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    Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is still making his reluctant case for Donald Trump while being forced to debate Daily Show host Trevor Noah parading as his long-lost brother.

    Noah asked Carson about his original endorsement, questioning why he would even endorse a man he said “can only be president for four years, so it can’t be that bad.” Carson responded that that would be the worst-case scenario.

    Still, Carson pressed ahead with his explanation of why he thought Trump should be president and what we could expect from a Trump administration. There are two Trumps, he said: the one we see in public and the one Carson knows.

    “We are the child of every other nation, so we should have the welfare of every other nation at heart and conduct ourselves in a very different way,” Carson said. “And if we can learn from them and we can conduct ourselves in a way that demonstrates compassion towards others, I believe that it can be a dawning of a new world.”


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    You wake up, only to discover you’re living your disastrous 25th birthday over and over again. Not only that, but your friends are realizing it too, except instead of trying to fix things, they’re going wild in a consequence-free reality.

    That’s the premise behind RePlay, a modern take on the classic Groundhog Day concept  from New Form Digital that premieres today on go90 with weekly episodes each Wednesday. Instead of just the protagonist realizing her world’s repetitive nature, the people around her start to realize what’s happening as well.

    “As she’s trying to get [the day] right, they realize there’s no consequence to their actions,” explained series star Tyler James Williams, who plays Nate, main character Allison’s best friend.

    “He’s one of those guys who’s the ultimate nice guy, who thinks that will lead him to what he ultimately wants,” Williams said. “He wants to be in a relationship with her. He has to deal with himself, about why he wants to be with her, and what it means to be in an adult relationship. He starts to find that his motivations are shifting for what he wants. He realizes he may not even know himself completely.”

    Fans might know Williams from his time on The Walking Dead, his role in Sundance breakout Dear White People, or his other Wednesday series, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Overall, the cast is filled with familiar faces, from Agent Carter and Nikita’s Lyndsy Fonesca as Allison to co-star Cyrina Fiallo, who’s appeared on Community and Glee. There are also appearances from digital-first stars like Mamrie Hart.  

    There’s a special set of challenges to a show that repeats the same scenes with new distinctions, especially in the shooting schedule. The series was shot in block segments, with repeating moments shot over and over again so that they could keep track of what was happening.

    “We definitely had to take good script notes,” said Williams. “We had to remember which one is this one, what am I feeling here, what just happened the day before. The writer were really good with keeping track.”

    For now, the series is shot as a contained unit with a set ending, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come back for a second season.

    “There’s talk of it being an anthology series if it were to get a second season, with a different group of people each time,” said Williams. That type of storytelling has proven particularly successful with mainstream outings like American Horror Story.

    Go90 is Verizon’s entry into the digital video platform, a mobile-only media outlet that’s drawn content from big name brands as well as digital celebs. Williams, who describes himself as an “old school, traditional actor,” said while he doesn’t aspire to become a “social media entertainer,” he does enjoy finding interesting projects regardless of medium.

    “Although the releases are different, they’re all being shot the same way,” said Williams of his foray into mobile video, noting that a go90 release is like “cutting out all the middlemen and getting right to the consumer.”

    “I know the world is shifting, so it’s something I’m getting accustomed to,” he said.

    The premiere episode is on go90 now, and the Daily Dot has an exclusive clip of Fonesca and Fiallo’s characters dealing with the friendship fallout of Allison’s failed 25th birthday.

    For Williams, working on a show like this further solidified his belief that all things happen for a reason. He’s not looking to repeat any days in his life any time soon.

    “That’s kind of what this show is about,” he said. “If you go back to fix one thing, that butterfly effect could change it for something worse. It went down how it was supposed to go down, and I’d rather live with these consequences than whatever else could possibly be wrong.”

    RePlay airs Wednesdays on go90.

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    Taylor Swift is the most recent celebrity to do Vogue's "73 Questions" webseries, and her episode is a good one.

    Each video in the series follows a star through their home as they answer a series of 73 random questions about the things they like. It's a little bit like a teen magazine personality quiz, but filled out by someone who's much, much more famous than you. 

    For Swift's part, she walks us through her gorgeous Malibu home and reveals that chicken tenders are her favorite food and she "lost count" of how many guitars she owns in 2007.

    As with most content in this genre, some of Swift's answers are very #relatable, but others, like her birthday cake being "so good even Jay Z raved about it," are a little less so. 

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    Zetus lapetus! If you don’t know what that means, you’re about to.

