remote (and Kleenex to cry into, of course).

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    From Colombian drug cartel enforcer to YouTube star, John Jairo Velásquez has followed an unlikely path to digital stardom.

    Velásquez, better known as "Popeye," admitted to orchestrating thousands of murders under Pablo Escobar's Colombian drug empire, and killing approximately 300 people himself. He was convicted of only one murder, the 1989 assassination of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán. After serving 22 years in jail he emerged and set his sights on connecting with young people through YouTube at the suggestion of a friend. 

    He took on the name Popeye Arrepentido, which translates to "Remorseful Popeye," and in just a few months he amassed 112,000 subscribers. He says his goal it to dissuade young people from a life of crime, although he knows what attracts some to his channel is the outlaw past. 

    “There is a certain degree of morbid curiosity about the killings, especially from young people,” he told the Guardian of his digital fame. He claims to spend 14 hours a day answering questions about his life and crimes.

    His most popular video is a rant to Diosdado Cabello, a former speaker of the Venezuela legislature. In another clip about Escobar, he prefaces his stories about the drug boss with:

    “Before I start I want to make clear... Everything that Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria did was very bad. It's something the country can't ever repeat. That's why it's important that we talk about this: Like we say the society that doesn't know its past is doomed to repeat it. It’s important that new generations don’t get fixated on the figure of Pablo Escobar and even less on mine. We should not be a model for anyone. We are bandits.”

    With his growing fame, Velásquez hopes to earn a living from his channel. During his criminal career Velásquez was paid as much as $1 million for an assassination. YouTube life won't be quite as lucrative yet, but it has other benefits.

    “It would be clean money from honest work,” he told the Guardian.

    H/T Guardian

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    As you may have heard, the upcoming Ghostbusters film starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon has generated backlash almost since the beginning. And on Wednesday night, the cast once again responded to it.

    Wiig, McCarthy, Jones, and McKinnon appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a special Ghostbusters-themed episode, and Jimmy Kimmel brought up the backlash, which is often sexist in nature and comes from fans of the original Ghostbusters who feel that a reboot will ruin the original for them.

    So far, it’s generated a massive amount of YouTube dislikes for any video associated with the movie (especially a trailer) and plenty of jokes—particularly the idea that the people writing shitty comments live in their mom’s basement.

    “Certainly, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson, these guys give you the ultimate endorsement by being a part of the film, and who gives a crap about anybody else at that point, really?” Kimmel told them.

    You would think, but Aykroyd even gave a glowing review of the film and that just seemed to piss off fans more. Strap yourselves in—we’ve got another month of press tours and mass hysteria before the movie's release.

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    Netflix famously doesn't share viewership data with anyone, but an infographic the company dropped this week offers insight into what kinds of shows we binge-watch

    Netflix essentially created the modern phenomenon of watching TV episodes en masse over a short period of time, so its employees know what they're talking about (and have years and years of data to back it up) when they discuss bulk-viewing habits.

    The company looked at data from more than 190 countries between October 2015 and May to see how much time people spent watching more than 100 titles.

    The median viewing time was more than two hours, according to Netflix's data, and the median time to finish watching a show was six days.

    Netflix then took the most popular shows in the most popular genres and placed them on a scale based on whether people savored them or devoured them.

    The result is the "binge scale."

    Popular "devoured” titles included Sense8, Orphan BlackThe Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Orange Is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, Breaking Bad, and Grace & Frankie. People typically completed seasons of these shows in four days, with viewing sessions of roughly two hours and 30 minutes each.

    Meanwhile, "savored" titles included House of Cards, Bloodline, Peaky Blinders, Narcos, Daredevil, Mad Men, BoJack Horseman, Love, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Those shows are generally completed in six days and viewed for roughly one hour and 45 minutes per sitting.

    It may not be the most conclusive data in the world, but it does invite you to ask yourself: are you a savorer or a devourer?

    H/T Variety

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    Bette Reynolds stands next to a window and recites the line with intensity: "Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman." As she delivers the last word, she slowly turns her gaze to the window. She's a 68-year-old Scottish grandma and she knows when boys are up to something. 

    For Bette, who's gotten some shine for covering Drake songs in her thick Scottish brogue, Vine is a family affair: Her son Stewart (Brittlestar) has more than 880,000 followers; his sons Owen and Gregor also have healthy followings. Bette observed her family collaborating on Vine and thought it looked like fun. 