    Disney Channel is reportedly hosting a four-day marathon of 51 Disney Channel Original Movies over Memorial Day weekend. According to Nick and More, Disney Channel is hosting the marathon to gear up for the summer release of its 100th original movie: Adventures in Babysitting. The Daily Dot has reached out to Disney for confirmation.

    Disney Channel has been producing original films for over 30 years, starting with Tiger Town in 1983. Since then, it has produced dozens of original movies, including Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, The Cheetah Girls, Camp Rock, and Johnny Tsunami. Some of the films live on as nostalgic cult classics, while others, like the recent Descendants, have launched successful franchises.

    Then, of course, there’s High School Musical. The musical phenomenon raked in millions of dollars in album and DVD sales, with High School Musical 2 ranking as the highest-rated telecast of all time. The third film grossed over $250 million in theaters, and Disney Channel is currently holding open auditions for High School Musical 4.

    The marathon reportedly starts Friday, May 27 and continues through the following Monday. It’ll also be available to stream on Disney Channel’s website and apps. According to Nick and More, it looks like Disney Channel may be airing two more original movies every night starting May 31. If we’re going to get through all 99 films, that means Adventure in Babysitting could debut as early as June 24.

    In the meantime, better brush up on your Microbe lyrics. Zoom zoom zoom.

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    Oh boy. Adam Sandler has a new Netflix original movie coming out, but this one's a little more promising than his last

    It's called The Do-Over, and its biggest asset is fellow Saturday Night Live alum David Spade. Spade plays an uptight bank manager who reconnects with his childhood best friend (Sandler) at their high school reunion. Bored of his suburban life, Spade hits the road with Sandler, who works as an FBI agent—or does he? 

    If we've learned one thing from the last decade of Sandler projects, it's that he can produce some true garbage when left to his own devices, but it seems like bringing Spade on as a collaborator resulted in a movie that actually looks... fine? Don't get us wrong, it won't be nominated for any Oscars, but judging by the trailer, this thing might be on par with a middle-of-the-road Melissa McCarthy movie: 

    Not bad!

    H/T Variety

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    Even sitting politely in a recording studio in the basement of a swank West Hollywood hotel, the trio of teens who front Babymetal are a sensory overload, decked in coordinating black-and-red ensembles. Their costumes are a fitting representation of Babymetal’s many contradictions, with spikes and studs alongside poofy skirts and delicate hair bows.

    Babymetal is essentially Suzuka Nakamoto (known as Su-metal), Yui Mizuno (known as Yuimetal), and Moa Kikuchi (known as Moametal). And while you might not recognize those names, you’ve almost certainly seen their YouTube video for “Gimme Chocolate,” the band’s head-turning, expectation-shattering breakout hit from 2014, which has been seen over 47 million times.

    When the video first broke stateside, people weren’t sure what to make of the band’s shocking combination of metalcore, bubblegum J-pop, and tight choreography. Was it real? Was it some weird Japanese sensation or a viral prank? Two years later, with a new album and upcoming U.S. tour, Babymetal is finally answering those questions. Or at least they’re taking baby steps.  

    “Through this new album, Metal Resistance, Babymetal has grown so much,” explained Su-metal in Japanese, as translated by their tour manager Nora. “Before we had red skirts, but now the skirts are all black. This is how Babymetal is maturing.”

    Costumes aside, Babymetal has actually come a long ways. The band was formed in 2010, as an offshoot of Sakura Gakuin, one of many prepackaged groups of “idols”—young stars presented as role models in Japanese pop music—that featured 10 to 12 teen girls at a time. Somewhere along the way, it’s as if someone accidentally slipped in a CD of Cannibal Corpse and the girls—all between the ages of 16 and 17—just kept on singing. They were backed originally by people mimicking guitar and drums to an audio track, but now there's an actual metal band, known as Kami Band, playing along.

    Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that before joining Babymetal, none of the girls were even familiar with metal music.

    “Before we had red skirts, but now the skirts are all black. This is how Babymetal is maturing.”

    “The main thing was metal was scary,” Yuimetal explained. “But thanks to Babymetal and being exposed to different types of music, we’ve learned to love metal.”

    One experience in particular proved pivotal. “We met Metallica [in 2013] for the first time at Summer Sonic”—an annual Japanese music festival—“and that was the first time seeing a metal band in the flesh,” said Moametal. “That’s how we realized how powerful metal is and how it can move people. Metallica is a big, huge influence and inspiration. That’s who Babymetal aspires to become some day.”

    At this point, it’s clear that the band isn’t a mere one-hit wonder. 2013’s “Megitsune” reached another 25 million viewers.

    When the first video was uploaded to YouTube, that’s when we realized that people outside of Japan were interested,” said Yuimetal. “That’s where we see Babymetal spreading, with people trying to mimic music or dance moves. YouTube is a place for everybody to get together and interact and share their love for Babymetal.”

    Babymetal recently made its first American TV appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (“nerve wracking,” said Moametal of the experience) and will follow up with their first headlining U.S. tour, starting May 4. While the band has appeared stateside before, most notably as part of Lady Gaga’s ArtRave tour in 2014, this will be their first chance to visit cities outside New York and Los Angeles. That’s important because Babymetal is a spectacle that almost needs to be seen to be believed.

    “The main thing was metal was scary.”

    If YouTube is anything to go by, a Babymetal show is a riot of lights and sound. In a recent Wembley Arena performance, the trio floated about the crowd and stage in a giant glowing triangle, decked out in glitter robes, and later danced as flames shot to the ceiling. American venues are on a smaller scale than arenas, and the band wouldn’t reveal any specifics of the U.S. jaunt (“Only the fox god knows,” answers Yuimetal, referencing the kitsune fox deity they call to for inspiration).

    “There’s so many things about Babymetal you cannot just grasp with the sound,” explained Su-metal. “The visual has to compliment the sound, the costumes have to compliment the sound. The sound is already a mixture of everything, and it could get overwhelming, but if you come to a concert that’s where you get to watch the whole package. The only place to find out what Babymetal is about and what Babymetal aims to do, you have to come out to a show.”

    The tour will feature new songs from Metal Resistance, many of which will be played for the first time live. That includes the band’s first English song, “The One.”

    “The making of the song was not easy,” Su-metal said of the recording process that pushed her boundaries with an unfamiliar language. “But being able to sing that song and the fans understanding it, it felt like everyone knew the message of it. ‘The One’ is all about getting everyone to become one through the music of Babymetal. It looked like people really got it.”

    They’re hopeful that the American fans will embrace the song and the whole Babymetal experience on tour. Here in America when people love something they really love something, and they show it,” said Su-metal. “The American fans really know how to have fun.”

    While “fun” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when describing heavy metal, Babymetal clearly isn’t concerned about labels or tradition. In fact, the band is aiming to transcend the genre altogether.

    “We’ve always wanted to aim to be the only one,” Moametal said, “and hopefully one day we’ll be able to create this new genre called Babymetal.”

    Now that’s metal. 

    Correction: "Megitsune" was released in 2013.

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    “Anyone can be killed,” Arya Stark warns us on one of the Game of Thrones posters. But nobody mentioned the inconveniences that come with becoming part of the Hall of Faces.

    Once the cameras stop rolling, the Faces come out to play, and chief among them is the one belonging to James Corden, who can’t stop annoying his hallmates. Since they no longer have hands, nobody can strangle him, so Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Alfie Allen, and Iwan Rheon are resigned to listening to his terrible jokes and even worse games. But if you hear Theon/Reek being called Gary by Ramsay this season, you know why.

    Won’t somebody please give them a pizza? None of those faces have eaten in ages, and Braavos probably serves a very decent slice.

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    A few days after announcing his retirement on Twitter, Conor McGregor, the biggest current star in MMA not named Ronda Rousey, has taken to Facebook to announce that he’s actually not retiring and to give the reasons why.

    The McGregor fiasco truly began when he was beaten by Nate Diaz in UFC 196 in March. The two were scheduled to have a rematch in UFC 200 on July 9, but on Tuesday, McGregor made this stunning announcement.

    The MMA world was stunned, especially when Diaz responded thusly.

    Presumably, Diaz’s tweet was a joke. Especially now that McGregor followed up on Thursday with this Facebook post in which he decried how much promotional work he’s done—and will have to continue doing—for the UFC in order to bring in, in his words, “the $400 million I have generated for the company in my last three events, all inside 8 months.”

    Since his short-lived retirement, there were reports that 27-year-old McGregor had wanted a $10 million guarantee for his rematch with Diaz but that the UFC declined (the organization reportedly has never paid any fighter that much for a single bout). UFC President Dana White also had said that he pulled McGregor from the card, because “nobody is exempt from promoting their fights.”