    "My mom loves making people laugh and smile," says Stewart. "She’s made a few vines prior to these but I had the idea that it would be hilarious to have her recite rap lyrics. Just the fact that she’s this Scottish granny makes it 10 times funnier." 

    Though she's been on Vine for a few years now, she only recently started covering Drake: 

    She's also done Kanye:

    And the ubiquitous "Panda": 
    "Seeing as when I say things, regular things, to my kids and grandkids, they laugh at how I say it, it seemed like a fun idea to do that in a vine to rap lyrics," Bette says. "I like the Drake’s music. I like Kanye and Desiigner’s music as well." 

    Though we're holding out hope Drake might ask Bette to guest on his next single, she says "having fun and laughing" is the priority right now. 

    "And making someone else laugh is fabulous." 

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    Last year, former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, who was already reviled online, purchased the only known copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Shortly thereafter, a fake screenshot of the “contract” for the album’s purchase suggested that the active members of the Wu-Tang Clan and/or actor Bill Murray were allowed one “heist or caper to steal back Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.”

    It was such a far-out idea that some people wanted to see a movie about it, but sadly, it was fake. Luckily, we might now be getting the next best thing.

    Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher have written a musical called Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan, which will debut at the Midtown International Theater Festival in New York City. They’re crowdfunding the project on Indiegogo to pay for cast and crew salaries, advertising and promotion, and other expenses.

    “We are really excited about this project and think it has a ton of potential,” they wrote on Indiegogo. “Our goal is to get it up in front of an audience, see what's working, continue to develop it, and give you something fun and entertaining! There's no world in which Bill Murray, Wu-Tang, and Shkreli belong together, and yet here they are. Truth is stranger than fiction.”

    The campaign promises perks like digital downloads, signed Playbills, and prime access. And for a cool $2 million—the price Shkreli reportedly paid for the Wu-Tang Clan album—you can own the rights to the musical. So far, Gundram and Esher have raised $1,370 of their $6,500 goal.

    The project has already captured the attention of the irascible Shkreli, who offered an idea of his own.

    H/T Pitchfork

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  • 06/09/16--11:28: The best TV shows on Hulu
  • Hulu is a day-after destination for many TV obsessives, but it’s also becoming a hive for original series and more obscure shows. That said, if you’re not looking for the latest episode of a show, it can be daunting to wade through Hulu’s vaults and find the show that speaks to you.

    So we’re here to guide you. Here are 15 TV shows we think are worth your time.

    1) UnREAL

    UnREAL’s creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro worked as a producer on The Bachelor, and the soul-deadening manipulations of the job became the foundation for this Lifetime show about the crew of a fictional dating show called Everlasting. Rachel (Shiri Appleby) is the sociopathic string-pulling producer, her boss Quinn (Constance Zimmer) the one who knows how to push her to the edge. UnREAL is a show about facades, but also the psychology women use on one another.  

    2) One Punch Man

    What started as a Japanese webcomic has become a sleeper series. One Punch Man focuses on Saitama, an ordinary man with extraordinary strength. In fact, one punch takes out his enemies, a power he often seems indifferent to. There are different classes of heroes, and each episode, Saitama takes on a different foe. There’s also a subtle, dry sense of humor in the series: Saitama’s fights aren’t really all that epic, and the other “superheroes” are kinda assholes.

    3) Angie Tribeca

    Steve Carell and Nancy Walls created their version of The Naked Gun with TBS show Angie Tribeca. Rashida Jones stars as the titular character, a tough-as-nails cop whose partners keep dying. It’s a spoof of cop procedurals, down to the CSI: Miami scream in the intro, but the physical humor, sight gags, whip-fast dialogue, and in-jokes about branding elevate it to something beyond mere parody.

    4) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    This show might be all about Josh, but Rachel Bloom is the real star. Bloom, who first found success on YouTube, plays Rebecca Bunch, a restless lawyer who picks up and moves to West Covina, California, to be closer to her high school ex. As the show progresses, we experience her highs and lows and grow along with her, in part through a series of musical numbers. But it also explores women’s vulnerabilities, self-doubts, and friendships.

    5) The Mighty Boosh

    This BBC show tells the story of Howard Moon and Vince Noir, two zookeepers whose mundane job often spits them into alternate universes and outlandish musical numbers. While talking animals and mutant creatures like Old Gregg fill out the “Zooniverse,” The Mighty Boosh is really about the friendship between odd couple Howard and Vince.