    McGregor brought all that up in his post.

    With the tone of his post and with the insinuation that he’s not going to replace the hard work of training with the hard work of promoting the event, it’ll be interesting to see how McGregor’s relationship with White and with the UFC organization moves forward after this. But MMA fans had to be pleased Thursday: One of the most-popular fighters will return to the Octagon after all.

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  • 04/21/16--10:34: Prince dead at 57
  • Legendary musician Prince is dead at 57.

    Following a TMZ report, Prince's publicist confirmed the news to the Associated Press:

    On Thursday morning the singer, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was reportedly found at his Paisley Park studio in Minnesota. TMZ had earlier reported that authorities of the Carver County Sheriff's department in Chanhassen, Minnesota, confirmed a fatality at Prince's estate and notified next of kin. 

    Last week, Prince was hospitalized after his private plane made an emergency landing following a concert. The singer had reportedly been battling the flu. (TMZ's site, apparently flooded with traffic, briefly went down in the wake of its Prince report.)

    Prior to TMZ's report that Prince was dead, musician Zach Meyers startled the Twitter community by writing that he'd been informed of the death.

    The musician has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, according to his Wikipediapage—one that was immediately updated with news of his death.

    Prince leaves behind a towering discography spanning 39 solo albums dating back to 1978's For You. However, the singer was notoriously choosy about how it was disseminated and consumed. In July he pulled his albums from Spotify and other streaming music services. 

    The public at-large immediately began to grieve the news via social media.

    Expect the tributes to continue pouring in over social media and at Coachella this weekend. 

    H/T TMZ

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    YouTuber Akilah Hughes felt the power of her community this week when they rallied and raised more than $26,000 for treatment of her Lyme disease on the crowfunding platform GoFundMe.

    “This has changed my life,” wrote Hughes after her goal was met in just six hours. “I was so nervous about even asking for money. I am usually shamefully proud and independent. But I need your help. And this will make finding specialists, getting treatment, and actually resting so much easier, and so much less stressful. You are all angels. Thank you xx”

    Hughes, who in addition to YouTube is also a writer for Fusion, shared the details of her condition on her GoFundMe page, including a stint as Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles while on a work trip. Hughes had been detailing her mystery illness on Twitter throughout, and several doctors were unable to diagnose her until she finally demanded blood work back in New York.

    Hughes admitted her own bias against Lyme disease as a diagnosis people don’t take seriously—like when celebrities like Avril Lavigne or Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid spoke up about their diagnoses.

    “I assumed it was a fake disease that I never needed to look into,” she wrote.

    Since her diagnosis, Hughes has been unable to work and put out videos, her source of income. She’s also facing health insurance issues by being temporarily on Medicaid before her Blue Cross coverage kicks in May 1. That’s why she turned to crowdfunding—to help her afford a specialist and to let her return home to Kentucky for recovery. Her biggest goal now is to return to her video-making for her fans’ sake, and her own.

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    Princepassed away at his home in Minnesota at age 57. As we collectively grieve this immeasurable loss, many of us are compelled to find solace in his massive catalog. 

    This isn’t particularly easy to do online. Prince’s relationship with the Internet was on-again, off-again; in 2010, he told The Mirror that the “Internet was completely over.” His streaming catalog is now limited just to Tidal, which is home to 34 of his albums. So let this be your reminder to sign up for that free trial and bask in the stream of Prince today/this weekend/for the next month. 

    The radio station 89.3 The Current is also streaming Prince music all day.  

    As for YouTube, Prince had a complicated relationship there, too. Most notably, his label sued to get a 2007 clip of a woman’s baby dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy” removed from the Internet. In 2015, it was ruled that labels must consider fair use before issuing takedown requests. 

    But a handful of stellar Prince clips still exist (at least for now), ones that show every angle of the glorious prism that is Prince.

    1) “Purple Rain” at the Super Bowl, 2007

    Prince in the rain doing “Purple Rain” for the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show. Reportedly, when asked before the set if he was OK with the rain, he told organizers, “Can you make it rain harder?” 

    2) “Creep” at Coachella, 2008

    Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, another musician with a complicated relationship with streaming music, was apparently a bit perplexed that Prince blocked this cover from YouTube in 2008. However, seven years later (how long is that in Prince years?), the clip was allowed back

    3) “I Wanna Be Your Lover” at Capitol Theatre, 1982

    This full performance is worth a watch, but this song in particular shows Prince the performer

    4) Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown, 1983

    Around the 1:50 mark, James Brown calls out to Prince in the audience, who naturally arrives riding on a longhaired man’s back. He then floats on stage and tosses off his gloves. Game: blouses

    5) Prince on Today, 1997

    Prince surprised Bryant Gumbel on the day he left the show and showed off his comedic side. 