    6) Nathan For You

    Across three seasons, Nathan Fielder has created something more than just a “prank” show. Fielder’s fake businesses (like Dumb Starbucks) trick people and his business practices hinge on ramping up the uncomfortability factor, but with these absurd segments, Fielder isn’t lampooning business owners, but rather corporate America and thirsty brands. Even more amazing: The show’s had real-worldimplications.  

    7) Difficult People

    In this Hulu original, Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner play difficult people, and they’re supported by a cast of characters who display varying degrees of difficulty. In 2015 Klausner, who created and wrote the series, told the Daily Dot, “I wanted to put on television a female and a gay male lead who were not supportive, chipper sidekicks.” She certainly succeeded, creating a show that is as much about celebrity worship as it is friendship.

    8) That Mitchell and Webb Look

    David Mitchell and Robert Webb are the perfect sketch-comedy duo. Their personalities are complementary in a very British way, much like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and this long-running BBC series showcases their knack for satirizing corporations, TV, and religion. Also on Hulu and worth watching—their fantastic first-person POV comedy series, Peep Show.  

    9) Spaced

    Before Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright collaborated on Spaced, a Channel 4 show about two Londoners (Pegg and Jessica Stevenson) who pose as a couple to snag an apartment. That guise is a channel into explorations of geek and pop culture, which would make their way into many Wright projects to come. It also managed to make paintball funny. This is the anti-Friends.

    10) Twin Peaks

    With Showtime’s revival of the show looming, now is as good a time as any to revisit the David Lynch and Mark Frost-created show, or jump into the fire for the first time. When Twin Peaks debuted on ABC in 1990, it quickly developed a fanbase enthralled by dream worlds, red rooms, murder, and owls that were not what they seemed. Though ratings couldn’t save it, Twin Peaks challenged what a TV drama could be, and insured that 25 years after it went off the air, fans are still obsessed.

    11) Night Gallery

    After TheTwilight Zone, Rod Serling hosted this anthology series, in which he introduces tales of the bizarre in front of creepy paintings in his “night gallery.” The show was heavier on horror than The Twilight Zone, and featured appearances from Joan Crawford and Phyllis Diller, as well as the TV directorial debut of some guy named Steven Spielberg.

    12) Broad City

    Since transitioning from a webseries to Comedy Central show in 2014, Abbi and Ilana have won our hearts and blunted minds. While the show is about the struggle to make it in New York City, the focus is really on Abbi and Ilana’s friendship, which often borders on romantic (at least in Ilana’s eyes). It also introduced “pegging” and “pussy weed” into the hive mind.  

    13) The State

    If you enjoyed Wet Hot American Summer (or its Netflix spinoff) or Reno 911, you have members of the State to thank. The improv group’s celebrated and influential MTV show, which aired from 1993 to 1995, introduced the world to absurd premises and characters like Doug and Barry and Levon. The show did not get very good reviews upon its debut, which further secured its legacy. Hey, remember when Jon Stewart had a show on MTV, and the State trashed the set?

    14) You’re the Worst

    There are countless shows trying to mine the modern relationship for storylines, but Stephen Falk’s You’re the Worst goes beyond the tired will they/won’t they. The show’s main protagonists, Gretchen and Jimmy, aren’t necessarily a couple you’re rooting for: They’re both relationship-phobic and self-absorbed. But once their fears and neuroses are stripped away, something genuine emerges, and the show, in season 2 especially, paints issues like depression with true colors.

    15) Coming to the Stage

    Comedy Dynamics’ original series puts a spotlight on emerging comedians, so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of standup specials to find your new favorite.

    0 0

    Key & Peele might be off the air, but you can now access every single sketch from the show, as well as 176 that weren't previously online. 

    Comedy Central on Thursday debuted a new site that is an "authoritatively and unequivocally complete" collection of Key & Peele sketches, as well as vernacular from the show and their definitions, memes, and sketches grouped by genre.   

    Now, when you want to see not just some of the best K&P sketches but some of the most well-written sketches of the last decade ("Aerobics Meltdown" and "Come Back, Meegan" deserve to be on top 10 lists for years to come), there's one place for it all. Or you could type in URLs like and be redirected there as well. 

    There are also quite a few exclusive Obama and Luther clips to help get you through this surreal, maddening election cycle. 

    It's something for every K&P fan to enjoy, even if you happen to be insubordinate and churlish. 

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  • 06/09/16--20:16: Cam Newton retires the dab
  • Cam Newton has officially dabbed out.

    That's because the Carolina Panthers quarterback told Charlotte radio station 610 AM that he will not dab in the 2016 NFL season.

    “I have to put that aside,” Newton said.

    Newton originally helped dabbing—an infamous dance move—gain international popularity during a game against the Tennessee Titans in 2015. Since then, Newton has been an icon for the movement, performing it throughout the 2015 season.

    Now, that’s all over and the dab era has begun to come to an end. Predictably, Twitter had a heated reaction to Newton’s announcement.

    However, like with most internet sensations, where one ends, another begins. Newton told the station he will have a new dance next season, TBD.

    “I have time,” he said. “I have until September to find out.” 

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    Sarah Jeffery is one of the latest YouTube personalities to make it to the big screen. But her success is a long time coming.

    Jeffery—who has been performing since she was 3 years old—started her acting career with the TV hit Rogue where she played the daughter of lead character Thandie Newton. And the YouTube standout recently partnered with director Joshua Caldwell to star in Studio71's upcoming movie Be Somebody, a feature film set to release in select theaters, video on demand, and digital HD on Friday.

    Be Somebody is a Gen Y-targeted romantic comedy, and it follows the story of Jordan (Matthew Espinosa) a famous, teenage singer who meets Emily (Jeffery) while running away from a hoard of adoring fans. Despite their differences, the two find they have more in common than once thought and, as IMDB notes, “embark on an unexpected journey of friendship, first love and self-discovery.”

    Jeffery says Emily is “quite different” from her own personality. Despite the acting challenge, many of Jeffery’s ventures both on and off YouTube usually fare pretty well—her online videos receive thousands of hits and she has hundreds of subscribers.

    The actress says her background as an on-camera personality doesn’t stop her from getting nervous on a Hollywood set.

    "I started out as a dancer before I was an actress and so it was always sort of smaller audiences,” Jeffery tells the Daily Dot. “But when you make it in the industry, there’s a broader audience. … I was so nervous during my first film role on Rogue. I was playing … a big role for someone’s first actual part. I’m also a huge fan of [Newton’s] work so I was extra nervous because I wanted to do the role justice, and wanted to look good beside her because she’s so talented.”

    Since Rogue, Jeffery has also landed appearances in Wayward Pines, Descendants, Shades of Blue, and Across the Line. While acting has been the focal point of Jeffery’s career as of recently, she says she hopes to go back to her social media roots and acquire more roles that show off the talents that spring-boarded her career: dancing and singing.

    She adds that social media has helped her land more prominent—and now starring—roles in Hollywood. Her YouTube channel is is a showcase for her talents, which she says has allowed casting directors who are interested in her to view her work on her own terms.

    “[Social media] is also a useful way to promote your project,” she says. “I can promote myself how I want the world to see me, and I can mold myself.”

    After the release of Be Somebody, Jeffery says she plan to travel to New York to film season 2 of Shades of Blue where she plays the daughter of Jennifer Lopez. While Jeffery loves working on the big screen and says she “wants to play every possible character [she] can get her hands on,” she still has a special place in her heart for YouTube.

    “I would love to make more videos,” Jeffery says. “YouTube is a great way to put yourself out there because you’re your own creative director. Maybe someday I could move on to professional YouTube videos [and] at some point in my life, I’d like to get more into singing and possibly do my own stuff.”

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    Fresh off his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, President Obama just had to slow jam that news.

    Obama reunited with Jimmy Fallon for the first time since 2012 (and made his Tonight Show debut), and while he’s only got 223 days until his Hawaiian vacation, he was willing to allot some of that time for a Slow Jam.

    Obama is as smooth as ever as he covers everything from the Affordable Care Act to marriage equality and Donald Trump. He’s about to go on the campaign trail, so he makes the best of it.

    Just imagine Clinton or Trump doing one of these next year.

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    Last month, the Libertarian Party selected former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld for its presidential ticket. Now the two are trying to convince everyone else to take them seriously.

    The libertarian ticket chatted with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and explained the basis of libertarianism. To Johnson and Wild, it meant that they were in favor of small government and were fiscally conservative, like Republicans, but they were more socially liberal, erred on the side of individual choice, and favored medical marijuana long before it became legal in much of the country.

    They’ve already gotten the proper American political welcome from Donald Trump, who called them “fringe candidates,” but they don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

    “I think by ‘fringe,’ I think what he’s saying is that the majority of Americans are fringe, and that’s just not the case,” Johnson said.

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