    6) Prince on Midnight Special, 1980 

    He knew how to dress for television appearances. 

    7) “Batdance,” 1989 

    The best thing to come out of the 1989 Tim Burton-helmed Batman, to be honest. 

    8) “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” 2004

    Prince joined Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, and Jeff Lynne to perform the Beatles song at the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, as a tribute to the late George Harrison. He rips a Princely solo around the 3:28 mark. 

    9) Prince doing “Gett Off” at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards

    Where were you when you saw Prince’s ass on TV and how did it make you feel, you know, down there? 

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    Vocal performance pros are projecting Christina Aguilera’s online masterclass to fall flat.

    Aguilera is teaching anyone with an Internet connection and $90 how to sing through online instruction next month. The class is featured through newly launched company MasterClass, which just secured $15 million in funding. The company offers classes from Kevin Spacey, Serena Williams, and Dustin Hoffman who give tips on how to succeed in their respective fields.

    But Aguilera gave us a little teaser of what’s to come in a video tutorial called "The Secret to Hitting High Notes," and let’s just say it struck a chord.

    Others weren't so quick to skewer the multi-Grammy award winner, arguing that her perspective has value as an extraordinary vocalist with an accomplished career. 

    "It saddens me to see how my colleagues are so quick to judge other people," Juan Carlos Rodriguez, a doctoral student for voice performance and pedagogy at the University of Texas at Austin, told the Daily Dot in an email. "If you are going to criticize the fact that you feel that she has no right to be teaching voice, at least do it with a sincere heart."

    A masterclass is more about style rather than technical work, taught by people who have achieved their goals, according to Rodriguez. He also said it's important to consider the values of contemporary commercial music, which is more about what sells and what is sexy.

    "[E]mulating Christina Aguilera should be unhealthy to your voice, but as she has been favored by the media and her audience then, I see some merit into learning from her style and what it is that has gotten her where she is," Rodriguez said. 

    Aguilera cites her experience as a veteran professional musician and as a judge on the reality TV show The Voiceas part of her inspiration for teaching.

    “Having to fight to be my own person and my own artist, I’ve learned a lot, so I’ll be sharing that to help others be able to come out the other side after the course, hopefully understanding themselves better without having had to sandpaper their way through,” Aguilera told the Hollywood Reporter.

    Aguilera's online course launches in May, according to a MasterClass spokesperson. 

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    MTV is reviving the iconic Cribs franchise with a 2016 twist: The series will now live on its Snapchat Discover channel.

    Cribs premiered on MTV in 2000, giving fans an intimate look at the homes—or alleged homes and property—of their favorite celebs in an era before social media. In one iconic episode Mariah Carey famously worked out in heels while giving her tour.

    The series left the air in 2008, and then returned for episodes in 2010 and 2011. Starting in June Cribs will take up residence on Snapchat, with celeb like Mac Miller, Austin Mahone, and Travis Mills participating. 

    MTV draws 100 million viewers to its Snapchat outlets. It'll also be adding other programming like Pants Off, a sex and relationship series from Laci Green, who's found success with the MTV YouTube series Braless.

    Cribs thrived in a celeb-obsessed era that had little access outside of mainstream media, but with realty shows and stars' own social media already capturing content from inside private celebrity spaces, the allure of Cribs might not hold as strong as before. Unless, of course, they get Carey back on that stair-master.

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    With Marvel and DC engaged in a head-to-head battle to see whose spandex crowd can print the most money, superhero movies continue to rule the box office. But there’s an even more exciting comic-book explosion happening on the small screen. The Walking Dead is a massive hit, introducing millions to a comic series most of them had never heard of six years ago. AMC is about to get super weird and downright blasphemous with an adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s outstanding Preacher. That show is being shepherded by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are also teamed with Supernatural’s Eric Kripke on to develop Garth Ennis’ pitch-black superhero satire The Boys for Cinemax. And assuming the gods accept my continued sacrifices, FX might finally be the ones to bring Brian K. Vaughan’s superlative Y: The Last Man to the screen.

    But that’s just scratching the surface of what’s in the works, and there are so many more amazing comic series worthy of making the leap from page to screen. While Netflix has given us two amazing comic-book shows in the form of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there’s so much more potential for them to explore outside the Marvel sandbox. Here are our top picks for the comic series Netflix needs to lock down before somebody else grabs them.

    1) Transmetropolitan (1997–2002)

    In a twisted future full of on-demand cannibalism, elective extraterrestrial gene-splicing, and handguns that make you shit yourself uncontrollably, journalist Spider Jerusalem may be the last incorruptible voice left. He’s an absolute bastard, but at least he’s honest and unflinching. As Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan opens, Spider is dragged out of self-imposed exile and back into the corrupt, filthy, cyberpunk Sodom known only as “the City.” He still owes his editor two books, see, and that means immersing himself back into a culture he’d just as soon glass over with a tactical nuclear strike.

    While we don’t yet have foglets or bowel disruptors, it’s uncanny how prescient the satirical elements of Transmet have proven to be (especially the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, which could have been lifted straight out of the series). In an election year that seems more batshit bonkers with every passing day, Spider’s journalistic quest to take down politicians with nicknames like “The Beast” and “The Smiler” plays in 2016 like a glorious exercise in wish fulfillment. It’s funny, it’s brutal, it’s occasionally even heartbreaking. But mainly, it’ll make you realize how badly we need our own Spider Jerusalem to come down from the mountain and save us from ourselves.

    2) Planetary (1998–2009)

    I could easily fill this entire list with books by Warren Ellis, but instead I’ll stop at two. And with superheroes ascendant at the box office, now is the perfect time for Netflix or Amazon to bring Ellis’ dark riff on that colorful modern mythology to the small screen. The series follows a group of self-described “archaeologists of the impossible” who are recruited to investigate the secret history of the world. The frost-controlling Elijah Snow is the latest recruit, joining the superhuman Jakita Wagner and the tech savant known as The Drummer. Together they investigate lost places and forgotten people, all while Elijah attempts to learn more about the group’s true origins—and the identity of its benefactor, the mysterious “Fourth Man.”

    While Planetary begins as a cross between X-Files and X-Men, the series puts its own spin on many of the comic-book characters currently dominating the box office, most notably a worst-case scenario version of the Fantastic Four that imagines what happens when great power is not remotely tempered by a sense of great responsibility. With a cracking good mystery at its core, Planetary would have the makings of an awesome TV show even without all the postmodern superhero deconstruction. But with it, it couldn’t be more timely.

    3) 100 Bullets (1999–2009)

    Both Transmetropolitan and Planetary would require a significant budget to do right—maybe even more than Netflix’s deep pockets could afford. 100 Bullets, on the other hand, is well within the scope of what the streaming giant has done before. And the high-concept pitch has been begging for a screen adaptation for over a decade now. What if someone had ruined your life? And what if, sometime later, a man showed up and promised you consequence-free revenge against the people responsible? A briefcase filled with an untraceable firearm and 100 untraceable bullets, and a guarantee that, no matter what you do, you’ll get away with it. What would you do?

    Over the course of 100 issues of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s concussive modern noir, the enigmatic Agent Graves offers his briefcase and guarantee of amnesty to one seemingly unrelated person after another. Some accept enthusiastically, while others are understandably suspicious; none, however, remain unchanged in the aftermath, and gradually a larger tapestry begins to reveal that there’s a lot more going on than a simple exercise in selective morality. Mad Max star Tom Hardy was signed on to produce a TV adaptation of 100 Bullets for New Line as of last summer, but the prospective series has yet to find a home. Netflix, if you’re listening: Get Tom on the phone, already!

    4) Fables (2002–2015)

    Both ABC’s Once Upon a Time and NBC’s Grimm have been playing with the notion of fairy-tale characters existing in the modern world for several seasons now, but Bill Willingham’s Vertigo series Fables did it a decade earlier… and a hell of a lot better. With 150 issues’ worth of source material and the content freedom Netflix could provide, a Fables streaming series would be a chance to show Once Upon a Time how it’s done.

    Like the <strike>ripoff</strike> similar ABC series, Fables envisions that the characters of fairy tales and folklore are real, and are living under the radar in our own world. The ones who can pass as human live among us in a New York conclave called “Fabletown,” while the characters such as the Three Little Pigs have to stay incognito at an upstate farm. The Fabletown community is policed by the former Big Bad Wolf—now appearing human and calling himself “Bibgy”—and governed by deputy mayor Snow White. Fables delves into the day-to-day challenges of fantastical characters and creatures trying to make it in the modern world, as well as the larger mystery of “the Adversary,” a terrible foe whose thirst for conquest drove the Fables out of their homeworlds and into the real world centuries earlier. A movie script was in the works from Kick-Ass screenwriter Jane Goldman as of last year, but like most comics, Fables would work much better as a TV show.

    5) Ex Machina (2004–2010)

    Governing a community of magic characters and talking animals might be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared with trying to run New York. In Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris’ Eisner Award-winning Ex Machina, it’s the toughest thing Mayor Mitchell Hundred has ever done—and that’s including his stint as an honest-to-gosh superhero going by the name of The Great Machine. So, how does a guy trade in jetpacks and derring-do for the snake pit that is politics? Well, to start, you save the day on 9/11… sort of. The first issue of Ex Machina concludes with the unforgettable image of the New York skyline with one of the World Trade Center towers still standing—the one that, in the world of Ex Machina, Mitchell Hundred saved. But one still fell, and that day changed him, compelling him to give up the Superman schtick and try to change the world from ground level by running for mayor.

    One part political drama, one part superhero thriller, and one part mystery delving into just where the hell Mitchell’s powers really came from, an Ex Machina series done right would be like nothing else on television. It also has the advantage that Mitchell’s superpower—the ability to speak to and command machines—would be relatively easy to bring to life onscreen, with only the flashbacks to his days as a full-blown costumed hero requiring any effects heavy lifting. More importantly, however, Mitchell Hundred in a cast full of them, and Ex Machina is a smart examination of public service and a good man who fully believes that old line about great power and what comes with it.

    6) Buck Godot (1982–1997)

    Finally, we come to my personal “dark horse” choice. Cartoonist Phil Foglio began telling stories of hard-drinking interplanetary mercenary Buck Godot in 1982, and his adventures continued throughout several short stories and one outstanding miniseries that wrapped up in the late ’90s. Buck is a “Hoffmanite,” a human offshoot species from a high-gravity world. His bulk lends him the intimidation skills that come in handy in his line of work, but it’s his brains and cleverness that keep him alive on the lawless colony world of New Hong Kong. There he works as a “zap gun for hire,” operating under the unofficial slogan “Always available, but never free” and taking just enough work to keep the booze money flowing.

    Unlike the rest of the items on this list, the ideal Buck Godot adaptation would be an animated series or miniseries, because Foglio’s stylized cartoony art style is part of Buck’s appeal. While the property is relatively obscure, the Gallimaufry miniseries that wrapped up Buck’s adventures would make for a stellar limited series, as it showcases all the best qualities of Foglio’s Buck stories. It’s funny: Buck gets dragged into the whole adventure because he’s trying to dodge the tax man. It’s got a genuinely interesting mystery at its core, with twists and turns aplenty. And it showcases Buck Godot’s rich and diverse universe splendidly, unfolding on the titular Gallimaufry, an enormous space station that serves as the hub of galactic civilization, packed to the airlocks with colorful characters and creatures, many of whom try to kill Buck at one point or another.

    It’s a long shot, to be sure, but if I ever find a magic genie lamp laying around, you can look forward to watching a crazy, mustachioed Hoffmanite hunt down teleporters and outwit murderous clones in Buck Godot: The Animated Series.

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    Checking out new bands just got a whole lot easier if you're a Billboard reader.

    The magazine announced a new partnership with Spotify Thursday that will allow users to stream "more than 75 ... music charts" in addition to curated playlists from the magazine's staff, like a branded New Music Friday. In other words: Instead of just reading that week's rankings, you can deep dive into the charts and check out each artist as you're reading.

    According to the companies' announcement: "Each week, Billboard will publish three new charts powered exclusively by Spotify. ... Viral 50, which ranks songs with the greatest volume of social and sharing activity; the 30-position Velocity Chart, which highlights songs whose popularity is experiencing rapid growth relative to the previous week; and Spotify Rewind, comprised of five songs from each decade of the 1960s through the 2000s ranked by popularity and relative weekly revival." 

    The partnership is set to last for all of 2016. 

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    Comedian Maria Bamford is trying her hand at a traditional sitcom with her new Netflix series Lady Dynamite, and it looks promising and cute.

    Like her standup, the show is autobiographical, and focuses on Bamford trying to negotiate working to be a famous comedian while she's struggling to cope with her own mental health. 

    From the trailer alone it looks like the show will feature plenty of appearances from Bamford's comedian friends, including: Sarah Silverman, Ana Gasteyer, Jason Mantzoukas, the Lucas Brothers, Lennon Parham, and more. Plus, Arrested Development's Mitchell Hurwitz and South Park's Pam Brady co-created the show with Bamford. She has trusted, hilarious people in her corner.

    The first season will have 12 half-hour episodes and premieres on Netflix May 20.

    H/T Jezebel

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    Just as Earth Day begins, Independence Day: Resurgence rolls in with a trailer depicting the possible destruction of the planet.

    While we saw some of this back in December, the new trailer has even more footage of the new alien invasion swarming in 20 years after the first one. Many of the soldiers this time around grew up in a world where humans could do the impossible, and they’re getting ready to do it again. But first their world will take some major damage.

    “They like to get the landmarks,” Jeff Goldblum notes. He’s never been more right.

    The movie debuts June 24.

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    The tributes continue to pour in as the world mourns the loss of Prince, who died Thursday at the age of 57. Artists quickly posted their tributes and fans looked back at his music catalog as the day went on, but once the sun went down, the world turned purple.

    The Minnesota Twins, Prince’s home-state baseball team, turned Target Field purple for him and noted the appropriateness of it raining in Minneapolis. The Twins ended up winning their game Thursday night, 8-1.

    Cities all over the United States lit up iconic buildings for Prince. From New Orleans's Superdome to city halls, bridges, and stadiums, the country became a little bit more colorful on Thursday night.

    But while photos of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building in purple have also circulated online, those appear to have been doctored

    Spike Lee, meanwhile, held a block party in Brooklyn as tribute to Prince. Fans gathered—many of them dressed in purple—to mourn, but they were also there to commemorate Prince’s life and music, with Lee dancing alongside them as they celebrated like it was 1999.

    Broadway also produce tributes to Prince. After Thursday night’s performance of The Color Purple, the cast—led by star Jennifer Hudson—assembled to lead a performance of “Purple Rain.”

    The cast of Hamilton also led a tribute of their own. Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke to the crowd after the curtain call before everyone broke out dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy.” Miranda later tweeted that Alex Lacamoire, the show’s musical director, spent Thursday charting the song for the orchestra.

    The Late Show stage lit up in purple as Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste—who once worked with Prince—paid tribute to the artist.

    A Prince tribute even ended up on the morning news. As Fox 5 Atlanta meteorologist Joanne Feldman did the weather report this morning, the storm coming into the area was purple instead of its usual colors.

    And many newspapers led their Friday editions with Prince, with the New Yorker releasing a special cover for Prince in its upcoming issue.

    As Prince proclaimed, we're all gathered here for this little thing called life.

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    After news broke of rockstar Prince’s death Thursday, MTV cleared its entire schedule to play nothing but the Purple One’s music videos in tribute—but there was one exception. 

    A video by another prince managed to slip through the cracks: the Fresh Prince. 

    Around 5:55pm ET,  the video for Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff's “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” reportedly played between Prince’s “New Power Generation” and “Controversy,” and Twitter immediately took note: 

    It seems like a clear backend error: Whoever was responsible for making an endless playlist of Prince videos searched “prince” in their database and accidentally added the Fresh Prince too, but MTV has yet to release any comment about the mixup. 

    H/T Vulture

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    Six-year-old Playlist Live, the largest online video convention on the East Coast, kicks off this morning from Orlando, Florida. But fans who didn’t nab tickets can watch the event unfold from the comfort of home thanks to a 'Virtual Experience' that will stream the entirety of the weekend for free.

    The stream will offer spectators choices between different events happening concurrently, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses. Playlist unveiled the livestreaming feature last year, and this year, the event’s founder, Alex Tchekmeian, told Tubefilter that creators like What’s Trending and HollywireTV plan to syndicate goings-on directly to their YouTube channels.

    Business Day begins this morning, and later this afternoon, Dan & Phil will kick off their U.S. tour, The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire. PrankvsPrank, Charles Trippy, Jenna Marbles, Ed Bassmaster, Jenn McAllister, Alex Wasabi, and Macy Kate will also appear throughout the weekend, and on Saturday evening, AwesomenessTV will host a pool party complete with a fireworks and laser show.

    Tune in to the livestream all weekend long right here.

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